12 Love Potion Chants to Compliment with Love Potions

Enhance he effect of your love potion with these 12 chants

By Aey
12 Love Potion Chants to Compliment with Love Potions

What are Chants?

All of us have wished that we had something to spice up our love life or make someone we desire to fall in love with us. While there can be many other ways to do that, one new way I came across was chanting and making a love potion. For someone new to the potion making community, chants are the repetitive methodological incarnations that can enhance the effect of any kind of magic, and specifically love potions. If the idea is a little hard for you to grasp, keeping reading ahead, and I’ll explain it for you.

How does chant enhance the effect of magic?

The first question that might come to mind is that if one is already making a love potion, why is it necessary to chant mantras? Well, the answer to that is relatively simple. As people who believe in science, we learn that that sound exists in the form of waves. Much like the waves that occur in the sea and leave impressions on the beach, sound waves affect you and the environment around you.

Research proves that if you talk to a plant nicely, it has a higher chance of growing and bearing more fruit. In the same way that the energy of your sound waves affects the plant, the energy of the chants makes your love potion more powerful. While this may seem like a relatively new practice, it has historical, anecdotal evidence that supports it.

A simple love potion recipe if you don’t have one

Love potion that you can drink

The first thing that you need is a jar. Then pour some carrier oil into it. Then as a quartz crystal and some red rose petals. Once that’s done you need to add 10 apple seeds and a cinnamon stick. Once you add these thing to the carrier oil let it rest in a place that you have cleansed with sage. Let the potion rest in the presence of rose quartz for at least 3 to 5 day before use.

A love potion that you have to apply

If you think that drinking the love potion is not an option for you, you can make a love potion that can be applied to your skin. He first thing that you need is a carrier oil in a bottle, most preferably olive oil or rose oil. The next thing that you need is apple seeds, cinnamon, saffron, and vanilla extract. Add all the ingredients in the oil, and le I rest for at least a day. While making the potion, you need to cleanse the space with sage and have rose quartz and charcoal nearby. Once the potion is well-rested, take a filter and take out the saffron threads. Once all that is done, you’ve got your love potion ready. Remember to apply it when in the presence of the person that you love.

12 Chants to Complement with your Love Potion

1. Chant their name

All you have to do is that while making a love potion, you need to say their name 11 times. Sit down, take a few deep breaths, and while the potion is brewing, look at the picture of the person that you love and repeat their name 11 times. This chant will further release energy that will bind the effects of your potion to the respective person. You wouldn't want your love potion to work on an entire room filled with people now, would you? One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you'll have to repeat the spell at least once a day.

2. Ask them to come to your life

The second chant that can make your love come into your life is that "_______ please hear me, hear to my plea and come to my life." Repeat this incantation once a day in order to instill energy into the potion. Remember that you need to repeat this a few times before it starts working.

3. The number chant

“One, one all rivals be gone.  Two, two real love I am due. Three, three lovers come to me. Four, four love open your door, five, five be my heart alive, six, six my happiness fix. Seven, seven I’ll be in seventh heaven. Eight, eight bring me, love and mate. Nine, nine forever be mine.  Ten, ten, a lover's heart to my den. Eleven, eleven double heavens than seven. Twelve, twelve, my love wishes now be held”. Repeat the incantation every night before you go to sleep and once in their presence while visualizing them.

4. Summon the essence of cupid

"Angels of the sky, I summon thee. Bring (lovers name) back to me. Make (lovers name) love me forever mine. Make (lovers name) love me until i die. Make our love powerful and romantic. Make it last, and make it be." If you want to invoke a strong connection with the person that you desire, then this is the incantation that you have to chant two times a day.

5. Channel the power of Aphrodite

"Aphrodite, I summon thee, Let your powers flow though me, Bless this potion, And cause in (lovers name) heart a commotion, Let ( lovers name) our souls be intertwined, Enchant ( lovers name) heart and mind." Get up a 12 midnight, sand in front of the mirror and chant this charm while brewing the potion. Remember that the time makes all the difference. Once you've done that, repeat the same step every night for seven consecutive days.

6. Channel he powers of Hera

Hera is the Greek goddess of love, marriage, and children, so if you want her blessings, you need to make sure that you're looking for a serious relationship before this can make the potion really strong. "Oh Hera,  I look at the skies above, and ask of you to grant me, eternal love, bless this potion, and rid (lovers name) heart of worldly temptation, let me become the center of (lovers name) universe."

7. Ask Parvati for help

"Oh Parvati, glory to your eternal flame, let me gain the one I aim to claim." Parvati is one of the oldest goddesses of love and lust. Her powers are as mighty as Aphrodite and Hera, so, depending on what degree of relationship you want, you should chant the mantra of the respective goddess.

8. Admit the need to be loved

Keeping in mind the god or goddess hat you pray to, chant the mantra "see me in my misery,  send me love, show me sympathy, send to me the one who holds my heart, and I vow till death will we part."

9. A Binding Chant

If you're looking for a relationship that you can invest your time and energy in without being afraid of any mishaps, then this is the spell for you. Take a candle and make an infinity sign in the air, do it three times. Then close your eyes and chant, "like the wines of the infinity sign, make (lover’s name) forever mine."

10. Enchantment chant

Sit in a comfortable stance and take a few deep breaths. Once that is done, repeat the mantra three times, "May love be forever blind, and (lovers name) be forever mine."

Extra Strong Love Spells

11. As you brew the potion, place your right hand over the fire (at a safe distance). Chant, "As the potion brews on fire, grant me my heart's desire." Repeat this chant for at least 7 days.

12. "I commend the energy that flows through me, to actualize my heart's plea." Repeat this chant for 3 days on a regular basis.

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Once you’ve picked a spell that you think suits your needs better, all you need to do is stay consistent and not lose hope. While most spells will work in a few days, others might take a little while. Despite using the spell one thing that you should keep in mind is that, at the end of the day, it is only a spell; it can give you a push in the right direction, but you need to work it out from there. You need to make the person develops real feelings for you before the spell wears off. Happy brewing, and spell casting my little witches.