10 techie baby accessories that you should own in your house

High-tech baby accessories that gives so much hype to your house

By Aey
10 techie baby accessories that you should own in your house

A lot of preparation goes into preparing for and welcoming a newborn into this world. Parents spend thousands of dollars getting all the things that would make their parenting experience easy and comfortable. They also want the best for their newborn and therefore they invest large amounts of money in getting their baby all essentials and non-essentials.

Especially in this day and age, when technology has made everything accessible and easy, it has also infiltrated the baby market and made parenting easier by introducing high tech baby accessories. From baby monitors to baby cams, bottle warmers to bottle suspenders, the list of accessories is long and each year this list gets longer. To top it up, mobile applications can also be bought at the app play store to monitor your baby and many other innovative developments have been introduced.

Since everyone is delving into this baby accessory hype, many parents are now always on the lookout for new and advanced accessories that would make parenting easier. In this article, we will explore the various accessories and gadgets that have recently infiltrated the market and are popular among different users and for different purposes. I hope that it will educate the reader in choosing the best accessory for their newborns.

Newborn baby girl and boy accessories

1. The Baby Shusher- Sleep Machine

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Putting a baby to bed can be a pain for new parents. Especially if your newborn wakes up frequently at night then having to wake up and soothe the baby can leave the parents exhausted. The Baby Shusher is a way out for parents who are tired of waking up and shushing their baby back to sleep. This amazing gadget recreates soothing sounds of the womb to calm the baby down and put him back to sleep. This device comes with a charger, is wireless and portable and can be used anywhere. The $34 device is totally worth the investment and is a great help for new mothers.

2. Pocket Nanny

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New mothers often have a hard time dealing with babies. Whether it’s managing their baby’s schedules or their own sleep schedules, welcoming a newborn can be overwhelming for most parents. The Pocket nanny personal baby care timer is specially designed for mothers who are new to raising children or hardly get any sleep, to keep track of their baby’s schedule or are working. The monitor allows you to track and time nursing times, sleep time, and diaper changes. It also comes with a timer clock and a night light to help you navigate your way into your baby’s room without much fuss.

Baby accessories for car

3. Child Minder Smart Clip System

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The safety of your baby is epitome when in the car and should not be taken for granted. Babies are vulnerable and therefore it is important that they are well strapped and tucked safely in their baby seat. The ChildMinder Smart clip system is a portable and advanced technology which ensures baby safety in the car seat. All you need to do is adjust the clip on the baby’s car seat strap and if the strap unplugs by mistake the smart system will notify you. This $80 device also has an inbuilt alarm system which goes off if you move 15 feet away from the baby, therefore, eliminating any chance of forgetting your baby in the car.

4. Portable Diaper Pad

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Traveling with a baby on board can be challenging for the parents and especially so if it's a long trip, then being prepared for the worst possible scenario is a must. While most toilets do have a diaper changing station, sometimes they just aren’t adequate or enough. The portable diaper Pad allows you to travel easily with your baby without the worry of changing diapers in unsanitary places. The diaper pad allows you to have your very own portable changing the station and is easy to carry and manage. It can be washed and reused, the prices may range from $8 to $20 depending on the brand and quality of the product.

5. Sunshade

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A very simple but important accessory that every parent should have in their car for their baby is a sunshade for their baby’s windows. Babies are vulnerable and their skin is sensitive and more susceptible to sunburns or being damaged by sunlight. Therefore it is important that you have a Sunshade for your baby in the car. You can find a good sunshade for only $10 to $15 and this will be easily attachable to your car’s window. In case you change cars you can detach and put it in the new car easily. The sunshade will keep the sun off your baby and let him snooze better in the car as well.

Baby accessories for dads

6. Why Cry Mini

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While it might be wrong to generalize men when coming to baby care but let’s admit it, fathers do need more help than mothers to take care of babies. That’s why accessories and gadgets exist to make the life of parents easier and for fathers and mothers to better understand their child. The Why Cry Mini is an extraordinary device specially designed for new parents which help parents understand why their baby is crying. It has five settings sleepy, bored, stressed, hungry and annoyed. So next time you are alone with your baby and your baby cries and you don’t have your wife around to help you out, be sure to use this $70 monitor to understand your baby.

7. The Skip Hop Nightlight Soother Moonlight and Melodies

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If your wife is working late or asleep or for some reason is not around to take care of your baby and you are left alone with the little munchkin on your own for the night then fear not! The Skip Hop nightlight soother is the ultimate solution for the new dad and the lazy dad. This amazing technology has numerous lullabies and tunes to sing and calm down your baby to sleep. You won’t have to stand near the crib for hours or have any pressure to sing for the little one. All you need to do is plug in this cute $40 device and it will transport your baby to dreamland.

Designer baby accessories

8. Diamond Pacifier

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Who doesn’t love diamonds and now your babies do too. As baby fashion becomes all the rage, parents are willing to spend more and more on their baby’s and children’s clothes, accessories, shoes, and looks. While almost all major high-end brands have a baby line, now, people in Hollywood are also getting customized pacifiers made to add bling to their wardrobe. Yes, Diamond Pacifiers are a thing and you can get a hold of one for $17,000 for 3 carats worth of diamonds from Amazon. Hey, after all, if you have money then, even if your baby is hurling puke he can always do it with diamonds around.   

9. Gucci baby Changing Bag

Source: Gucci.com

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Who doesn’t love a Gucci bag and if you are a new mom who can go all out to make sure that your baby is brand savvy then the Gucci brown star print baby changing bag with a laptop pocket is your go-to buy. The bag is stylish savvy and will compliment you and your baby’s posh wardrobe. The laptop pocket will allow you to keep your work near your baby’s things and manage it all in high-end style. The bag which is worth $1,300 is specially designed and made in Italy with the finest of leather and material to keep the pacifiers and bottles snug.

10. Aston Martin Stroller

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A stroller is a must have for any new parent and if you have got the money then a good stroller which offers James Bond exclusivity, style and well is probably unique because very few are likely to buy it or can afford to buy it is the Aston Martin stroller. The chic three-wheel stroller with a nice black and grey steel exterior is worth about $3K but is totally worth the investment if you are raising the future James Bond. The brand promises unmistakable design, unbeatable safety and are ultra-lightweight and easy to maneuver. We wouldn’t expect any less from Aston Martin.


Baby accessories are a new trend which is only getting bigger and bigger by the day. As technology becomes more advanced and life becomes fast-paced, parents look for easy solutions to help raise their babies and to make parenting easier. While nannies would do the job in the past now accessories have made this job easy for parents who can’t afford help. Whether its accessories to make your baby sleep, travel better or just to make him stand out in the crowd, the consumer world offers it all. So delve into the high tech accessories and gadget world and make parenting easy for yourself.