15 Best Toddler Outdoor Play Toys the Kids Absolutely Adore

Toddler outdoor play toys thats fun and easy to clean after play

By Michele
15 Best Toddler Outdoor Play Toys the Kids Absolutely Adore

Kids love to have fun; however, parents and wards prefer that they do it in controlled environments – under their watchful eyes! During the winter and spring seasons, children stay indoors a lot. When summer comes eventually, they begin to itch to go outside and experience the warm, friendly weather.

Best Toddler Outdoor Play Toys

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If you are a parent and you want your toddlers or children to play safely outdoors, we’ve got you covered. You can even join in the fun so there is no dull moment and no one gets bored at all. Stay with us, so you can find out the best outdoor toys to use, and we’ve been so nice to differentiate them depending on the kind of fun you want to have with those toys. 

1. Bubble Wand

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Amazon.com: Whatabubble portable giant bubble kit: Toys & Games

Children like making bubbles. They do this while brushing their teeth and having their bath in the morning. However, there is a wand which can be used to produce very large bubbles outdoors. It is called the big bubble wand. It consists of two wand handles, concentrates for the bubbles and a manual. It is very easy to clean. Just rinse the wands in soapy detergent water and then clean it with a dry rag.

2. Climber and Slide

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Amazon.com: Step2 Naturally Playful Woodland Climber - Kids Durable Plastic Slides and Climbers, Multicolor: Toys & Games

As the name implies, the kid climbs from one side of the toy and then slides down the other side. This particular outdoor toy always the child busy and thrilled, especially the part where he or she has to slide down after climbing. The toy is also very easy to clean up. A clean damp rag should be employed to clean it. after the toy is dry, a neutral polish spray can be applied to make it look shiny and attractive to the child.

3. Bright Watering Can

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Amazon.com : Burton & Burton 9727612 Tin Solid Color Bright Spring Watering Cans : Garden & Outdoor

If you want to imbibe the idea of conservation of our natural habitat to a child, this is the right tool to use. It is a toy that is used to water plants and vegetation around the house. Since toddlers are already thrilled by water, this tool only makes them enjoy it the more. To clean this up, it must be scrubbed with a sponge and a detergent. After which it can be left to dry off on its own.

Toddler Outdoor Sand Play Toys

4. Sandbox Vehicle Tractor and Truck

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Amazon.com: John Deere Sandbox Vehicle (2 Pack): Toys & Games

Toddlers are really thrilled with the idea of playing with sand. They like to make different shapes with the earth. This toy is ideal to achieve such purpose. The tractor and truck is suitable for children between the ages of 18 months to 6 years old. The idea is for the child to scoop up sand with the tractor and then dump it into the back of the truck just like construction workers do. They are both made of plastic and it is also very easy to clean. The tires are free rolling and will move freely on the sand.

5. Beach Toy Set

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Amazon.com: Beach Toy Set with Water Wheel Assorted 15 PC

This is another great outdoor toy to play with sand. Although it meant for the beach, the child can always bring the beach to the backyard with this set of toys. This toy kit consists of a bucket, rake, shovel, molds for different amphibious creatures like turtle, crocodile, alligator and crabs. It also has a watering can to make the sand damp before putting into the mold. With the mold, the child can automatically make the creature it represents. This toy is good for toddlers between the ages of about three years old.

Toddler Outdoor Water Play Toys

6. Kiddie Pool

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Amazon.com: Intex Kiddie Pool - Kid's Summer Sunset Glow Design - 58" x 13": Toys & Games

Children really love to play with water so it is only normal for us to start with a pool where they can settle in and really have fun. The pool can sit not only the toddlers but adults also, for supervisory purposes and to make sure the kids are safe. It can be kept in the backyard, deflated when not in use and inflated when in use. Water should just be added to it when it is inflated with a hose and then we are good to go!

