9 Things to Watch Out For Clueless Moms on Diaper Sizes

Find out When You Should Upsize Your Baby’s Diaper with These Signs

By Sid
9 Things to Watch Out For Clueless Moms on Diaper Sizes

Mothers are often the primary caregiver in a lot of families. Most mothers go out of their way for their families, and their role in the family often goes unnoticed and unappreciated.

Motherhood is difficult; many mothers, after their first kids, struggle since they don’t have any experience. Parenting skills are not something that comes to a person naturally. A mother prepares their kids for life; however, sometimes, even mothers can be clueless about many things. Here are some of the most common challenges faced by mothers:

Common Challenges Faced By New Mothers

1. Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation is an immense challenge faced by many mothers/parents. Ensuring that the baby sleeps peacefully and then hearing your baby cry again must be tough! Singing your baby a lullaby, rocking their cradle until they sleep again while sacrificing your sleep can affect your health.

Following are some tips to overcome sleep deprivation:

  • Ask someone you trust for their help.
  • Take a nap whenever you can.
  • Set up a schedule! Try to feed the baby according to the time you have set up.

2. Breastfeeding Problems

Breastfeeding comes naturally to certain women, while others might struggle since they have never done it before.

Following are some tips to overcome breastfeeding challenges:

  • Use a suction device or a breast pump! It can be used on your breasts a week or two before the due date, giving you enough time to prepare for when the baby arrives.
  • Get a good nipple cream; it can come in handy when your nipples are sore and you need something to keep them moisturized.
  • To avoid clogged ducts – breastfeed the baby on the side you have a clogged duct, every few hours to loosen the clog and help the milk move freely again.

3. Post-Partem Depression

Many women go through Post Partem Depression. A mother’s whole body changes in the nine months of pregnancy, and suddenly, a new life depends entirely on you, which can be exhausting and overwhelming. Here are a few tips to battle Post-Partem Depression:

  • If you are breastfeeding, keep doing it! It releases natural hormones and strengthens the bond you and your baby share.
  • If you are bottle-feeding, hold your baby and look at them, this helps to create closeness between you and the baby.
  • Spend some time with yourself! I know not every day you will have the mental or physical energy to do so, but small things like taking a walk, exercising, inviting some friends over, or doing some online shopping can make you feel better.
  • Open up and talk about your feelings with someone you trust, whether it’s one of your parents, friends, or partner.

Everyone goes through difficult days, days they feel like they can’t continue living for another day but trust me and go with the flow, take one day at a time and know that this phase of your life will be over very soon, and you will get through it happier.

A Not So Common Challenge Faced By New Mothers - Being Clueless About Diaper Sizes

Diapers are a lot like jeans in some ways, they come in different sizes, and some are comfortable while some are not. The diaper situation can be quite tricky for a parent to decipher; so here are a few things that clueless moms need to watch out for while purchasing baby diapers:

1. Don’t pick the wrong size

If the size is too small for the baby, it can irritate the baby’s skin; the smaller size can also cause leakage since there isn’t enough material to absorb. However, picking a too big size can also cause leakage because of the extra room.

2. Make Sure You Know the Baby’s Age and Weight

Make sure that you buy diapers according to the exact age and weight of the baby. Different diaper companies have different sizes; e.g., a clothing company’s medium size might be small in another company’s size chart. If you have to switch diaper brands, make sure you read the details on the packaging and then purchase according to the age and weight.

3. Make sure the diaper has all the relevant features.

Before purchasing a diaper, make sure you do proper research about the relevant features like:

Decent Absorbency

Make sure that the diaper is good at absorbing; if the diaper leaks, it can cause irritation and rashes.

Diapers with Wetness Indicator Lines

Diapers are now way advanced than they were before! Huggies recently came up with diapers with wetness indicator lines that turn from white to yellow when the diaper is full. The wetness indicator lines can significantly help new mothers know when to change the baby’s diaper.


Babies have susceptible skin, so it is essential that the diaper you choose for them is soft and breathable and doesn’t irritate your baby’s delicate skin.


Ensure that the size is right and that the diaper is stretchable so that it doesn’t leave any marks on the baby’s skin.

4. Go for a reputed brand.

It is always better to go for a brand known for making diapers. Please don’t go for unheard brands to save a few bucks as they can cause serious problems later on. That doesn’t mean that you need to spend money on expensive diapers; do your research before purchasing.

5. Know about Your Baby’s Skin

It is essential to pay attention to the baby’s skin and change the diaper brand if it is causes irritation. Many people think that diaper rash is only caused by the diaper’s material, which is not always true. It can also be caused by the moisture in the baby’s diaper area. It is essential to pay attention and choose the diaper that keeps your baby’s skin rash-free.

6. Know Your Budget

Everyone knows that having a baby is not exactly cheap! Pay attention to your baby’s pooping habits to estimate the diaper quantity you will require and how much you can spend. Buying an expensive diaper doesn’t mean that it is good or that it will suit your baby’s skin; so it is better to research the diaper features rather than going for an expensive diaper brand.

7. Test Diapers

Whenever I purchase a new product, I like to try out testers before purchasing them. So for a baby, buy the smallest packs of different brands and then try them on your baby. Once you know that the diaper suits your baby’s skin, you can purchase a bigger pack.

8. Don’t Stock On Diapers

It is crazy how many diapers a baby needs! And it is always a good idea to have extra diapers, but don’t stock on too many diapers. Babies grow too fast, especially newborns, and before you know it, they’ll outgrow the size you stocked. Thus, it is always better to have a few extra but not in bulk. It can be frustrating to get new diapers every few weeks, but it can save you from a lot of hassle later on for when your baby outgrows the diaper size.

Find Out When You Should Upsize Your Baby’s Diaper With These Signs

A baby’s diaper size can change a lot quicker than you expect since they are always growing. Upsizing your baby’s diaper doesn’t necessarily mean that the baby is growing; it can also mean that the chosen diaper needs more material to absorb. Find out when to upsize your baby’s diaper with these signs here.

  • If your baby’s diaper starts leaking a lot - it might be a sign that it is time to upsize your baby’s diaper.
  • If you feel as if the diaper is too tight around the stomach or thighs of the baby and the diaper’s tightness is causing irritation or red marks, it also means that it is time to upsize your baby’s diaper.
  • Ensure that their diaper’s waistband is not too tight; and if it is, upsize the diaper to save your baby from uncomfortableness.
  • The diaper packaging contains details about the suitable size. Check the size chart on the packaging to ensure that your baby is wearing a diaper according to his/her height and weight.


Mothers make sure that their kids are fed, well clothed, and clean. They remember all the small details. They go through the most to make sure that their kids remain protected; and whenever something disappears in the house, only they know where to find it – mothers indeed are magical beings! But it’s okay if you’re stuck at some point because motherhood sure brings some challenges with all the joy. Hope this article solved all your diaper problems!