The top rated baby carrier for twins that #momsoftwins need

Find out which of these twin baby carriers best suits you

By Linda F.
The top rated baby carrier for twins that #momsoftwins need

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Having twins, comes with its own particular set of challenges. When looking for carriers, you need to combine comfort (twins are smaller than ordinary babies), functionality (you will still have only on pair of arms) and user-friendliness, (read that as, ‘stress-free’).

If you’re expecting twins you don’t want to make bad choices as you will go wrong twice. One of the most important choices is to pick the right baby carrier. Safety, versatility and economy should be your ‘Mantra’ as you set upon one of life’s greatest adventures. 

The good news here (and we promise you there is no bad), is that as far as baby carriers go, your search for the perfect one ends right now. Right here, we present to you the best of the best in twin baby carriers.

Top rated Twin Baby Carriers for Twins:

Giving Mom a Much Needed Break.


Double baby carriers are a heaven-sent if you’re having twins. Pulling out the double stroller all the time can be tiring, if not extremely frustrating. These carriers are great to have on hand when you want to keep your babies close to you or in crowds, which don’t allow much room for a double stroller.

A double baby carrier offers the convenience of leaving your hands free for other tasks such as vacuuming, browsing, and  grocery shopping. Their safe, baby-friendly materials and clever design providing ease of use will make your life, infinitely simpler. The most popular are the ones that meet the required safety standards.


The right twin baby carriers are equipped with extremely versatile features such as easy to reach bottle holders, pockets to hold their favorite toys and pacifiers, cleverly designed frame to ensure maximum comfort and so on.  Read on to find out which one will work best for you! 


Amazing versatility and user-friendliness makes this a top choice.

The Weego TWIN Baby Carrier

This one truly lives up to its name. You wear it and you three are good to go!

Specially designed for twins and premature babies, the Weego is amazingly user-friendly. Ergonomic, and hip-healthy for your babies, it is ready to be used right from birth. The unique double pouch design grows with your babies and will be them for some significant amount of time. 

It is designed to carry babies from 4lbs to a combined weight of 33lbs. Rest assured, you can use this till they are around 5 to 6 months of age. When you read user-friendly as one of its amazing features, think long walks, doing chores and running errands with them. Preparing their baby food while carrying them, so you don’t have to leave them crying while doing it, becomes entirely possible with the Weego.


The twin pouch ergonomic design will keep your babies in the correct posture that is prescribed by baby orthopedic doctors.

Source: Weego

You will never have to worry if you are hurting them. The smart design enables you to put your babies into the carrier in no time at all and vice versa. You can even pass the little ones to another person, without taking them out of it.

Feeding babies isn't exactly the easiest of tasks. The three bib sets that snap right into place, will keep it from getting too messy. This saves you precious time and energy from washing it all the time. Even if it does get messy, the carrier is completely machine washable. 

With its high-quality snaps, zippers and buckles, and baby friendly fabric all you need to do is run the Weego in a gentle cycle with a detergent free of bleach. It will be as good as new. The bibs themselves can be washed in a normal cycle and dried at a normal or higher temperature. 

Manufactured in accordance with the rigid Oeko-Tex Standard 100, these carriers are extremely safe and durable for your baby. There is absolutely nor hypoallergenic or harmful substance used in its production. The manual also comes in a downloadable form; just in case you lose the original.

Twingaroo : Stuff 4 Multiples Twingaroo Twin Carrier, Khaki : Baby

If awards and citations matter to you, this multiple award-winning baby carrier should be right up your alley. An impressive number have been won by the Twingaroo twin baby carrier.

It promises an absolutely hands-free-experience promise. The Twingaroo, can hold babies having a combined weight from 10 to 35 lbs. Your babies don’t have to be the same weight, so you can put the weighing scales away. 

The design boasts of an even distribution of your twins’ weights, an attached diaper bag, a place to hold two bottles, extra clothes and other bells and whistles, certain to impress you. The waist belt is padded and wide and offers the best support for both you and your little ones. 

Buy a strap conversion kit and presto, your twin carrier is now a solo carrier in the blink of an eye! You can fold away the front pouch and stow it in the front carrier. A pouch in the front can even hold your keys, cell phone and other Knickknacks for you.  

The carrier adheres to the EN as well as ASTM standards of safety. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has issued the Twingaroo the all-important ‘Hip Healthy’ certification.                        
If award-winning simple functionality is what you’re looking for, then the Twingaroo with its ease of use, is just for you.


360 Baby Carrier | Front & Back Facing Carriers | Ergobaby

So you are a mum who likes options; nothing wrong with that. If you are one (and okay you didn’t know that till you started looking for a carrier for your baby) then Voila, Ergobaby is right here for you! 

Do you want to carry your baby right after birth? Are you an outdoorsy person? Do you live in a place with a hot climate? Do you want to carry your baby front or rear faced? Do you want to breastfeed your baby? Are you looking for ergonomic comfort? 

All good questions and Ergobaby has the answer to every one of them. With four amazing choices, there is no wrong one you can make. All carriers come with cozy shoulder harnesses providing great ergonomic comfort, the possibility of nursing, and an UPF+50 protection for your precious one. Not to forget, the company offers free shipping too. 

If you need to carry another baby who is around the same weight as yours or even if you are a mum of twins, then a good hack for you would be tandem carrying. Tandem carrying is carrying two babies at the same time, in two different baby carriers. The Ergobaby carriers are great for that. 

You need to be mindful though that the baby on your back is able to sit up unassisted for you to back-carry them. It would be best to practice the back-carry before you attempt tandem-carry as this is not something for a beginner and it requires practice. Once you master the back-carry, tandem carrying is a good hack to have in your parenting kit. 

Conclusion on Double baby carriers for child

Having twins is having your joy doubled but it also means double the work. You will need to do everything twice when you ordinarily would have done just once. You need to feed, care for and yes, carry them both together more than you’d have possibly imagined. This is especially tough if you have limited help. Through the hard work of caring for them while little, twins do get double the joy, double the companionship and form strong bonds as they have spent so much time together since.

Babies bring great joy to our lives; and also a great responsibility. They need to be kept safe at all times. With the right double baby carriers, you know you are providing the best of both to your little ones. Take your babies along whenever and wherever you want to go, without the guilt of leaving them behind. 

We get it!  All new moms deserve a break and mums of twins, some extra brownie points. This list of the best twin baby carriers is hopefully just that for you. Don’t forget to enjoy your babies’ sweet contented smiles when you are carrying them around in these.  Trust us, when we tell you, you will get some semblance of your old life back.