Keep Your Tots Warm with These Baby Carrier Covers

Get these baby carrier covers for protection in cold weathers

By Michele
Keep Your Tots Warm with These Baby Carrier Covers

Knowing when to alternate between keeping your baby cool and warm is very essential. Since we are warm-blooded, it is important that we keep the temperature of the baby warm especially in the cold seasons. Babies are not grown-ups who can directly express their state of mind.

Therefore, in situations when they are cold, using baby carrier covers will come in handy to do the job and keep your babies warm and comfortably nestled in your arms. Keep on reading to know all about baby carrier covers, their designs, patterns and which one is best used in cold weather conditions.

What are Baby Carrier Covers?


A baby carrier cover is a device that protects the supportive device that is worn by a carrier carrying a baby or toddler close to his or her torso. The carrier alone might not be enough to protect the baby especially during the cold or winter seasons. This is where the use of a cover will come in handy.

The fact is that during the cold weather, the design or pattern to use should not be paramount to the health of the baby, instead, the right gear and accessories to use to protect the baby and yourself should be top of the priority.

The baby carrier adds a certain level of protection against harsh weather conditions that the carrier alone cannot offer. That is why we are this post is really important, because the issue being talked about is very important.

Best Waterproof Baby Carrier Covers for the Winter


As harsh as the winter season might be, it does not stop people from staying indoors or not looking for fun things to do. It is usually the holiday season and people will always like to interact during the festivities. Now, during this period, it is important that the baby cover you use should not absorb water so that the baby will be warm and dry all day long.

During the cold weather, it is not just any type of baby carrier covers that should be used. There are specific baby carrier covers that serve the purpose of keeping the baby warm and safe during the cold season. Below is a list of the baby carrier covers to use during the cold weather:

1. Jolly Jumper Snuggle Cover : Jolly Jumper Snuggle Cover for Soft Baby Carriers, Black : Child Safety Car Seat Accessories : Baby

This baby cover weighs just about 15.5 ounces and is very nice when it comes to keeping the baby safe and dry against your body. The cover of the carrier cover is water resistant with inner side covered with fleece. It is also versatile as it can be used on strollers and car seats as well. The warmth of your baby is guaranteed with this product.

2. BABYBJORN Cover for Baby Carrier : BABYBJORN Cover for Baby Carrier - Black : Child Carrier Accessories : Baby

One of our favorite baby brand with almost a full 5 stars review. BABYJORN Baby Cover is light and strong, made of cotton and fleece, the latter being a good water resister and the former is good for keeping the baby warm from the inside. It is however used for only babybjorn baby carriers during the winter season.

3. Kowalli Fleece Baby Carrier Cover

This baby carrier cover is very flexible because it works across different types of baby carriers. It is so nice that both the baby and the mom will be kept warm and dry and can be used when carrying the baby at the front, on the hip or at the back. It repels water greatly and there is provision for you to keep your hands warm with the side pockets as you carry the baby. The side pockets can also carry keys, purses, wallets, mobile phones and the likes.

4. Ergobaby Fleece Lined Winter Weather Cover : Ergobaby Fleece Lined Winter Weather Cover, Black : Baby

Made with nylon outer cover, this is water resistant with fleece lining to keep the baby warm during winter. As it is a cover for Ergobaby brand, this can be used to any carrier from the brand by attaching the snaps to the shoulder straps.

5. Waterproof Cover for Baby Carrier

Baby carrier jacket Cloak Baby Harness Waterproof Cape Infant Assistant Wind Rain Cover Hood Coat Mantle Baby outdoor essential-in Backpacks & Carriers from Mother & Kids on | Alibaba Group

Your child is already kept warm with quality winter clothes? This baby carrier cover will be useful as an add-on for its waterproof element at an affordable price. It comes in different plain colours and has a hood to protect the baby in harsh conditions. With its design, it is better to use for front or back carriers.

Pattern Free Baby Carrier Covers

Designs and patterns to consider when choosing baby carrier covers. Pattern free baby carrier covers will be useful to extend the lifespan of the product. Sometimes, keeping the color neutral makes the product suitable for both boys and girls. 

These are a few pattern free baby carrier covers that protect your little one from cold weather: 

1. 7AM Enfant Pookie Poncho, Wind and Water Resistant, 3-in-1 Baby Carrier : 7AM Enfant Pookie Poncho, Wind and Water Resistant, 3-in-1 Baby Carrier, Stroller and Car Seat Cover, Best for Freezing Winter Conditions (Black, One Size 0-3T) : Baby

This heavy-duty baby carrier cover not only keeps your little one warm in freezing winter of -4 F (-20 degree), it is 3-1 to be used as a carrier, stroller and seat cover. It comes together with long zipper so that both parents and baby can keep their hands warm inside.

2. Bebamour Universal Hoodie : Bebamour Universal Hoodie All Season Carrier Cover for Baby Carrier (Dark Grey) : Baby

We will like to feature this product again not because of its versatility only, but because of its sleek plain design. It is suitable for children from about 0 to 5 years old. Its gives your baby this touch of class as she is nestled closely to you. It is made completely of polyester from the inside to the outside.  

Baby Carrier Covers with Patterns

While pattern free baby carrier cover is good for longer product lifespan, baby carrier covers with patterns add fun and personalization to the carrier you have. Your child may develop an attachment to these covers due to the patterns.

Also, imagine every child is in a black baby carrier cover, won't it be easier for you to spot your child from afar with patterns than simply a plain color?

These are a few recommendation of baby carrier covers with patterns that can keep cold away!


1. Lucky Baby Double Fleece : Stroller Cover and Baby Carrier Cover. Double Fleece Winter Cover - Fits Onto All Carriers & Strollers. Adjustable with Hoodie. 5-in-1 Multipurpose. Grey : Baby

This beautifully patterned baby carrier cover is a must have for cold weathers. Its features are numerous. It is adjustable so as your baby grows, its grows with him or her. Its material is soft, cosy and warm, thereby keeping your baby warm all day. It fits with any baby carrier and can be worn from the side, front or back.

2. Agibaby Universal Hoodie Weatherproof Cover for Baby Carrier Warmer : Agibaby Universal Hoodie Weatherproof Cover for Baby Carrier Warmer/Bunting / Stroller Footmuff - White Dottie : Baby

Have beautiful patterns and extra warmth with this carrier cover. Design in South Korea, it is waterproof, windproof to keep your baby warm and comfortable.

3. Bundlebean Fleece-Lined Babywearing Cover : Bundlebean - Fleece-Lined Babywearing Cover - All-Weather - Gray Elephant : Baby

This cute baby carrier cover protects for all weather to provide cover for your little ones. Versatile, it can be worn with forward or bank carriers from all brands. It comes with a removable hood to give you the flexibility to cater to different weather conditions during cold weather. Lastly, it is adjustable, so it grows with the height of your child.


Baby wearing has just gotten to a whole new level. Whilst keeping the baby healed and hearty is of uttermost important, it can also be done with style. I hope that this review will be enough guide to help you make good decisions when it comes to taking care of your baby.