10 trending baby teething necklace favorited by Mommies

Use these popular baby teething necklace to curb baby itchy gums

By Gabriela Petit
10 trending baby teething necklace favorited by Mommies

Growing teeth don’t always come as easy with our little ones. It’s a disturbing period and babies can be very restless without any support except for those few lucky ones who gets through it in a breeze. This period isn’t only tormenting our babies, it can also disturb Mummies too. Babies find themselves trying to bite on any object they come across to suit their gum. So, because of this behavioral observation, the baby teething necklace was invented. 

Baby teething necklaces are manufactured with materials that can be disinfected and cleaned on a daily base. They are also worn as an accessory for mommies who wants an extra touch to accentuate their #ootd. Without much ado, let’s see what are these baby teething necklace.

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What are baby teething necklace?

Like the name suggested, teething jewelry is like an accessory for mummies, it should be worn or carried along in your baby bag. This is for babies to have something to chew and crunch on and it also helps with soothing comfort, and at the same time give you peace of mind as a mom.  

What does teething necklace do?

Teething necklace is just another name for teethers modification. They are supposed to be worn by mums, carrying the baby at the same time. Usually around the neck. This is to enable the baby to chew on a specific item for the purpose of suiting itching and swollen gum. While having a cuddle mummy time at the same time. Chewing on a teething necklace offers the comfort a baby needs, massages the gum and also relieve pain from the protruding teeth.

10 Best Baby teething necklace for mom

Teething necklace come in different size, types and materials to choose from. In terms of materials, the teething necklace can be silicone, amber, Baltic amber and many more found around the world. Because the options are endless, we want to make it easy for mummies to select the best for their babies. 

So, here are the best 10 baby teething necklace we have selected for you:

1. Silicone Teething Necklaces with Baby-safe Jewelry

Silicone Teething Necklaces with Baby-safe Jewelry By FAVEfemme

Your baby and you will love this addition to your wardrobe. It's a fun addition to your outfit that baby will love. It’s a single attractive brown colored, is sure to attract your baby. It’s made from eco-friendly materials and it has no toxic smells. It can either be hand washed or machine washed. Finally, is a medically certified silicone grade teething necklace with no BPAs phthalates, cadmium, lead, latex or any harmful toxins.

2. Baltic amber teething necklace for babies

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace For Babies (Unisex) (Honey)

This product offers as unique in its making because it contains succinic acid, a natural substance from animal and plant which has anti-inflammatory, immune boosting properties. It’s a selection of stylish Baltic amber jewelry. In the online store, you can find the most exclusive jewelry for women, men, and children. 

Its natural substances produce a calming effect in babies and minimum fuss. And finally, for safety purposes, it’s attached to a screw clasp.

3. Consider It Maid Silicone Teething Necklace for Mom

Consider It Maid Silicone Teething Necklace for Mom to Wear

This necklace is made with food-grade silicone, free of BPA and FDA approvals. Has a soft and stimulating feel and babies love it. It keeps infant distracted and engaged while you take care of other things. It also can be wiped clean with soap and water and is dishwasher top shelf safe, which means... no more worries about nasty germs or dirt!

4. Silicone teething necklace by RubyRoo Baby

Silicone Teething Necklace

Made with 100% food grade silicone, this is a super stylish necklace for the mum and the baby. With adjustable feature and silicone beads with a mix of pastel colors, it is eye-catching for the baby to grab it and chew for teething. Most reviews are positive and have found this necklace helpful and fashionable.

5. BEBE by Me 'Eve' Teething necklace

BEBE by Me Scarlett Silicone Bead Necklace for Nursing Moms

This is a 100% designed and handmade. A beautiful colored necklace that is smooth to touch and subtle to all babies delicate gums. They are made from the most expensive high-grade silicone from Japan and will help with baby’s motor skills while relieving pain. 