7. Water Gun

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Amazon.com: SwimWays 12525 Tempest Water Gun: Toys & Games

Children watch movies and animations of their favorite superheroes attacking villains with guns and ammunition. They fantasize about it and also want to recreate such fantasies. They can try it out with water guns. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on what shooting effects the child wants. This outdoor toy keeps the kids on their toes as they also learn to be vigilant. This is because they do not want to be defeated by the “enemy”.

8. Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat

Amazon.com: Banzai 54in Diameter JxxWMY Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat, 5 Units: Wall Art

This toy is quite unique because you fill it up with water, the child sits on it and then from a carefully punctured duct, water begins to gush out like in a fountain. Trust me, the toddler won’t mind getting drenched with fun.

Toddler Outdoor Bubbles Play Toys

9. ELC Bubble Flora Fish

Amazon.com: ELC Freddy the Fish Bubble Machine: Toys & Games

This outdoor toy is very attractive to begin with. That’s the first thing that draws the children’s attention. It’s the replica of a big fish named flora. The mouth is so wide because that’s where the wands are and that’s where the bubbles come from. The battery and mixture for the bubble is sold separately for this toy, so do not forget to purchase that also. It’s very compact, easy to carry about and play with around the house.

10. Gazillion Bubbles Tornado Machine

Amazon.com: Gazillion Bubble Tornado Toy: Toys & Games

This attractive toy comes with a green body and a blue base, so you can easily say is for boys – but well, girls can use It also. This bubble maker is ideal for toddlers from three years upwards. This toy comes with its own solution but you would have to buy the battery separately. Just set it down and let the tornado work its magic to thrill your kids.  

11. Bubble-Blowing Frog Lawnmower

Amazon.com: Pausseo Fun Frogs Figure Toys,Automatic Bubble Machine Blower Maker

This toy has a blend of green and yellow plastic body. It is a bubble maker and also doubles as a walker. That’s the child using one stone to kill two birds. The toy makes bubble as it is being pushed so this will make the child walk, making him or her fit and strong at the same time. We strongly recommend this toy because of what the kid stands to gain. 

Toddler Scooters

12. Fisher-Price Smart Scooter

Amazon.com: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Scooter: Toys & Games

This scooter looks more like a mock vesper. For it to move, the toddler will actually have to propel it with his or her legs, thereby making the torso of the child much stronger. It’s so wonderful that it also plays children songs and it is educational because it recites alphabets and numbers for the child to learn.

13. Micro Mini Kick Scooter

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Micro Mini Kick Scooter - Pink: Amazon.ca: Sports & Outdoors

This Swiss-designed surfboard is ideal for toddlers from the ages of 2 to 5 years old. The basic idea of scooters is for the kids to learn how to maintain balance while riding because they will have to turn left and right – shifting their weight in the process. This toddler scooter has two wheels in front and one at the rear. This helps for better balance as the child moves forward. 

Backyard Play Toys

14. Sumo Bumper Boppers

Amazon.com : Big Time Toys Sumo Bumper Bopper : Toys & Games

Whether you like it or not, this toy has to be used in the backyard where there would be ample space to operate in. First, a large circle is drawn on the ground and then the kids bump into each other hard enough until one is outside the circle. The one in the circle ends up being the winner. Through the bump and the fall, the child is protected because of the stuff the bump is made of. So do not fret, parents!

15. Mount McKinley Cedar Wood Swing Set

Amazon.com: Backyard Discovery Mount McKinley All Cedar Wood Swing Set: Toys & Games

Trust me, your child will get almost all the fun with this backyard toy. The accessories are: two strong and standard swings, a ladder, a rope ladder, a rock climbing wall, long slide, and a swing trapeze bar. In this unit, the toddler will get all the fun he or she needs. Since it comes dismantled in the pack, you might need to hire an expert to assemble and install it in the backyard for the toddlers to start using. It is strong and durable and is made up of cedar wood. 


It is important to note that the toy to get depends on the indulgence of the child or what he likes to play with. Some toddlers prefer sand to water, while others prefer outdoor to outdoor. I hope that this guide has gone a long way to helping you decide on the outdoor toy to get for your toddler.