10 non toxic baby crawling mats for infant to play on

Best crawling mat and care play mat safe for baby to enjoy

By Rebecca jones
10 non toxic baby crawling mats for infant to play on

Even though when babies are born, they spend most of their time in cribs and bassinets, or anywhere cozy enough to keep them warm and safe. As your baby grows, you start to see them learning new milestones like laying on their backs, holding their head high up and learning how to crawl. All this beautiful growth indicates your little one is not going to be little forever, and that he or she will grow into a wonderful toddler very soon. A play mat is a soft mat on which a baby or young child can lie or sit while playing.

There is no doubt that a play is a necessity that every toddler requires, it is made of different materials, like paper or rubberized, cloth covered, foam. All these materials are ingredients necessary for making a play mat and undergoes a lot of chemical and industrial processes to make it much more appealing and comfortable for a child to play on. And the best part is, nowadays play mats are designed in different designs, texture and color to meet your child’s need and to also fit perfectly into the decor of your home. 

What is Baby Crawling Mat

ProSource Kids Foam Puzzle Floor Play Mat with Shapes & Colors or Numbers & Alphabets

A play mat is basically a cushioned cover that is placed on the floor to provide a child with a safe space to play, lie and have fun. A crawling mat is a save mat that is designed to provide a baby with a safe surrounding to crawl and move around a particular space comfortably. Even though this mat is meant to be comfortable, colorful, educational and entertaining for a child, it can be a toxic thing for kids if produced from a material, chemical and substances that can be toxic, hazardous and dangerous to a child and child’s health. That’s why it’s the priority of every parent to ensure that the baby gear and accessories we purchase for our kids especially toddlers are totally safe, healthy and free from toxic substances that can dangerous to a child’s health. 

Baby Floor Mat For Crawling

SoftTiles Kids Foam Play Mat - Safari Animals Theme

There are a lot of baby mats, but only a few are appropriate and suitable for the baby to crawl on. Even though most toddler mats basically looks the same, there are specific ones that are specially designed to aid and help toddlers with crawling and playing. The following are some of our favorite baby crawling mats in the market today.

1. Play Mat – Floor Mats for Kids

Amazon.com : Dooboe Interlocking Floor Mats - Interlocking Foam Mats for Kids - Baby Play Mat - Crawling Mat - Premium Foam Mat with Borders - Colors: Blue, Gray, White : Sports & Outdoors

This play mat provides a comfortable place for your baby to crawl, play, and exercise. The mats are versatile and can be used to dress up your hardwood floors, do yoga, and more! They contain EVA foam, which makes them durable, waterproof, soft, easy to clean, and portable. The Foam Floor Mat for Kids is packaged with 12 square pieces, which equals 24 triangles and borders to complete the area rug play mat look. The mat will cover 4ft x 3ft and is about ½ inch thick. It comes in 2 colors, pink and blue for your baby boy and girl. 

2. IHEARTYOU Baby Crawling Mat Cute Giraffe Play Carpet Children Bedroom Decor Living Room Rugs

Amazon.com: IHEARTYOU Baby Crawling Mat Cute Giraffe Play Carpet Children Bedroom Decor Living Room Rugs: Toys & Games

This crawling mat is a soft floor surface for babies and children to play, especially for you who live in hardwood floors house, perfect for reducing noise and impact, and a great insulator on all floor surfaces. Ideal for encouraging crawling, rolling, sitting up, and learning to walk. The cushioned surface ensures a soft landing for rolling, tumbling, and falls. It's comfy for you to lay on and play with your children, with different animal pattern, bear, rabbit, deer, giraffe, fox, elephant, they are cute and lovely. A very useful accessory to brighten up your beloved little one.

3.Folding kids play mat

Amazon.com : Folding Kids Play Mat | Portable Baby Play Mat | BPA FREE Non Toxic 78.7" x 59" 0.4 Extra Large Reversible Foam Crawling Mat Toddlers Waterproof Non-Slip Picnic Outdoor Playroom : Baby

The play mat is a super easy-to-fold XPE foam mat that creates a safe place for your kid/baby to play. Each mat is designed with soft colors to protect the baby’s eyes, the play activity enhances your baby’s muscles, coordination and balance ability. The lightweight design is perfect for transforming any hard floor into a comfortable area for baby to crawl, sit, and play.

Baby Care Play Mat

Amazon.com : Stylish Extra Large Baby Play Mat Soft Playmat, Thick Comfortable Foam. Six 24" x 24" Floor Tiles with edges for babies. Non-Toxic, No Odors, Spill Resistant, Durable. Yay Mats Puzzle Mat 4 Tummy Time : Baby

The baby play care may provide a safe and hygienic place for babies and children to play. The cushioned mat protects against hard falls when kids do what they do best: crawl, tumble, and topple over when learning to sit and stand. Let’s take a look at some of the best baby care mats in the market.

