8 Best Baby Activity Mats To Get From Amazon, Walmart And Best Buy

Highly reviewed activity mats from Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart.

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8 Best Baby Activity Mats To Get From Amazon, Walmart And Best Buy

What is an Activity Mat?

The baby activity mat, also known as the baby play gym or play mat is your infant’s best source of development and activity after the first few months of their birth. A baby activity mat provides a clean space for the baby to lounge on the ground, develop their sensory skills, and practice tummy time. Their time spent on the play mat will help them experience their surroundings on their own and without the constant supervision of an adult.

These mats are an important tool for neck-strengthening and core-shaping of your infant. This way they progress faster towards developing motion skills and their time spent on the mat allows you to do your chores and keep an eye on your baby at the same time.

There are many different types of baby activity mats available on the market. The Amazon market, the Walmart stores, and the exclusive collection of baby activity mats on Best Baby are some of the best places to purchase activity mats for your infant. But before we review the best products these markets have in store for us, let’s learn a little about a few different types of activity mats.

Foam Activity Mat

The foam activity mat is made from XPE material. These mats are soft in texture, easily foldable, odorless, and non-toxic. A foam activity mat is anti-microbial and hypoallergenic, so it keeps your baby safe from pests and pathogenic microbes.

The foaming activity mats are a product of convenience and reliability for parents because they do not take long to clean at all. Wipe away the mess with a wet washcloth and you are done! The filmed surface of the mat makes it water resistant, which is why anything that spills on it does not seep into the layers of the mat, but remains on the surface and is wiped away.

Activity Floor Mat

Activity floor mats are different from play mats in the sense that they do not come attached to toys for your infant.  These mats are made from pull-apart tiles which are easy to replace when needed.

Baby floor mats encourage your kids to crawl, roll, and sit up by providing them with a safe, soft and cushioned floor surface. Kids spending long hours on floor mats are usually faster than other kids when it comes to their development and learning to crawl and walk. Like foam mats, these mats are waterproof and super easy to clean. They act as a great insulator for all types of floor surfaces and reduce noise due to their absorption property.

Best 8 Baby Activity Mats

We've listed down the 8 best baby activity mats you can buy on the market today.


1. Little Nomad Roam Free Floor Mat

Little Nomad Baby Foam Play Mat

Little Nomad Roam Free Floor Mats are at the top of our list of the best 8 baby activity mats owing to their beautiful patterns, elegant style, and soft colors. These exquisite seamless baby activity mats are available in blue, rose, grey, and beige colors. These mats look like real rugs and fit right in with your house décor due to their mellow colors and sophisticated design.

With the little Nomad Roam Free Floor Mats, you can now make your infants play space elegant and tasteful with intricate patterns and light colors. These baby activity mats are 4 Ft x 6 Ft in size and are perfect for your infant to roll, crawl, and play on them for long hours while you busy yourself with household jobs.

The Little Nomad baby activity mats are made from EVA foam, which has been tested for its premium quality and standard. These mats are non-toxic in nature and are CPSC approved. They are waterproof and you can easily clean them with mild soap and water.

2. Spark Create Imagine Alphabet Play Mat

Spark Create Imagine Alphabet Play Mat

Spark your child’s imagination and start their learning process by Spark Create Imagine Alphabet Play Mat. These mats have a combination of bold colors, vibrant design, and are suitable for kids that are two years of age or older. The brightly colored pieces of this baby activity mat can be fitted together. Your children can read the alphabet printed on these pieces and play with the popped out pieces for hours all the while engaging in a thorough self-learning process.

These interactive play mat pieces encourage sensory development in your children and improve their interaction and communication skills at an age where these qualities will be thoroughly ingrained in them.

3. Brilliant Beginnings Safari Play Mat


The Brilliant Beginnings baby activity mat is a vibrant baby activity mat. This colorful play mat has bold and intriguing jungle patterns accompanied by cute toy animals that can engage your children in playful activity for long hours.

The five colorful and quirky toys accompanied by a soft and cushiony mother and baby elephant pillow make Brilliant Beginnings Safari Play one of the most versatile and best-selling play mats on the market. The interactive toys stimulate the sensory development of your child while their different textures encourage curiosity and exploration. The repositionable toys operate with 2AAA batteries that are included in your purchase. The mat can be easily folded and carried from one place to another.


4. Tadpoles ABC Foam Play Mat Set

Tadpoles ABC Foam Play Mat Set

The Tadpoles ABC Foam Play Mat Set encourages your child’s learning process with bold imprints of alphabets and numbers that your child can easily memorize. This play mat set consists of foam play mat pieces with a soft and cushiony feel to them that your baby can spend hours on playing, rolling, engaging in different activities, and learning.

This baby activity mat set is simple and easy to assemble and can be placed anywhere from your kitchen or bedroom to the basement and garage. So, you can keep an eye on the baby while you continue with your chores. Made from EVA foam, this baby activity mat is easy to clean.

5. Bright Starts Tummy Time Activity Mat

Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop & Play Activity Mat

Is it tummy time yet? If it is, then get ready to roll out the Bright Stars baby activity mat for your baby. This activity mat is super soft, cozy, and the matching pillow makes it one of the favorites on the market.

Your baby can wiggle, roll, and crawl on the grizzly bear baby activity mat, and enjoy playtime on a soft and comfortable play mat. The padded and cushiony surface of the play mat facilitates your child’s motion development and the many props keep them engaged for long hours. 

6. Costway 3 in 1 Multifunctional Baby Activity Gym Play Mat

Costway 3 In 1 Multifunctional Baby Infant Activity Gym

This Costway activity mat is the third priciest product on this list. The soft and cozy surface of the mat provides your child with a comfortable space to play and spend their time engaging in different activities. This multi-mode baby activity mat is colorful and vibrant with toy bars that have five detachable take-along toys hanging from them.

This play mat is environmentally friendly and non-toxic which means it is safe and secure for your child. This activity mat has an ideal surface for a baby’s crawl and the soft material of the play mat does not cause any infectious or inflammatory reactions on your baby’s soft and sensitive skin. 

Best Buy

7. Kidicomfort Foldable Teepee Floor Mat

Kidicomfort Foldable Teepee Floor Mat

The soft padding and smooth breathable material of the floor mat are the epitomai of comfort living when it comes to baby activity mats. This Kid comfort activity mat is one of the best sellers on the market. The soft cotton twill material of the cover makes it super comfortable for your child. The cover is easily washable in a washing machine and the mat can be folded in half to be carried around.

8. BabyCare Gym Mat

BabyCare Gym Mat

The BabyCare gym mat is the priciest baby activity mat on this list. Its thickness can withstand shock and the high-density PE foam makes this mat luxuriously comfortable. On this play mat, your child will be safe from any and all injuries and will have a wonderful time engaging in different activities while cozied up in the plush folding of the BabyCare Gym Mat.

The soft and mellow pastel color makes this mat extremely comfortable for kids and enriches their development. Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties make this mat safe and clean for your child, and the waterproof surface of the mat makes it very easy to wipe off and clean.

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The products listed above are some of the best-selling, highly reviewed baby activity mats available on the market. Visit the above mentioned online stores and choose the best baby activity mat for your child!