Everything You Need To Know About An Aquarius Man In Love

When an Aquarius man likes you, he'll make you feel it.

By Sameet
Everything You Need To Know About An Aquarius Man In Love

What attracts an Aquarius man?

Whether you’re trying to impress an Aquarius man in your social group or you just started dating one, you need to have some insights on how to make them more into you. Don’t worry, it’s not like they’re way different from other men, but still you can always use some tips and tricks to ease your way to an Aquarius’s heart. We can help you with that. First, you need to know what attracts an Aquarius man. Here are the top 5:

1. He likes mystery and mysterious people

Aquarius men don’t give in to their emotions and like the same thing in other people. Don’t jump up and tell them all your life details at once. Make him crave for a moment with you alone, he’ll love that. If he’s looking at you, play it cool like it’s no big deal. Aquarius men like to wonder and this is a great way to attract them.

2. Intellect and class

Women, who possess knowledge and elegance, easily attract Aquarius men. These guys go for the brains, big time. An Aquarius man doesn’t need you to spend hours at a salon to make your hair and nails look good. Instead, he wants a nice and intellectual conversation with you where you can tell him about your interests (holding a little back for the mystery part though). If he finds those interests brainy enough, you’ve definitely made a place in his heart and mind.

3. Friendships matter to him

Aquarius men don’t go looking for just a girlfriend, they want a friend first. It’s totally okay to develop a healthy friendship with him first before going in for the big leagues. They want to call their girlfriend, their best friend as well. So, yes they will definitely find it attractive if you show your caring and fun side first, before revealing the romantic and flirty side.

4. Independence and adventure

Just adding on to the class and intellect, independence is a trait found very attractive by Aquarius men. They like it in other people and like freedom for themselves too. They’re not the ones you can put restrictions on, that’s a turn-off for them. Other than this, they like fun-loving and adventurous people, who are not afraid to initiate. Aquarius men would want you to be  cool around them without putting on a romantic pressure.

5. Standing out

If you’re up for impressing an Aquarius man, you HAVE to stand out. They aren’t bothered by everyday looks or typical girly behavior. They are attracted by your wit and improvisation qualities; something that makes you different from other girls. One of these qualities can be being cool about liking them and not trying too hard.

How does an Aquarius man act towards someone they like?

When they like someone, here’s how you can tell:

They like to show concern

Aquarius people are generally nice. So, when they start having feelings for someone, they get extra nice towards them and this reflects pretty clearly in their behavior. Aquarius men may take a while to get feelings but when they do, they will show you in every possible way. Giving presents, making you feel needed, and being protective are some common signs yu can see and then make your move.

Private meetings are special

Most Aquarius people are social and like to have people around the; it’s their comfort zone. But when an Aquarius guy wants to spend some one-on-one quality time with you, that’s very special. It’s special for both parties. For him, it’s letting out all those hidden emotions, and for you, it’s a chance to make a permanent impression on his heart.

Deep interactions

When an Aquarius guy falls for someone, he falls deep. So it may have taken him a while to open up but now that he has, don’t take that for granted. He would like to share his world with you, talk to you for hours, and have meaningful and deep interactions with you every time.

They like getting personal

If he is really into you, he would want to know more about you. This reflects their concerned and loving side. Don’t let him down now by being reserve and hesitant because if you do, it is going to have a major impact on their feelings (not a good one obviously). So avail this chance and make the best of his likings for you.

The trust

This fact is true for many people especially Aquarius. Gaining their trust is such a task because Aquarius men tend to keep it all to themselves. You can never know what they actually feel unless they’re close to you. So someone like that likes you, they definitely trust you, never break that trust.

How is an Aquarius man like in a relationship? -Emotional aspect

As Aquarius men are good people in general, their emotional intelligence is often balanced too. After getting to their hearts, you can only find good aspects like:

  • He is emotionally invested in the relationship.
  • He doesn’t hold back to remind his partner of his true feelings.
  • He likes to be the support system for his loved one.
  • He will never let doubts come in between a relationship.
  • He has a heart of Gold, is forgiving, and seeks only good.

How is an Aquarius man like in a relationship? -Behavioral aspect

The behavior of an Aquarius man in a relationship is shocking for people who never got to know this side of him. But for the partner, it’s the best kind of relationship. Aquarius men treat their women with dignity and pride. They tend to solve issues with the mind and not with useless words. They know how to behave in a tough situation, because rational thinking is their way.

What are some of the differences among Aquarius men who are in a relationship?

Aquarius people usually have a very vast personality range. These personalities can differ in relationships depending on the type of partner or even their own selves.

The misanthropist personality

Aquarius men are known to love humanity but they aren’t much comfortable with personal human interactions. They like to be social but may have superficial relationships until they find the perfect one. Some people let go of this trait when they meet a similar partner, but some may remain afraid to open up on a personal level still.

Ability to change

Usually, Aquarius men are very adaptable, depending on their surroundings. If they find the perfect woman, they won’t even notice the changes they made to their personalities. This means he is invested in this new venture without a doubt. But sometimes, Aquarius people tend to remain strict with their disciplines and make other people adapt accordingly.

The isolation

The Aquarius male can be lonely at times. Everyone needs intimacy but Aquarius men usually don’t show their vulnerable side and this disconnects them further from their loved ones. The opposite Earth sign, Leo, can be helping in this situation. These relationships create balance and warmth in the environment for Aquarius men. Other than Leo, relationships might go through a tough initial phase of understanding each other.

What does an Aquarius man need in a relationship?

The most important question. Even if you managed to impress and befriend him, how will the relationship be like? These tips will give you a little heads-up just in case.

1. No pressure

Aquarius men are usually sociable but they run from taking big steps in a relationship. They want thing to run smoothly in a comfortable pace instead of moving in together too fast, or meeting with parents instantly. If you think that’s too much, imagine talking to them about marriage. So, it’s better to keep things steady, they like the “no-pressure” feeling.

2. They like to get stimulated

Aquarius men don’t do boring. They want more and more fun and adventure from a relationship. They are social, they like to party, they like to keep an open mind; inviting new possibilities. The conventional life isn’t for them. The more you stimulate them, the more interested they are in you.

3. An equal intellect drives them

Aquarius men find it dull when their partner’s mind doesn’t match theirs. It can be the maturity level, interests and views about life, or even emotional intelligence. When they find such a person that matches with their responses and thoughts, they start to share and feel easy around them.

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Aquarius men are great to date. They are nice and kind, have good manners, and have respect for the same kind of people. Some difficult aspects can be made easier by following these tips, if you’re going to or currently dating one. But you can tell by yourself as you move forward in a relationship with an Aquarius male.