12 creative and novel ideas on how to do a family photoshoot

Fun and unique ideas on how to get a great family photoshoot

12 creative and novel ideas on how to do a family photoshoot

Having a classic, beautiful and fun novel ideas for your photoshoot will enable you to create a lovely keepsake that will be passed over through your family generation to come. To make your family’s portraits stand out you’ve got to have these ideas in your mind, like

  • Choosing a suitable location
  • Choosing a proper theme
  • Choosing suitable outfits to help create enhance the theme

These are some of the simple but basic ideas to having an outstanding photo shoot with your family. I know you are wondering “what about the setting?” “What about postures?” All those will be discussed within the article but for now let see "why do you have to have a family photo shoot".

Why have a family photoshoot?

We all have got a ton of reason as to why are not able to make a family photoshoot, some lament on "busy schedules", some blames it on "endless to do list" … those are some of the common reasons. But have you ever sat down and thought of its importance? Yea, it is very important. Every moment together as a family is priceless, so you need to record most of these moments in a photoshoot because time moves faster and before you know all your kids are grownups. Apart from Christmas cards here are we need to have a family photo shoot:

1. Create memories

Time passes fast, and all those experience totals into who we are at the moment. Photos tend to restore family bond by simply hearting us spiritually and emotionally. Also, it helps create a timeline of milestone events by capturing the changes like; birth, some moving away, marriage and loved one passing. Have one and start building your family story.

2. Helps Document Growth

Not only does it help you keep the past trends that will be fun to look at in 20 years to come, but also it records the growth progress of your kids as we know kids grow faster these days. When children are young, it is the perfect time to start documenting their progress through pictures. Remember time passes very fast in a blink of an eye you will be watching them packing their bags and walking to college. Takes advantage of the time they are still available and the time you have together and build a chain of a story through novel photo shoot ideas below.   

Therefore, if you want fantastic and novel photo shoot ideas to do it for your children, here are "12 creative and novel ideas on how to do a family photo shoot”.

Studio versus outdoor photoshoot

The best photo is always inspired by light before location in both studio(indoors) and outdoor photoshoot.

Reasons To Go For Studio/ Indoors Photoshoot

  • Convenience and reliability: Indoors photoshoot is warm and easily help on newborn photoshoot since the baby will sleep comparably
  • Light manipulation: in studio photography light can be manipulated to give the right conditions for you to get quality images. This helps in bringing a perfect portrait.
  • Timing: in a studio photo shoot, you can easily estimate time you will take to take that shoot and also it is less time consuming compared to outdoors.

Reasons For Choosing Outdoor Photoshoot

  • No overheads hence less expensive as compared to studio photoshoot. This is due to natural light; thus no light equipment's bought to help in manipulating light.
  • Emotional: the photoshoot outside creates that emotional feeling; mostly children tend to be happy taking an adventurous photo shoot. Family relaxed, children, running around hence getting those rosy cheeks that lead to a great picture.
  • Outdoor photography helps you create a beautiful memory that will always be in pictures, and also it brings that uniqueness in every family.
  • Don’t forget that it also captures season together with your children age. It always gives a perfect prop. These types of shoot for a particular season will lead to family heirlooms. Therefore, pick a season and be the first generation to start that tradition/culture.

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12 Fun and Unique Ideas For a Photoshoot

In a studio

1. Stay straight

stay straight

This style of situating the entire family on their stomach according to the desired arrangement can pay off. The other postures are kneeling while keeping their faces straight or arranging themselves according to height. Take a suitable style and produce an iconic picture of your family.

2. Focus on the little

Focus little

If the main idea is to focus on the little one while showing the love bond within the parent, this is a perfect idea for you to use during your studio photoshoot. Also, this style you can do it at home so it doesn't need to be studio; you only need an excellent photographer to produce a perfect shot. This is one of the ways to put the focus on the kids without eliminating the parents from the shoot.

3. Indoors Dad, Mom and Kids (family bond)

family interacting

This photoshoot idea emphasizes mostly on creating that happiness, love and bond that exist within the family. Dad, Mom and kids all in their natural position if you are not keen on outdoors photoshoot that may involve romping through the water.

4. Frame yourself

kevin N Murphy

Create a stylish studio photo for your family by trying this excellent idea. It is simple yet classy whit it highlights all your family member by using a frame. Perfect lighting and beautiful background all these sum up to create a beautiful scene and gorgeous family.  

5. Parent and kids love

Jason Lee

This shot from Jason Lee during father's day bring unforgettable mark or memory for the family. Capture this extraordinary moment in your house or studio by involving your kids and one parent to give it a taste of love that runs through the family. You adopt this idea and implement them in various occasions like birthdays, mother’s days and any other. 

6. Story time photo


Do you want to capture a picture that portrays a happily ever after as the central theme in that picture? Then, this is the perfect idea for you to incorporate in the family photo shoot. Capture a family story time telling and add it to your family photos.


These are ideas that will help recreate your photos in style of your likings and also keeping a story in images. Here are some of the coolest ideas of outdoors family photo shoot.

7. Shooting during golden hour

golden hour

The first step towards shooting this type of gorgeous photos is to find or figure out the appropriate location for the family photoshoot. After that, it time for the golden hour (the hour before sunset). At this time sun will provide a soft, warm light that will aid in creating that beautiful scene. 

8. Include family pets

Include family pets

Look beyond the boring traditional photos by including pets on your family photo shoot. Why? Pets are part of the family too, and they also will give you a story to tell in future when you will look at that photo. Find a familiar location for the pet to be calm, and you can also find activities that may make the pet relax as you prepare for that shoot.

9. Creative poses with background and foreground

playing with depth

This idea entails background and foreground experiment where you are playing with the depth of field during the family photo shoot session. To help in emphasizing the family dynamics, you need to use wide aperture then positioning family members in a different location.  This technique can help in highlighting one or two members without removing or blurring the rest.

10. Candid photos at home

candid photo

This is like a lifestyle story in photos, so you need no poses, preparation or studios; what you only need is the timing for the right moment to capture those awesome and awry moments. Home, favorite park or family farm is their background or backdrop. The importance of this photo shoot idea is to create a compelling family narrative through images.

11. Play a game

play game

If you’ve got a camera, shy kids, this is the simplest and fantastic technique take a photoshoot without any trouble. The game also portrays good and fan relationship within the family. You can play a simple method like the ring around while the shot is taken.

12. Relaxed outdoor photo with kids

outdoor family photo

In this you will need to allow your kids to bring their favourite toys to the photoshoot location, then let them place themselves around you without planning on how they should pose while various shots are taken. You can also start playing with them hence creating that candid-like photo. This will bring a relaxed, happy and unique photo for your family.


Family photography doesn't require only special moments or occasion; it can be done creatively. And most of those ways have been highlighted in this article. We have rounded up 12 innovative and novel ideas on how to do a family photo shoot, so choose one and add some creativity to it you want to and build some outstanding images with your family. 

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