Top 10 Fave Baby Toothbrushes Gentle On Baby Gums

Make brushing baby teeth easier with cute baby toothbrushes

Top 10 Fave Baby Toothbrushes Gentle On Baby Gums

Every child is different when it comes to growth, some may develop teeth just after 13-14 months while others may develop their teeth as early as 6 months. But all of them usually will have grown all set of milk teeth when 3-years old. So as a parent you should try and keep your child's teeth clean to prevent gum damages at an early stage like that may affect the health of the adult teeth.

Therefore, it is important to keep your child teeth healthy since they act as placeholders for adult teeth. And they also help your child chew and speak properly or clearly. So to help them grow healthy milk teeth you need to keep those teeth decay-free and clean.

This article will help you achieve that by using the following Top 10 Fave Baby Toothbrushes that are gentle on baby gums. what a better way to start your child oral health care using gentle and friendly toothbrushes. Therefore, let’s look at our top 10 picks with their reviews.

10 Best Baby Toothbrushes with reviews

Popular selections with parents

1. Baby Banana Toothbrush and Teether

Rating: 4.7 - ‎7,596 reviews

Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether, Yellow

Just by looking at this toothbrush, you are able to see how unique and cute it is to own one! It is specifically designed for infants of up to 12 months, well-shaped, appropriate-size and available in three colors such as yellow, blue and pink. A baby banana toothbrush is designed to be gentle and with the ability to reach every part of the teeth. Easy to use and zero pain thanks to the material used.

2. RADIUS Totz Toothbrush For 18 Months

Rating: 3.9 - ‎1,087 reviews

RADIUS Totz Toothbrush For 18 Months.

If you’ve got a kid or kids with sensitive teeth, then this will be an appropriate type of brush to buy for them. The toothbrush handles are BPA-free, bristles are vegetable based and it doesn't contain any lead, latex or phthalates that can affect your kid’s oral health. It is available in a set of three, doesn’t hurt child’s gums and is suitable for use by kids with at least 18 months of age.

3. Brusheez Children’s Electric Toothbrush

Rating: 4 - ‎738 reviews

Brusheez Children’s Electric Toothbrush.

Toddlers do hate brushing their teeth but with this type of toothbrush, it will make them enjoy the process. It comes with a cute rinse cup, a two minutes’ timer and a stand that holds everything, making it easier to use. It is available in four different animals designs and comes with a cover to keep everything clean.

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4. Jordan Step 1 Toothbrush

Rating: 4.5 - ‎379 reviews

Jordan Step 1 Toothbrush.

If you a looking for a comfortable and a more versatile toothbrush for your child, they will be the best choice to have. It is designed with large and pronounced grip with some textured plastic to aid holding and extremely soft bristles harmless to child’s gum. Helps to promote oral health for anyone up to the age of 2 years.

5. Brush-Baby BabySonic

Rating: 4.5 - ‎313 reviews

Brush-Baby BabySonic.

This is one of the best electric infant brush by Brush Baby so far. Brush-Baby has got a reputation of producing quality products and with this babysonic toothbrush, you can give your child better oral health. It uses a AAA battery, therefore, delivering 16,000 strokes per minute to the brush head while using it. Cleaning your child teeth and gums using this brush becomes easier due to the motion power from the brush.

It is suitable for newborn babies and right through 3 years of age. BabySonic has two different heads smaller 0-18 months old babies and bigger 18-36 months toddlers.

Finger Toothbrush for Infants

6. Summer Infant Finger Toothbrush with Case

Rating: 4.3 - ‎102 reviews

Summer Infant Finger Toothbrush with Case

Summer Infant Finger Toothbrush is a double-sided brush for gum massage and cleaning and it comes with a storage case. The softness of this brush is suitable to be used by kids with sore gums. This dual sided brush helps with teething when those baby’s teeth start to emerge.

7. Brilliant Baby Finger Toothbrush

Rating: 4.2 - ‎320 reviews

Brilliant Baby Finger Toothbrush.

Brilliant Baby Finger Toothbrush is a Teether brush and a silicon gum massager adored by many kids due to its gentleness. This brush enables you to clean the entire mouth by massaging bumps for sore gums, brushes the teeth with aid of soft bristles and cleans the tongue hence getting rid of plaque and bacteria for cavity protection.  It is mostly known as an oral massager and a teether.

8. NUK Infant Tooth and Gum Cleanser

Rating: 4 - ‎524 reviews

NUK Infant Tooth and Gum Cleanser.

This NUK’s cleanser is a bit different but most reliable as a toothbrush due to its extremely soft bristles. The cleanser may not have any handle, but it is hollow and you are supposed to wear it like a thimble by simply inserting your finger inside. This cleanser serves the role of the traditional toothbrush which can be used more comfortably in the sensitive parts of the gum.

9. The Brushies Finger Puppet Toothbrushes

 Rating: 4.4 - ‎23 reviews

Brushies Finger Puppet Toothbrushes

This brushies is a series of different finger toothbrush which is made from food grade silicon. The toothbrush fits perfectly into the parent’s finger covering the majority of the finger. It comes in different designs and colors to meet your preferred taste. You are given a storybook when you buy all set of a toothbrush or a single brush. The silicon will prevent your finger from pain when the child bites hence giving a pain-free bite.

10. Dr. Brown’s™ Finger Toothbrush

Rating: 4.4 - ‎109 reviews

Dr. Brown's Finger Toothbrush Set

Dr. Brown’s™ Finger Toothbrush cleans your child’s teeth gently without affecting his or her gums. Its suitable for sensitive gums since it is a super soft dual-sided brush that can give a gentle cleaning experience. It can be used with or without toothpaste and still deliver desirable results. This finger toothbrush comes with a storage case hence great for travel and it is BPA-free.

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Cute Toothbrush and Holder set

1. Excelity Cute Animal Child Kid Toothbrush Set with Toothbrush Rinse Cup and Holder (Giraffe)

Excelity Cute Animal Child Kid Toothbrush Rinse Cup and Holder (Giraffe)

Children can be hard to convince into brushing their teeth on regular basis, but with these types of cute toothbrush holder, they might be keen to brush their own teeth from hereon. This giraffe toothbrush holder is made up of high-quality plastic material, easy to clean and BPA-free and it comes with a cute rinse cup. Note that the toothbrush is not included in the purchase.

3. Mainstays Kids Woodland Creatures Resin Toothbrush Holder.

Mainstays Kids Woodland Creatures Resin Toothbrush Holder

This toothbrush holder is designed to have a sweet little hedgehog shape which is suitable for kids. It fits well with the woodland creatures collection by Mainstays kids and can be cleaned easily. It also provides a sense of bathroom styling due to its cute appearance.


It might be hard to maintain your child's oral health but finding the right toothbrush will lighten their moods while brushing would be the wisest thing to do. While searching for the appropriate toothbrush here are the things you should consider.

  • The type of color your kid loves.
  • If it is adorned with the animal design then it should properly be his or her favorite bet or animal, or you can let him choose from the available before buying
  • It should be BPA-free, lead-free and phthalate free.
  • The toothbrush bristles should be super smooth so as to be gentle and suitable for sensitive gums and teeth
  • Buy one that is suitable for their age range

With these points addressed, you can count on giving your child proper oral health care.