Explaining the Details of Birth Control Methods

The 101s on all birth control methods in simplied version

By Sarah Potter
Explaining the Details of Birth Control Methods

A lot of women are quite inquisitive about birth control methods and how they work. Some people might have an idea about them but may not understand the way they work and which is more suitable for them. Birth control methods are those methods done in other to prevent pregnancy. There are different types of these methods, and this allows every woman to be able to choose a plan that suites here budget and lifestyle. The methods could either be hormonal or non-hormonal, single or long-lasting.

If you need to know more and better about the birth control methods or you want to change a suitable one that would fit into your budget and lifestyle perfectly, then this is the article you need. Deciding on what birth control method to use might be a bit frustrating, especially if you don’t know much about them. Here we have a simplified version of some of the birth control methods you can try.

Popularity of birth control pills

These pills are among the most popular and commonly used types of the birth control method. This is because it is affordable and convenient for women of all financial classes and lifestyles.  Birth control pills are also referred to as oral contraceptives. These pills, as a result of their popularity and constant use, have been produced by many brands.

Birth control pills are the most common among sexually active women, most of which are within the childbearing age of 15-44 years. About 12.6 percent of women in the United States take birth control pills. This mostly used by women below the age of 40 and is also the most commonly used contraceptives amongst women after their first pre-marital sex.

Types of Birth Control Methods

There are many birth control methods today; and they are either the permanent or temporary methods of birth control. A lot of women prefer temporary methods because they allow them to be able to get pregnant even after the desired time of use. These methods are safe, convenient and are made available to all women. Although, most of these methods are not safe for pregnant women and some people with other health conditions. 

Here, we have talked exclusively on these methods and how they work. Keep reading and learn.

1. Taking the Pill

This is the most popular and commonly used birth control method amongst women today. This is because it is affordable, safe and about 99% effective. Only 1 in 100 women get pregnant if they take these pills as directed by the doctor. These pills usually come in combinations forms, which typically contain progestin and estrogen, although progestin-only pills are also available and can be taken.

On taking these pills, hormones are released into your body to alter hormone levels and cause changes that would prevent pregnancy. The pills prevent ovulation and also prevent sperms from passing into the uterus by blocking the cervix with mucus. The packs of these pills usually come with 21 active pills (and some with extra inactive 7) which have to be taken daily for 3 weeks. Although, the progestin-only pill pack comes with about 28 active pills.

These pills don’t just prevent pregnancy, but they help reduce menstrual cramps, acne, ectopic pregnancies, urinary tract infections and also help to regularize your period too. These pills come with some side effects, which usually come up within the first three months of use. Some of them could be nausea, vomiting or irregular bleeding. It is crucial that you see your doctor if you experience any undesirable or fatal side effects and also before you start the pills, to ensure you’re not at risk of any health complications.

There are a whole lot of brand that produces these pills, and so if you do not like the effects, you could get a prescription from your doctor to change.

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2. The Patch Method

Source: https://www.nhs.uk

This method is straightforward, affordable, requires low or no maintenance, safe and convenient for anyone and it is about 99% effective.  It is popularly known as Ortho Evra or the Evra patch although this patch is now replaced by a new brand which is the Xulane patch. These patches usually come in square shapes and are used weekly. It comes with a sticky part that allows you to paste it on any part of your body asides your breast.

The patch works by releasing hormones which prevent or stop ovulation and also thicken the mucus in the cervix. This makes it almost impossible for pregnancy to occur. It is applied once every week for three weeks, leaving you with a patch-free week. It is essential to make sure that the patch doesn’t come off and also make sure you change it weekly. This method does a lot of good to your body, some of which include; reduction of acne, headaches, menstrual cramps, breast growths and so on.

Some few women also experience some side effects, some of which are nausea, vomiting, tender or sore breast, and skin reactions and so on. Some women can also suffer serious and fatal side effects such as trouble breathing, aching legs and a lot more; so, ensure that you see a doctor before you start out with this method. To make sure you do not have future health complications. It is important to note that these patches are not suitable for pregnant women or women with heart problems. 

3. The Shot Method

This method is widely known by a lot of women. This isn’t tequila shots, these are shots that actually come in the form of injections. The effect of this injection lasts for about three months. It is a very effective birth control methods with about 99% effectiveness. It is important to note that, this method would require a prescription from your doctor.

This method prevents pregnancy also, by releasing hormones into your body. These hormones thicken the mucus in the passage between your vagina and uterus (the cervix) and thereby prevent the sperms from passing and getting in contact with the eggs. It also prevents the eggs from living the ovary. This method is mostly preferred because it is safe, convenient, comfortable, doesn’t require any preparation before sex, it is safe for breastfeeding mums, it promotes your sex life significantly.

This method as much as it is effective and functional also comes with its downside. It presents with its own side effect, which could be irregular bleeding, nausea, hair loss or increased hair, sore breasts. Although these side effects might be disturbing initially, with time you could get the hang of it. It is important to note that more fatal side effects have to be reported to your doctor, and you should make sure to see a doctor before starting these shots to prevent any sort of complications.

P.s – it is not safe for pregnant women and breast cancer patients.

4. The Implant Method

Source: https://www.nhs.uk

This method involves the use of an implant. Just as the name implies, an implant is either a piece of tissue, device or object implanted, inserted or fixed in the body. It usually inserted beneath the skin of the upper arm of the individual. This method is about 91% effective and could last for over 3 years. The popular brands that offer this sought of an implant are Nexplanon and Implanon.

Wondering how something on your arm can prevent pregnancy right? This implant contains some hormones such as progesterone which when released into your body, cause a bunch of changes. It hinders the sperm from reaching the eggs and thereby preventing pregnancy. A lot of women prefer this because they don’t have to take pills regularly, it is safe, simple, has a long-lasting effect and also allows the woman get pregnant even after getting rid of the implant. Although it might have some side effects especially after the first 6 to 12 months, some of which are irregular bleeding, weight gain, acne, sore breasts and many more, it can still be used.

Because it isn’t a 100% effective, a few women can still get pregnant even while using these implants.


To choose a birth control method, you need to know what it is about. Here we have given you the necessary information you need to know about some birth control methods, most of which are hormonal in nature. It is important to note that consultation with your doctor and some necessary medical exams be taken before starting out any of these methods. Doing this would ensure that you are fit enough to use these methods and also ensure that you do not have any future health complications.

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