Here are the top raved about baby diaper bags for moms

Stylish baby diaper bag, backpack and tote made just for moms

By Sylvia Epie
Here are the top raved about baby diaper bags for moms

What exactly are Diaper Bags?

Inside a diaper bag

As a parent to a baby or toddler, you'd always want to be ready and prepared for whatever your kid may need when you are out and about. The last thing you want is to have to rush back home because of a hungry outburst or a blowout. A diaper bag is a parent's savior when it comes to avoiding a major baby disaster. Being able to carry around some essentials for your baby is quite reassuring, diaper bags with their multiple pocket spaces are just what you need to carry everything needed to take care of a baby for a few hours. You can fit everything from diapers to wet wipes, baby bottles, change of clothes, sunscreen and much more into a diaper bag.

In recent years, new trends of diaper bags have surfaced, as brands try to merge functionality and aesthetics to appeal to new moms. Diaper bags now vary from tote bags to backpacks, carryall bags, satchels, and crossbody bags. Some of them designed by top names in the fashion industry. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the top raved about diaper bags for moms out there.    

Stylish Baby Diaper Bags

1. MZ Wallace Crosby Traveler diaper bag

MZ Wallace Travel Diaper Bag

This is a stylish and spacious bag with lots of interiors and exterior pockets. It is super light which means you can stuff it without breaking your back. A soft feel makes it even more appealing. The icing on the cake is that it has both shoulder and crossbody strap options, it comes with a changing pad and a smaller removable bag.  

2. JJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag

JJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag

The JJ cole looks more like an oversized purse than a diaper bag, with plenty of pockets to stash your must-haves, it has enough room for you and your baby. The downside is that it has no insulated areas and it looks very feminine, unlike other diaper bags that can be used by daddies too. 

3. Land Color Block Diaper Bag

Land Color Block Diaper Bag

The Land diaper bag is super light at 1.43 pounds, one of the most important features of a diaper bag. You can put in baby food, wipes, fruit pouches and all those baby stuff that is usually on the heavy side. The metal frame wide opening gives you an overview of what you need when you open the bag. It has a simple design and it is not easily identified as a baby gear unless you read the little tag on the cover. It comes in tons of soft colors such as orang, light and dark grey, rose, green, navy and many others that you can pick from. 

4. Freshly Picked Everyday Diaper Bag

Navy Everyday Tote

Freshly Picked Everyday Diaper Bag

A great bag for moms to stay organized, it has ten pockets giving room for separate stashing of items and made of wipeable vegan leather. It also comes with a magnetic closure as its stand out feature. It can be worn as a backpack, a purse or a crossbody bag. Even when stuffed it doesn’t feel bulky.

5. Vera Bradley Stroll Around Baby Bag

Vera Bradley Stroll Around Baby Bag

It is a very spacious bag with enough space to accommodate twins essentials and it can be put in the washer without any concerns. This diaper bag has deep pockets and various compartments. It is 16.5 x 12 x 5.5 inches, small enough to go under a stroller which is a plus or hanging on to the stroller handles with its adjustable and removable straps.

Backpack series

6. Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack - $189.99

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack

This diaper bag is a 3 in 1 bag that converts from a shoulder tote or a crossbody to a backpack. It has a built-in changing station that folds out so you can change baby’s diapers on a clean surface. They come in prints and look like a classic diaper bag.

7. Eddie Bauer Backpack Diaper Bag

Eddie Bauer Backpack Diaper Bag

With a gender-neutral look and new features like an insulated bottle pocket, Eddie Bauer is one of parent's top picks. You can store diapers and disposable wipes in the side pockets so you won't have to open the main compartment all the time. It also has a few secret pockets in the inner compartment.

8. Skip Hop Forma Pack & Go Diaper Backpack

Skip Hop Forma Pack & Go Diaper Backpack

Parents love this bag’s storage cubes, it is great for bottles and baby food. The main compartment is spacious and the side pocket is insulated too. A zipper separates both areas, the only problem is with the straps, they are not padded and the straps can be too short for a tall person.

9. Yavo Baby Diaper Bag Backpack

Yavo Baby Diaper Backpack

A multifunctional unisex backpack, it has a large capacity with 18 pockets. It comes with a changing pad, 3 insulated baby bottle pockets, stroller straps and an anti-theft zippered back padding pouch. It is available in neutral colors and is a suitable design for the entire family. 

10. Baby On-The-Go Diaper Backpack by Huggleboo

Baby On-The-Go Diaper Backpack by Huggleboo - Large Diaper Bag with Wipes Pocket, Stroller Straps, Changing Pad and Insulated Pockets - Waterproof Canvas - Unisex Design for Moms, Dads, Boys and Girls

Baby On-The-Go Diaper Backpack by Huggleboo

A stylish and unisex design perfect for both men and women, made of waterproof canvas and vegan leather, this backpack boasts of 17 pockets designed to keep its user organized. 4 insulated baby bottle holders, a padded laptop pocket, and a pocket with a keyring.  It also comes with a changing pad and adjustable stroller straps.

