50 Sweet And Demure Names That Mean Love For Your Baby

Names that mean love you can name your beloved baby in 2019

By Sarah Potter
50 Sweet And Demure Names That Mean Love For Your Baby

Naming your cute little one might come up as such a hard task. You spend your time looking and brainstorming for the perfect and most adorable name for your little one. You might want to name your baby with a name that shows your undying love for your little thing or a name that signifies when they were born.

Names that man love is just the perfect choice for your baby especially when he or she was birthed on Valentine's day, close to Valentine’s Day or maybe even your anniversary or honeymoon.  They say a child’s name has an effect on his life in the future, how wonderful would it be for your baby to live a life full of love. Giving your baby a name that means love is definitely adorable. You can get these kinds of names for both baby girls and boys in all languages. Here we would be giving you cute and unique names that mean love for your little baby girl or boy.

Names that Mean Love and Peace for Baby Girls

Isn’t your little baby so adorable? I mean look at this baby sleeping so peacefully, cute right? Makes your stomach flutter and just makes you love this sweet little thing, even more, you might want to name her something that actually means peace and love. There are different names that peace and love that would suit your baby girl just perfectly

1. Airini: this is an adorable girl’s name that means peace. It is a Maori name and a Maori translation of the name Eirene which is a Greek name meaning “goddess of peace.”

2. Esme: this is one lovely and adorable name that is Persian in origin. It means “the highly esteemed and the loved”. It became quite popular after a character in the “twilight saga” was identified with the name

3. Milena: this is a lovely Czech name which means grace, love, and warmth. These are definitely lovely qualities you would love your little girl to grow up with.

4. Maitea: this is another sweet and lovely name for your sweet little pumpkin which is a Spanish name. It simply means love. Perfect right?

5. Lana: I personally love this name already. This sweet name is of Hawaiian origin and would fit your little baby girl perfectly, with its meaning being “calm as the still waters.”

6. Axelle: this is just a female version of the Scandinavian name Axel, which is actually a translation of the Hebrew name Absalom, which means ‘the father of peace.”

7. Evania: this is just another lovely name you could give your peaceful and adorable baby. It is a Greek name meaning peaceful.

8. Winifred: this sweet name of English and Welsh origin is one of the most popular and also lovely names for your baby girl. It means joy and peace.

9. Mina: a trendy girl German name meaning love

10. Lalasa: a beautiful combination of peace and love all in one name. This is an Indian name that merely means someone peaceful and also promotes love.

Names that Mean Love and Peace for Baby Boys

Names meaning love and peace are not just limited to girls but also your baby boys, here we have the most adorable baby names that mean love and peace for your cute little creature.

11. Renfrew: this is a cute Welsh name which means the calm river. It is a perfect depiction of peace

12.  Lennan: this is a rare Irish name that merely means lover. Note that it is not connected to the name Lennon.

13. Paxton: this name is unique and also adorable, it is of a Latin origin, and it means peace

14. Darrell: this name sounds cute, doesn’t it? Sure it does. It means beloved

15. Paz: this is also another lovely name of the Latin origin. It originates from the Latin meaning of peace. You could go with this if you do not like the name Pax

16. Amor: this is just the perfect choice for your lovely baby. It is a French name that means love and romance.

17. Frederick: this is quite a popular name and I’m quite sure you have heard it before. This is an old French and German name which means a peaceful ruler. It would be suitable for your charming little prince

18. Axel: this rare and cute name is a Scandinavian name. It was derived from the Hebrew name Absalom which means father of peace.

19. Ingram: this is just another unique and exciting Scandinavian name which means the raven of peace. A unique name you should adopt.

20. Godfrey: this is another popular name amongst the males and would suit your little baby just fine. It is an old German name which means God peace

Names that mean Love and Strength for Baby Girls

You would love to name your baby girl a name that translates to love and strength when she has fought through a lot and comes out standing tall and as strong as ever. Sometimes when women have difficulties during their pregnancy or postpartum, they search or names that tell their story briefly. You might not need to go through this to name your child these kinds of name, sometimes; you want your child to grow into her name. Some unique and lovely names are

21. Valerie: this beautiful girl name means strength and health. It is the French version of the name Valeria.

22. Andrea: it is the female version of Andrew. This is a popular name meaning ‘strong.’

23. Briana: you probably know the name Brian; this is the female version of it. It signifies or means a strong and honorable virtuous woman.

