The best brands to get premature baby clothes

Where can you get clothes for tiny size premature baby?

By Rosemary Zenith
The best brands to get premature baby clothes

Welcoming preemies into your life

Babies are a little bundle of joy to us. They are so delicate and sensitive that it takes a lot of courage and preparation for new parents to take care of them. Although all babies are very fragile, premature babies are the very sensitive ones and require a lot of attention after they are born.

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Starting from these sensitive times to the sudden arrival of the baby, parents need to look for clothes that fit the little body. Thankfully, there are expert places available on social media and physical supermarkets that specializes in preemie clothing. 

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About premature babies

Before going into details about the clothes, let us first know some basic information about premature babies. Technically, babies who are born before 37 weeks of their due time are called preemies. According to March of Dimes, “About 1 in 10 babies is born prematurely each year in the United States.” 

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The earlier the baby is born, the more health issues it might face. Due to the ultra-sensitivity, the baby is kept in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for close observation for a few days. The baby is considered out of danger after it weighs above 4lbs. Babies need to be able to breathe and provide warmth to the body by themselves.

It is highly advisable for parents of a preemie to stay in touch with the doctor constantly and follow up the routine tests.  

Buying tiny baby clothes by size and weight

For preemies, you need to look for clothes that are sized 00000. This is a very small size and fits for babies who are below 4lbs. It is highly essential to buy clothes according to the size but does not go overboard with the purchasing. As babies tend to grow fast, you might require a set of different sized clothes in a short span of time.

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Try avoiding designer clothes and full bodysuits. Although they require the extra warmth to stay healthy, it is unwise to dress them up in designer clothes or clothes without an open-back as you might need to change their diapers often or take them up for check-ups.

What is available for preemies at Marks and Spencer?

Marks and Spencer, also known as M&S, have been operating as a global retail market since 1884. The company is well-known for its food and clothing items. M&S has a variety of baby clothes for the preemies. You will find clothes for babies who are below 4lbs easily here. They have options for babies weighing 2lbs, 3lbs, 4lbs and so on.

They provide cottonwear baby clothes that will help your baby grow comfortably. You will find bodysuits, sleepsuits, onesies, hats and mittens, and so on. They have sets of three or five bodysuits for preemies as well. You can choose the colour too from the options.

Here are some top choices which are available in the size 3lbs and 4lbs that you can look into:

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1. Premature Pure Cotton Bodysuits (3 Pack)

These purely cotton 3 Pack Premature Pure Cotton Bodysuits will comfort your little baby. M&S has designed them to be of chafe-free seams with the quality to unfasten to be completely flat. It is sleeveless and comes in white, pink and white-pink stripes set.

The bodysuit set will be available for $13.00.

2. Pure Cotton Premature Jersey Jacket

Pure Cotton Premature Jersey Jacket adorably cute jersey jacket comes in various colours for your preemie. It is soft and purely cotton made and offers Velcro fastenings and flat seams to stop rubbing or irritation.

You can purchase this for $17.00.

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3. Premature Hat & Mittens Set (4 Piece)

Full of energetic colors, these 4 Piece Premature Hat & Mittens Set are perfect to keep your small baby warm and cozy. They are made from super soft cotton without any harmful chemicals in the dye.

Grab this set for $10.00 from the M&S store.

A list of physical stores you can shop for premature baby clothes directly

We know how unsure some of you are while purchasing from an online store. You worry about the quality and not to mention the proper size fit for those tiny bodies. Choosing a product online and receiving a complete different item is not uncommon. However, it is not necessary to be look for preemie clothes only from online retailers.

You can try the physical stores available at your locality that are specialized for premature baby clothes. We have mentioned top 5 of the physical preemie clothe shops in the USA to save you some time.

Source: Walmart/ Facebook


Carter’s is a well-known retail clothing brand that sells unique premature baby clothes. You will find various options for bodysuits, onesies, hats, and mittens to choose from. The usual preemie clothes like the bodysuits will cost you around $14 and the onesies can cost you up to $18, depending on the design. Most of the products are made from pure cotton and are very comfortable for the preemies. You can also purchase sets of onesies or bodysuits for $15 to save some cash.

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2. Gap

Gap is another well-celebrated retailer shop in the USA who are known for their quality baby clothes. You can find varieties of bodysuits that start from $14 and many onesies to choose from within $40. They also have preemie pants and tops as well as onesies sets. You can also buy hats, mittens, socks, bibs from this store. For summer and winter, the shop has organic options for you anyway.

3. Walmart

Those of you living in the USA are very well familiar with Walmart. The retail shop has tons of options for your preemie. Starting from onesies to full top to bottom sets, everything is available here for you. The prices can start from $5 and can go up to $50 depending on the brand and clothe type.

4. Nurture Place Preemie Clothes Mart

Nurture Place Preemie Clothes Mart is a shop situated in Ohio. They specialize in micro preemie and preemie clothes. You can choose from dresses, onesies, nightwear, hats and mittens, shoes from this store. They have many colour choices for you. The top and bottom set will cost you around $22 and the onesies will cost around $5. They have cute bodysuits too which are not more than $15.

Source: Carter's/ Facebook

5. Janie and Jack

Situated in California, Janie and Jack has many local shops around the city. You can find bodysuits, dresses, nightwear for preemies according to the season. They have new arrivals coming in summer, fall, and winter to bring variety in their collection. The bodysuits will cost you around $20 but the onesies are a little reasonable. They have cotton made preemie clothes that have many color options to choose from.

6. Lively Kids

Based in Massachusetts, Lively Kids has many preemie clothes options for you. They have onesies, bodysuits, shoes and other clothing options for your baby. The clothes will cost you around $15-$25 each. You can check their Facebook page for options or go directly to the shop for a better experience.

7. Jacqui’s Preemie Pride

Jacqui’s Preemie Pride based in Maryland has specialized designs for your premature baby. They have pure cotton made snuggler wrap sets, onesies, bodysuits, socks, gown sets and so on. The snuggler wraps are around $19 and the bodysuits are not more than $25. If you purchase them as sets then it might cost you around $40.


Premature babies require a lot of attention and special caring. They are so little and sensitive that going for something other than organic fabric might cause irritation. It is very necessary to keep them under observation for sometime before buying a bunch of clothes for them. Ask the doctor before buying the clothes and that will save you more money and the hassle of irritating your baby’s skin.

Source: Cinders Cottage Knits/ Facebook

We hope this article was helpful to you. If you find going to physical shops is a hassle then you can always shift to online stores. There are many options available on the internet such like Mothercare, Buy Buy Baby, and many others out there. Have fun shopping for your preemie!

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