Find Out Which is the Most Comfortable Prams for Newborns

Parents speak up on the most comfortable pram for newborns 2018

By eronsalexander
Find Out Which is the Most Comfortable Prams for Newborns : Britax B-Safe Ultra Cool Flow Infant Car Seat, Grey : Baby

2018 is gradually drawing to a close but parents are still on the lookout for the best Prams for their little ones. Even expectant moms and dads are not left out as they seek to put everything in place to make sure that their about to be born babies have all the safety gadgets they need to make a peaceful and safe transition into life. If as adults, we all can afford to use our own cars, vans and bikes, our little sweethearts also deserve their own miniature vehicles for comfortable navigation.

Prams are also referred to as assistive technology equipment and they provide parents with a means of transporting their infants comfortably without expending too much energy in the process. Prams make it very easy to stroll with your baby under calm weather without exposing him to uncomfortable weather elements. In 2018, Pram manufacturers keep seeking out ways to undo each other by providing products with fantastic features that provide comfort to infants. Some of the most comfortable Prams and Strollers out on the open market include but not limited to Britax Affinity, Baby Style Oyster, Silver Cross Wayfarer, Icandy Peach, Baby Jogger, City Premier, Joie Chrome and Venici Gusto to mention a few. That’s quite a long list isn’t it? But there are lots more from where those come from but the beauty of having so many options is that they broaden your choices when it comes to picking an appropriate Pram for your baby.

If you are planning to buy a Pram for your child very soon, you should consider a few of these points highlighted below.

1. Flexible Wheels

Pushing your baby as you walk along is similar to pushing a shopping cart but the former is a lot more delicate when compared to pushing groceries. Just make sure the wheels of the Pram you are about to purchase is in good condition. If the wheels don’t work well because they are stiff, your arms will become sore after a short distance because you would have to expend so much effort to push.

2. Adjustable Features

Your little one isn’t going to remain small forever as you know but some babies just grow into little giants faster than you are able to change their clothes or diapers. If you don’t wish to buy more than one Pram during your infant’s tender years, you will have to go for one with adjustable features.  These types of Prams can be adjusted to fit your baby’s size as He grows bigger.

3. Foldable Frames

You may also want to consider buying a Pram with foldable frames. They are quite useful when you are living home without a vehicle. Should you no longer have any need for it for a short while, you can fold it and keep them away until when next you need it. These types of Prams are very easy to handle.

2018 Most Comfortable Prams with Cushions

Having noted some of the above details, some parents prefer to buy prams and attached cushions for better baby comfort. I am sure you love your little darling too much to have him feeling sore all over due to lying on one for a long time. If you want to buy a cushioned pram, this is the combination that we would high recommend!

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller In Onyx : Tandem Strollers : Baby

After reviewing so many prams, this Baby Jogger fits the bill. It is very versatile, easy to fold and keep for transport and to keep. 

Firstly, the bag section is plentiful and moms can put their baby stuff at the bottom without worrying on the pram topping over to a side. Secondly, it has a great maneuvering function with durable tires. Overall, this pram has excellent reviews from parents themselves to validate the quality and worth of the price of this pram!

Baby Breathable 3-Dimensional Air Mesh Organic Cotton Seat Pad Liner for Stroller Baby Breathable 3-Dimensional Air Mesh Organic Cotton Seat Pad Liner for Stroller & Car Seat StarDream Grey: Baby

Add this pad liner and you will get the best combination for prams with cushion. This independent liner is light weight and easy to add on to the pram, without adding significant weight. It is made of organic cotton, reducing any chance of rashes especially during long duration in the pram. Also, it is machine washable and easy to clean. 

The head pillow is the key feature, with many reviews from parents praising the ergo function and keeping their little one comfortable with this liner.

What Parents Should look out for in Stollers for Newborns

As far as strollers go, the idea is to find an assistive transport device that makes mobility quite easy without putting your child at risk in any way. Manufacturers put in a lot of thought in designing comfortable systems for babies but as a parent, you should also do your own homework in ensuring that whatever it is you are buying for your child is one that guarantees the greatest level of comfort and safety.

Buying for your baby should be done with a whole lot of care and observation. Babies don’t talk so you have to put yourself in their shoes and make sure you are buying items and products that serve them well.

Here are things to look out for when buying strollers for your newborn.

1. Reclining Strollers

Infants can’t hold up their heads because their system is still to frail to support their position all on their own. When buying a stroller, one of the first thing to look out for is to see if it reclines. This is an important feature to have when your newborn grows older and want to start observing the surroundings. A reclining stroller will make the child comfortable and well settled when in motion.

2. Quality Wheels

The wheels of the stroller should also be in very good condition. Make sure that the wheels move in perfect alignment and don’t make squeaky sounds when in motion. Good wheels will make maneuvering easy especially in crowded locations where moving the stroller in a straight direction may not be possible.

3. Strong Frame and Comfortable foot rest

The frame is another thing to look at very closely. It should also have a footrest where the child can place his foot comfortably.

4. Functional Breaks

Parents are advised never to buy prams without breaks. Relying on your ability to stop motion by hand can be very disadvantageous in extreme cases of close calls. When buying a Pram, make sure that it has at least one parking break and make sure that the brake actually works.

5. Instructional Manual

Before you commence usage, you should endeavor to read the manufacturer’s instructions so as to get the best results out of the equipment.

6. No Sharp Edges or Tubes

Sharp edges or tubes can pose a risk to the baby so you need to keep a close eye on this detail. Babies are curious in nature and will touch anything they can place their hands on. Make sure that there aren’t sharp edges or holes where your baby may stick a finger into. Checking for holes shouldn’t be limited to the first time you buy the Stroller, rather it is something that you should do regularly for as long as you use it.

Finally, make sure that removable accessories and items are fastened securely so they don’t fall off when stroller is in motion.

Safety tips and habits to take note

Besides knowing about the things to look out for when buying strollers for newborns, parents also need to imbibe some safety tips and habits as well.

1. Constant Supervision

No parent will want to leave their newborn untended but sometimes we tend to switch off even if it is for a minute if we feel that our child is comfortable. Your baby may feel at peace in her luxurious manual automobile but you also need to keep an eagle eye on him at all times. The only time you can afford to switch off is the split seconds it takes to blink your eyes.

2. Check the Harness

Every time you place your baby in the Stroller, make sure that you check the harness to make sure it is properly secured.

3. Don’t Hang Bags or Items

We sometimes find embarrassed moms and dads rushing to quickly rescue their infants from strollers that tip over. To avoid this unfortunate embarrassment, do not hang bags or items on the Stroller. The stroller is for your baby alone and not to be used as objects for your own convenience.

4. Avoid Stairs and Escalators

Avoid placing your baby in one if you have to use a stair or escalators. If you must use them, its best to hold your baby by hand.


Prams and strollers, makes it easy to move your baby from place to place without causing the infant any kind of discomfort. You can enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery and so will your child if you deploy one for transportation. Just make sure that you read the user manual before you start using one and imbibe the safety precautions highlighted in this piece and you and your baby will be fine.