24. Keren: this is entirely different from the name Karen. It is a Hebrew name which means power and strength.

25. Bria: this name is quite popular, and it arose from the Irish name Bridget. It means strength, power, and vigor too.

26. Lenna: this gentle and subtle sounding German name has a strong meaning. It means lion strength, which is a trait; you would want your daughter to possess.

27. Kendra: this unique and rare name is a lovely girl name for your baby. It means enthusiastic power and also a wise ruler too.

28. Carla: this romantic Portuguese name means ‘the one who possesses strength.’

Names that mean Love and Strength for Baby Boys

Mighty and significant names have a way of showing and depicting strength, power, and strong will. A lot of parents would love to give their sons names that represent strength. If you need the perfect names for your son, we have got the ideal suggestions for you

29. Ethan: Ethan is a cute and quite popular masculine name, meaning firm and strong.

30. Bernard: this lovely and adorable name means bear strength. It is popularly known to be the first name of the Saint that once lived in the Alps.

31. Arnold: this is an exciting name that was gotten from the Norman name Arnaud. It means strength.

32. Andrew: this name, popularly known to be shortened to ‘drew’ is an adorable name. It means ‘a manly and strong man.’

33. Imre: this rare name of Hungarian origin means strength.

34. Ryker: another rare and unique adorable name that is Danish in origin, meaning superior strength.

35. Gerwyn: this cute welsh name would be great for your little boy. It means fair love

36. Connelly: this is another unique name Irish name meaning love and friendship.

Names that mean love and happiness for baby girls

Everyone wishes to have and live a happy life, and as such each parent wants their baby to have a life and also share and spread that happiness and joy wherever they go. What’s better than giving your baby a name that depicts happiness? Your baby would be living a life full of joy throughout his/her lifetime

37. Helgar: this lovely and unique name was derived from the Norse word ‘heilagr’ which means prosperous and successful.

38. Luana: this is a cute Polynesian name of Hawaiian origin, and it means happy.

39. Rafa: this name is far different from Raphael. It is of Arabic origin, and it means prosperity and happiness.

40. Alisa: this is entirely different from the names Alyssa and Alicia. It is a Hebrew name which means great happiness.

41. Abigail: this is one of the most renowned and lovely names in the bible. It means my father is joyful.

42. Ilaria: this is an adorable and cute name which is actually an Italian variant of the name Hilary. This name means cheerful and happy

43. Leta: this is also one of the most unique and adorable names. This is a Latin name that simply means gladly joyful

Names that Love and Happiness for Baby Boys

44. Cayo: this is a cute and unique name that would get everyone turning. It is a Latin name that means rejoice. It was derived from a roman name Caius

45. Felix: Felix is also quite popular, and it is a sweet and cute name. It is a Latin name, meaning happy and fortunate.

46. Hilary: this name although quite popular and traditional, it is far more popular than we actually know. It has both a Latin and Greek origin and means a cheerful and happy person.

47. Asher: this is quite the name, it is modern and quite popular. It is a Hebrew name which means a fortunate and blessed the happy person.

48. Noam: I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard this name before. It isn’t similar to the name Noah. It is a Hebrew name which means charm, tenderness, and pleasantness.

49. Charlie: this is a unisex name now, although it was formally just for the boys. It is a cute name for your little boy, it was derived from the names Charles and Charlotte, meaning free man.

50. Feliciano: this already sounds like Felix doesn’t it? You could just go with this if you do not want to go with Felix. It is merely the Italian variation of Felix, and it means happy and also fortunate.

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Naming your cute little thing might be quite hectic, especially when you want to search for proper names in a jiffy. Everyone would definitely want a name that means either, love, peace, joy, happiness or strength and we have made your job easier. Now, all you have to do is pick and let your little one spread the love and joy.