Designer diaper bags

11. Marc Jacobs Diaper Bag

Marc Jacobs Diaper Bag - Bags & Strollers - 504979171

Marc Jacobs Diaper Bag

This Marc Jacobs’ navy tech canvas diaper bag comes with a matching changing pad. It has slip side pockets, a zip patch front pocket, a leather logo patch and zipped pockets inside. It has detachable and adjustable straps. The bag is perfect for a busy mom as it fits everything a baby needs for a day and much more. A blend of functionality and style. However, it comes in a single color of navy blue. 

12. SoHo diaper bag Grand Central Station 7 pieces set

SoHo Diaper Bag Set

A large capacity diaper bag set of 7 pieces, spacious with multiple pockets, a reliable zip closure, and a carrying strap. This bag is perfect for moms on-the-go. It has two smaller accessory cases, an insulated bottle bag, and a matching padded changing station. Stylish, multi-functional and waterproof features make this diaper bag parents favorite. It is available in earth colors and has a  gender-neutral look. 

13.Stella McCartney Diaper Bag

Stella McCartney Diaper Bag - Bags & Strollers - 505902591

Stella McCartney Diaper Bag

Crafted of black taffeta, this sleek Stella McCartney diaper bag is designed with a matching foldable changing mat. Lined with two-way zip around closure, the interior has multiple pockets for organization and the exterior has zip pockets, a front, and back pocket as well as adjustable straps. It is available in black. 

14. Storq Carry-all

StorQ Carry-all Bag

A carry-all bag, it is simple, lightweight and substantial with plenty of room for your essentials. With a zipper
that glides open only with one hand, every detail of this diaper bag is perfectly executed. It is minimal and functional, a true demonstration of the concept of less is more. 

15. GUCCI GG Supreme Canvas Diaper Bag

 Gucci GG Supreme Diaper Bag - Bags & Strollers - 505163678Gucci GG Supreme Diaper Bag - Bags & Strollers - 505163678

Gucci GG Supreme Diaper Bag

This Gucci diaper bag with the bold GG Supreme logo print comes with a quilted changing mat. Featuring multiple pockets at the front, the back, the sides, and the interior, it provides more than enough room for organization. With two large elastic pockets and it provides on-the-go convenience. Available colors are beige and dark brown. 

16. Patagonia Iron Forge Tote

Iron Forge Tote, Coriander Brown (COI)

Patagonia Iron Forge Tote

It’s ideal for working moms who require lots of space and a laptop compartment. The bag has multiple pockets inside and outside that can fit everything from diapers to baby bottles, toys, wipes and a change of clothes without seeming too bulky. It’s the ideal size for a carry-on bag.

17. CV x Every Mother Counts Tote Bag


CV x Every Mother Counts Tote Bag

A statement piece from the collaboration between Clare V. and Every Mother Counts, it has a message written on it. Made of canvas, you can wash it without any problem. Simplistic without many pockets it still has all the room you need as a parent.

18. Diaper Bag for Baby by Zohzo - Tote

Diaper Bag for Baby by Zohzo - Diaper Tote Bag with Changing Pad, Insulated Pockets, Wipes Pocket, Waterproof Material, Stroller Straps, and Shoulder Strap

Diaper Bag for Baby by Zohzo - Tote

An over the shoulder tote diaper bag with a matching changing mat, it has insulated pockets, shoulder straps, and stroller straps. Made of waterproof material, this diaper bag for baby by Zohzo is a gem. 

Trending JuJube And Their Totes

19. Ju-Ju-Be BFF Convertible Diaper Bag

Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F

The B.F.F is like the superhero of diaper bags, it transforms from an over the shoulder tote to a backpack and to a messenger bag. It is extremely versatile and has all the space a parent needs. Lots of storage pockets, deep main compartment, insulated bottle space, padded straps, and a changing mat. And the bonus is, it's machine washable. 

20. Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Diaper Bag

Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Diaper Bag

A water-resistant outer back makes this bag easy to clean, it has enough space to store items for two babies or for several nights. The main compartment has a zip closure and elasticized pockets that keep contents in place. An exterior pocket for quick access is also available. This diaper bag is stylish and trendy, new mothers can’t stop raving about it. 


Choosing a diaper bag depends on your lifestyle, there is no such thing as an ultimate diaper bag. Some parents prefer stylish and fashionable options that do not look like traditional diaper bags to match their outfit. Others go for functional backpacks that will leave their hands free to carry a baby or push a stroller. Many choose neutral and unisex diaper bags that both Mom and Dad can carry. What’s most important is that the bag you pick should serve its purpose of carrying all you need for you and your baby’s convenience when you’re out of the house.