The best portable changing pad that all moms swear by

Travel around easy with these portable changing pads 2018

By Tess
The best portable changing pad that all moms swear by

What is a changing pad?

Your baby will be fully dependent on you for everything. This includes facing the inevitable task of cleaning up of his poop. A diaper will help to hold and secure the poop in it but you still have to need an area to open it up, dispose of the diaper, clean up your baby's bum and put on new diapers for him. 

This is where the changing pad comes in handy. It protects your baby from touching other surfaces of your house or when outside, prevent leaks from spilling everywhere at home and tinting your expensive furniture.

Source: : Baby Portable Changing Pad, Diaper Bag, Travel Mat Station, Grey Compact : Baby

A changing pad might not be the foremost thing to think about while considering baby products, but it is one that is going to be the most important in the initial years of your baby. You need something that is comfortable and safe for the baby and doesn’t make too much of a mess while you’re using it.

Here are the three most talked about types of changing pads that you can buy.

Clutch style changing pads : JJ Cole Changing Clutch, Gray Heather : Baby

A clutch style changing pad is the most compact, and arguably the most fashionable changing pad for your baby. It folds just as a clutch bag would, and you can hang it from your shoulder to carry it easily. The portability, combined with the style, is what makes this kind of changing pad a top choice to consider.

Other Types of Changing Pads

2. Standard Diaper Pad : Rumble Tuff 4-Sided Original Contour Changing Pad - Compact : Baby

This type is just like a mini-mattress for your baby. It features to work only for the diaper changing time. It can fit with any standard changing table or can be used separately on any surface.

Just like a mattress, it can be used with a changing pad cover to prevent leakage and stains. Just as in a bed, you can simply change the cover when it gets dirty.

3. Disposable Diaper Changing Pad A World Of Deals Disposable Blue Underpad 23 X 36, 150/Case: Industrial & Scientific

These exist for your comfort. Since they are disposable, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess. Simply screw the pad up, and throw it away into the trash. These can make baby cleaning a not so messy task that we all think it’s meant to be

2018 Best Portable Changing Pad

1. MAMAN Portable Changing Pad Station : MAMAN Portable Changing Pad Station - Waterproof Cushioned Diaper Changing Mat Organizer for Baby Boys and Girls : Baby

The MAMAN Portable Changing Pad Station is a stylish, portable and lightweight changing station. It can fold as a clutch purse, with separate compartments for items such as wipes, diapers and creams. When folded it looks like a regular clutch purse that you can hang from your shoulder. 

It unfolds to disclose a full-sized cushion-pad. It includes a cushioned pad for the baby’s head. If there’s the appalling task of changing the baby’s clothes on the floor. This is also waterproof and super easy to clean. And as an added luxury, the changing pad can be detached to be used just separately.

2. Arm and Hammer Disposable Changing Pad : Munchkin Arm and Hammer Disposable Changing Pad, 10 Count : Diaper Changing Pad Covers : Baby

Since diaper bags can get heavy with all the stuff that the baby needs when you’re traveling, a bulky changing pad will only worsen your problems. So if you’re someone who has to travel a lot, especially with the baby, then this Arm and Hammer changing pad by Munchkin is your solution. 

Not only do these effectively absorb spillage, but their back is also lined with plastic to prevent from liquids and other baby mess from soaking through to the surface below. 

The most striking feature about these is that they come in with built-in odor protection, and can counter bad smells effectively. This feature comes in handy when you don’t see a trash can around and have to stuff the pad back into the diaper bag.

3. Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad: Baby

The Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad is super-safe, easy to use and extremely comfortable for the baby. It is quilted and covered with a double vinyl layer that is easy to wipe. 

It comes with two straps, a safety strap to keep a baby a safe, and a second security strap that can be tied to a table that keeps the pad steady. 


You’re going to absolutely love the material and the build quality on this thing. It’s lightweight yet strong, and you can use the Universal disposable covers with ease with this product. 

This is best to keep in the car for travel use. While it is lightweight, it does take up space and will not be easy to carry if you are on the go in a stroller or a baby carrier, so do take note. 

4. Crystal Baby Smile Portable Changing Pad : Crystal Baby Smile Portable Changing Pad - Diaper Clutch - Lightweight Travel Station Kit for Baby Diapering - Entirely Padded, Detachable and Wipeable Mat - Mesh and Zippered Pockets - Gray Dots : Baby

With 4.5 stars in Amazon, this portable changing pad must be doing the right thing. With a detachable, waterproof padded changing mat, it is easy to clean, padded for the baby's comfort. With storage provided, it can hold diapers, baby wipes and be an all in one package for traveling. It is designed in as a lightweight clutch bag style and really suitable for traveling uses.

5. Skip Hop Baby Pronto Portable Changing Station : Skip Hop Baby Pronto Portable Changing Station with Cushioned Changing Mat and Wipes Case, 3 Pockets, Chevron : Portable Diaper Changing Pads : Baby

The Skiphop is another great portable changing pad that makes the routine of cleaning the baby a not-so-dirty business. The changing pad is easy to clean by just wiping, so it’s always ready for another diaper change.

You can clip the portable changing pad on the stroller or just slot it in the bag. With super wide space of 23.5l x 21.75w in inches, it gives plenty of space for the baby to move about within the area.

6. Aden and Anais

Portable Changing Pad, by Aden + Anais

This changing pad is 100% cotton muslin which brings the softness and durability from the material. It is machine washable and parents have claimed that the material gets softer after every wash, making it even more comfortable for the little one.

How to clean the changing pad

No matter how much you wipe the pad, it’s going to get infected with all kinds of germs. So as a safety precaution, once in every few days, you should thoroughly clean the changing pad.

For a complete cleaning routine, you should first clean the pad with a warm water and some mild detergent, to get smells and possible stains off it. If you want to disinfect the pad, which is going to be very necessary if the baby has had diarrhea or any other disease, you should make up a solution by taking one tablespoon of bleach in a quart of water, and with that solution, soak a cloth and wipe it across the changing pad. Keep the baby away from the beach for safety and keep windows open for proper ventilation.

Another approach to keep the pad clean is to use removable covers and wash them in hot water.

Daily changing pad cleaning - Natural Recipe

Adapted from DIY natural, this is a natural cleaning spray for daily wiping of the changing pad. It can be used for your baby's toys!

  • 1 cup distilled white vinegar
  • 1 cup distilled water
  • 30 drops lavender/ lemon essential oil for antiseptic properties

Thorough changing pad cleaning

  1. Buy changing pad with removable covers
  2. Wash covers in hot water.
  3. Wipe changing pad thoroughly with baby wipes or natural wipes
  4. Wipe the area around where the changing pad is placed in.


There are a lot of choices in the market when it comes to choosing the best changing pad for you baby, and here we have tried to bring you some of the best choices available for you and your baby.

Taking care of your baby is a very sensitive task, and no matter what, you should always make an informed and a well-thought decision because the little one’s health always comes first. You have to take some time to think about which changing pad suits you best. You will have to look into the comfort, the ease and the price of each product and compare them to make the best decision.

Keep your baby healthy and clean!​​​​​​​