4. Baby care reversible cloud play mat

Amazon.com: BABY CARE Reversible Happy Cloud Playmat: Garden & Outdoor

The BABYCARE Reversible Happy Cloud Playmat provides a soft, cushioned surface on the floor for your little one. Reversible, easy to clean design makes it ideal for playtime, eating snacks or diaper changes. Portable and folds compactly.

5. Baby Play Mat Tiles Extra Large Thick Foam Floor Puzzle Mat

Amazon.com : Baby Play Mat Tiles Extra Large Thick Foam Floor Puzzle Mat Interlocking Playmat for Infants Toddlers Kids Babies Crawling Tummy Time Grey/White 74" x 74" : Baby

Baby Play Mat Tiles Extra Large Thick Foam Floor Puzzle Mat creates a safe, comfortable and large area that has enough cushion for your kids to safely play, crawl, walk, learn to stand and even lay down. Use on hardwood floors, tiles, concrete and anywhere you need a soft cushioned floor for your child. Specially designed for hard flooring, our premium mat is perfect for tummy time, rolling and crawling. plus it's easy on mama’s knees!

6. Eanpet baby play mat

Amazon.com : Eanpet Baby Play Mat Folding XPE Thick Foam Playmat Floor Non-Slip Large Foam Reversible Area Rug Waterproof Baby Toddler Play Crawl Mat, Portable Non-Toxic Activity Mat - 5 x 7 FT, Squirrel & Animal : Baby

Play Mat is easy to use and easy to clean, just wipe with a wet cloth. This safe playmat provides a soft, comfortable, non-slip surface. Playmat allows you to set a play area wherever you are, that means you don’t have to worry about dirty floors, hard floors and cold surfaces. Now your child can play in comfort anywhere.

6 Best Non Toxic Baby Mats

Amazon.com: SoftTiles Kids Play Mats- Safari Animals- Premium Interlocking Foam Playmat for Children, Toddlers and Babies- 6.5 x 6.5 ft.- (Pink, White, Light Pink) SCSAFPWC: Kitchen & Dining

Babies need a safe environment where they can lay down, play, crawl and do basically anything without posing the risk of illness or any sort of danger to their health. As your baby is growing into a toddler, he or she will be spending a lot of time on the play mat, therefore it’s important to always have play mat that represents your child and is safe and suitable for use. Free from industrial chemicals and substances.

Best baby play mat From Walmart

Gymax 67''x59'' Folding Baby Play Mat Reversible XPE Floor Playmat Toddlers Waterproof - Walmart.com

Below are some of the best baby play mats available in Walmart. 

7. Prince lion heart ABC play mat

Prince Lionheart City ABC Playmat - Walmart.com

This play mat is educative, fun and colorful. Perfect for your baby to learn how to crawl, stand and play. It’s wide and comfy to make every play date a happy one.

8.Hape foldable play mat

Hape Foldable Play Mat with Travel Case– Large Waterproof, Double-Sided Baby Mat for Playing or Crawling, Tummy Time Non Toxic Foam Playmat for Infants or Toddlers (4’10” x 5’10”) - Walmart.com

Features a railway scene on one side and a jungle setting on the other. Perfect for tummy time! Made with non-toxic PE foam that contains no BPA.

Best play mats From Amazon

Buy Click N Play Mega Play Mat Alphabet and Numbers Foam Puzzle Mat, 36 Tiles, Each Tile Measure 12 X 12 Online at Low Prices in India - Amazon.in

9. Wee Giggles Large Baby Play Mat with Fence

Amazon.com : Wee Giggles Large Baby Play Mat with Fence | Non Toxic Crawling Mat for Playroom or Nursery Floor | Grey/White : Baby

With a 2x2 feet size, it gives a big cover space for the baby to play. The form is free of BPA, Lead, Phthalates and Formamide. You can fold the sides to keep toys from running out of the play zone. Cleaning is simple, just use baby wipes or a damn rug to give a wipe.

10. Lolland playmat

Lolland play mat

The Lollaland Play Mat is the perfect floor mat for the entire family. It provides a spacious (4’ x 6’), protective, and comfortable surface for both parent and child to play on. It is great for tummy time, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, first-steps and even as a large exercise mat. The Lollaland Play Mat also features a reversible design that is chic and fun. It is a great non-toxic, hypoallergenic, alternative to a traditional rug because it is ultra-cushioned, water-resistant, and easy-to-clean.

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Skip hop baby infant mat

Play mats are comfy covers to be laid on the surface of the floor or ground to provide baby’s with the safety and comfort required to play and crawl safely. It comes on different sizes, shapes and colors. Some are bright while others a neutral, it all depends on whats best for your child and the decor of your home. Kids spend a lot of time on play mats, therefore it should be free of industrial chemical and anti-allergy.

No artificial coloring or chemical that can pose any health risk to your child. Play mats are designed to understand the needs of parents, some are waterproof and others are made of materials that are easily cleanable. Even though play mats are designed to be completely safe for kids, it’s advice for parents to always stay close to the kids, or lay the mat in close proximity to your eyes, that way you can supervise and be aware of what your child is doing as he or she is playing in their mat.