30 Winter Baby Names Perfect for Baby Born in This Season

2019 cutest baby names that are perfect for babies born in Winter

By AcaciaJ
30 Winter Baby Names Perfect for Baby Born in This Season

Choosing a baby name is a very exciting moment for parents. It’s a fun process that allows both creativity and a closer bond between family, friends, and the expecting parents to be. No matter how many little ones you have, picking a name is always as wonderful as the very first time. 

Although the process can certainly be thrilling it can also be a bit overwhelming as choosing the right name for your baby is a huge decision. Their names will become a part of their identity and ultimately who they will become. 

Cute Baby Winter Names for Boys

The winter time is not only a beautiful time as it brings lots of amazing snowy scenery, but it’s also a great time to spend with family. It’s great for lots of fun activities and not to mention yummy snacks and meals for the little ones! 

Perhaps the most amazing part about the Winter is being an expectant parent and figuring out what to name your baby. There are endless options for girls and boys, all of which are ideal for any little one. 

1. Aster

Aster is a name mysteriously unique in its own right. Aster which is unisex means ‘star’ which certainly has its special symbolic meanings during the holiday seasons. Apart from this your baby boy will definitely be one in a million with this rare yet remarkable name. 

2. Jasper

While it’s origins are Persian, the name Jasper carries the meaning ‘bringer of treasure.’ This is a great name as it has a casual yet timeless ring to it. It’s also grown quite popular in the US and continues to grow in popularity for baby boys. 

3. Lixue

This striking name originates in China and translates to ‘covered in snow.’ This is a brilliant name for a baby boy at any time of year, especially Winter. 

4. Gabriel

Another name reminiscent of the Holidays, Gabriel represents the archangel in the Bible who told of Jesus’ birth on Christmas day. The meaning is equally as beautiful as it translates to ‘God is my strength.’

5. Colden

The sound of this name automatically makes you think of the chill of Winter. Colden translates to “dark valley” in its meaning while it originates from Old English. This name is absolutely idyllic for Winter time and a baby boy as it sounds a lot like the cold season and is bold yet classic.

6. Nevada

Quite different from the location in the US, the name Nevada has roots in Spanish origins. Although it may not sound like the typical name for a baby boy born during the cold time of the year, it’s fitting since the state of Nevada is known for being chilly  during the Winter. Besides, it’s just an awesome name altogether for any precious baby boy!

7. Nicholas

Last but certainly not least the name Nicholas is an instant classic, making it ideal for any baby boy. The meaning of Nicholas is quite impressive as it’s Greek and means ‘people’s victory.’ Not to mention for a baby boy born during the Holiday season there’s an instant connection to Santa Claus, who’s real name was St. Nicholas. I mean seriously, can this name be anymore perfect?

8. Douglas

The Douglas Fir is the specific name type for the Christmas trees put up during the holidays, which proves  this could not be a more fitting name for your little one expected during this season. The name also has Scottish origins and means ‘dark water’ or ‘dark stream.’ 

9. Jack

Another popular name that’s been around for quite some time, Jack makes us think of the infamous snowman Jack Frost. The name Jack originates from Medieval times and is derived from John which means ‘boy’ or ‘man.’

10. Kari

Kari can actually be used or for boys and girls alike, and means ‘ covered in snow.’ This catchy name also originates in Turkey. 

Cute Baby Winter Names for Girls

11. Lumi

Lumi is of Finnish origin and means ‘snow.’ While a very popular name in its country of origin Finland, Lumi is among the rarest of names in other countries such as the US and England. This name is quite cute if we must say so ourselves, and especially striking since it bares resemblance to the word luminous which means ‘bright or shining.’

12. Iclyn

Aside from how lovely this name sounds, it’s meaning is ‘compassionate.’ This one makes us think of icicles and or snow which both are beautiful features of the cold seasons which definitely makes it an ideal name for a baby girl born in the Winter time. 

13. Frostine

This name obviously screams winter baby although we have to admit, it’s quite catchy. Frostine does sound like a mix between Justine and Frost actually has French origins. It’s got both a fancy, girly and sweet ring about it which makes it all to perfect of a name for a baby girl. 

14. Ember

The meaning of Ember is ‘glowing coal or wood’ which can bring to mind a warm-hearted moment with family around the fireplace during the cold season. It’s especially unique as it sounds like an interesting twist on the name Amber, which makes it sound even sweeter and endearing for a girl. 

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15. Ivy

The meaning of the name Ivy translates to ‘faithfulness.’ While it’s beautiful meaning makes it ideal alone, it’s also a plant that tends to stand out with its lush greenery, making it quite noticeable in Winter. 

16. Noelle

This name could not be more perfect for a baby girl born around the Holiday season. Yep, you guessed it! The name Noelle is actually a feminine play on the word Noel and means Christmas. Although reminiscent of the Holidays, Noelle is a lovely name idyllic for any time of the year. 

17. Snow

Who would have thought right? Yes Snow is an actual name for a baby girl and is actually quite a popular one. What a cute and meaningful name to represent the cool, beautiful, and calm side of the Winter season? Not to mention the infamous and iconic Disney character Snow White. An absolutely adorable name all around!

18. Blanche

Blanche is such an adorable name and its meaning translates to ‘white.’ Of course this is great for a baby girl born in Winter because of the beautiful white snow that accentuates the season. 

19. Lucia

Lucia has Latin roots and means ‘light’ which is perfect because of the breathtaking lights we see during Christmas time. Also, it’s safe to add any baby during anytime of the year is a precious gift as they certainly bring lots of light into our lives!

20. Natalie

Natalie has Latin origins and is a name traditionally given to baby girls during Christmas. It’s meaning translates to ‘Christmas Day.’

Christmas Baby Names


21. Christopher

Christopher means ‘bearer of Christ’ making it a meaningfully bold name for any baby boy born during the holidays. 

22. Emmanuel

Emmanuel is another widely known name for a baby boy but it’s also ideal for baby boys who are born during Christmas time. Specifically, Emmanuel means ‘God is with us,’ and is also another name found in the bible. 

23. Frederick

Many may not know this but St. Nick or Santa Claus has an older brother who was named Fred which is short for Frederick. This name is definitely ideal for baby boys born during this time. 

24. Joseph

Joseph, which translates in meaning to ‘increase or addition’ was a carpenter chosen by God to be the father to Jesus. Joseph is also Hebrew and is a popular name in various countries around the world. 


25. Christina

Christina translates in meaning to ‘follower of christ’ and is very popular is various parts of the world. While it’s popularity has grown exponentially since, it got its peak in popularity during the 80’s. 

26. Abigail

Abigail is among the sweetest names for any baby girl and is also in the bible. She was wife number three of King David and the name itself translates to ‘my father is joyful.’ 

27. Cady

Cady may sound like Katie but in comparison definitely differs in uniqueness. Cady has origins in the word ‘cadeaux’ which is French for ‘present.’ The meaning of this name is as beautiful two-fold.

28. Carol

Apart from the elegance of this name, Carol also brings to mind the beautiful Christmas Carols sung during the holidays. These songs help bring even more joy throughout hearts and homes everywhere which is also what precious babies do as well. 

29. Clara

This enchanting name means ‘bright’ and is among the top baby girl names in the USA. Clara is also representative of a character in the infamous holiday play, The Nutcracker.

30. Paloma

Besides from its beautiful sound Paloma is also Hebrew for ‘dove.’ Doves are a symbol of purity and are well known as traditional birds representative of Christmas time. 


Deciding on a name for your baby truly is a moment to be cherished. Whether they are born in the summer, spring, fall or winter there are countless names as unique as your little one, that will suit them perfectly. 

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