6. Goobie Baby Audrey Silicone Teething Necklace for Mom to Wear

Goobie Baby Audrey Silicone Teething Necklace for Mom to Wear, Safe BPA Free Beads to Chew

This necklace is well packed and is about 14” in length, which makes it perfect for babies to grab and suit their gums. It’s also 100% food-grade and finally, it helps suit pain and a very good alternative to baby toys. 

7. Chewbeads Tribeca Teething Necklace

Chewbeads Tribeca Teething Necklace, 100% Safe Silicone

Chewbeads is the proud manufacturer of 100% Silicone Teething Jewelry and Accessories. It’s 100% medical grade silicone, which is soft on baby’s gums and emerging teeth. The silicone can be easily wiped clean with a damp piece of cloth and it’s dishwasher safe and free from BPA, phthalates, cadmium, lead, and metals. 

8. Lavina Baby Silicone Beads Teething Necklaces

Lavina Baby Silicone Beads Teething Necklaces

This brand has a lot of clearly stated benefits attached to it. It’s made from 100% food grade, FDA approved premium silicone while also being toxic and BPA free. This makes our chew necklace a perfect and safer choice for all the moms out there to enjoy a fun and hassle-free nursing and cuddling. It stops teething pain and suits your baby in all the right angles. 

They come in various sizes to fit those little hands of your baby. It has a stylish and fashionable design with multi-colored beads. It’s also a perfect baby shower gift for both mother and baby. It comes packaged, perfect for storage on-the-go. And finally, it’s easy to clean.

9. Fox & Finn 'Isabella' Necklace

Fox and Finn 'Isabella' Silicone Teething Necklace for Babies

Most moms today are modern and if that is you, this gorgeous double stranded silicone teething necklace is for you. It’s a 14-inch drop (total length approximately 29 inches) with a beautiful cream rope made from silk. This necklace is hand-crafted and very safe to use. 

Every Fox and Finn silicone teething necklace features a safety knot between each bead to keep your baby safe at all times when chewing on your necklace.

10. Mummy hug teething necklace

Teething Necklace Wood for Baby and Mom to Wear

This product is safe, fashionable and doesn’t contain any BPA and uniquely different textures of wood and yarn. It is plastic free and chemical free and made of natural materials that are safe for the baby and you. It can be re-used by simply washing it in warm water and dry it. As a bonus, the necklace will come together with complimentary earrings.

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How to DIY your own baby teething necklace

A baby teething necklace is a great gift for the baby shower, which has a great use for parents when the baby goes through his period of teething. These necklaces provide relief to the baby and act as a safe toy to play "toy" for the baby.

However, instead of buying a baby teething necklace, you can create one yourself.

Don’t know how to do it? Well, then we'll leave you a very short video with super simple instructions to make your own necklace yourself.

Danger and safety measures of a baby teething necklace

A baby teething necklace can be used to provide relief for a baby when she’s going through her teething period. These necklaces, however, also have their own dangers and some safety measures should be followed when it comes to choosing one for your baby.

1. Choking and strangulation

The main dangers that come with baby teething necklaces are mostly related to choking and strangulation. This happens when the baby is wearing the necklace, which ideally should be avoided. The parent should be wearing the necklace at all times to prevent any chance of something terrible happening to the baby.

2. Quality of the materials

Special attention should also be paid to the quality of the material used in making the necklace. A common danger with necklaces is that the baby can pull off the beads of the necklace and can end up choking on it. The quality of material used should be free of anything toxic and should be ideally food grade so it’s safe to chew.

By following a few safety measures, you ensure that the baby teething necklace is a safe way of providing relief for your baby when she’s going through her teething period. This measures hey can be followed just by spending a few extra seconds when deciding to buy one for your baby.


These necklaces are, without a doubt, the perfect solution for moms who have very young children. They are at the age of prying, and beyond that, in a period where their gums will ache from the birth of their teeth.

These are a few ways you can do as a mom to relieve pain, and these necklaces are a solution for when they feel the need to chew something, and you have to have them with you. Not to mention that they dress and match everything!