What’s Your Zodiac Motto And What Does It Mean?

When going through the mottos, embrace your sun signs and shine

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What’s Your Zodiac Motto And What Does It Mean?

What Are Zodiac Mottos?

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A zodiac motto is a phrase consisting of two words. Each sign has a motto that pertains to its personality and characteristics. In just two terms, the general aura of each zodiac sign is described.

Where Did They Come From?

There are many different interpretations and versions of each zodiac motto. It is unclear where they were first mentioned but “Sun Signs” by Linda Goodman has stated the list of zodiac mottos.

What Are The Different Zodiac Mottos, And What Do They Mean?

Aries- “I am.”

We start off the zodiac list with the strong-willed Aries. This sign is known to be very intense in their work life. They are not afraid of a challenge. Often an Aries will only be interested in activities that challenge their capabilities. People with this zodiac tend to have big egos, which is not exactly surprising considering how ambitious and driven they are. Represented by the ram, this sign likes to jump headfirst into things that others may be more cautious or hesitant about. Their power is significant to them. Thus, this zodiac motto fits them well because they are very concerned with being the best. Who they are and their firm belief in themselves leads to this motto.

Taurus- “I have.”

Individuals born under this zodiac sign have many fantastic qualities such as wisdom, dependability, and resolve. Where others are blinded by emotion, a Taurus can see the perspective of logic and reason. Yet when it comes to possessions, this sign tends to be a little worldly and materialistic. This is mainly due to the influence of their ruling planet, i.e. Venus. Venus represents grandeur and love. Unlike the sign before them, they are more concerned with their material possessions than their abilities. This can make a Taurus lazy as well. But they simply seek comfort, which is why this sign is known for its love of food, sex, and luxury. The zodiac motto, “I have” indicates this attraction to opulence.

Gemini- “I think.”

A pair of twins represent the third sign of the zodiac. This symbolism actually tells a lot about the character of Gemini. On the one hand, it shows that they have the sight and ability to look at the world from an open perspective. The twins represent a conflict that most Geminis have within them. There are so many points of view to consider that frequently Geminis have trouble deciding who they really are. This conflict can come off as unreliability and a “two-faced” kind of person. When in reality, Geminis are just like the rest of us, struggling to find ourselves in this vast world of possibilities. One of their most prominent traits is their intelligence. This mutable sign has good knowledge and a witty personality. With the substantial brainpower and an open eye, it is no wonder the Gemini zodiac motto is what it is.

Cancer- “I feel.”

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As a water sign, Cancers are highly driven by their emotions. They would listen to their heart over their head any and every day. The most popular quality of Cancer is its power to understand where the other person is coming from. This sign is empathetic and very compassionate, which also results in them being the most selfless of all twelve zodiacs. Many may call them oversensitive, but Cancer does not consider this a weakness. They openly welcome all feelings that come their way and don’t like to rush things.

Leo- “I lead.”

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When Leo walks into a room, people can’t help turning their heads. This sign is extremely confident and secure in their power. They know they are the best and are not afraid to flaunt it. This sign is loud and vocal about their opinions. Although certain people of this zodiac may become borderline narcissistic, generally their confident aura is attractive. The creature that represents them is a lion, i.e. the king of the jungle. They naturally tend to take on roles of leadership and don’t hesitate when demanding something of you. Their zodiac motto means they take what they want by any means necessary because they know they are just that powerful.

Virgo- “I scrutinize.”

Virgos are sixth in line in the list of zodiac signs. This mutable sign is loyal and intense, not just when it comes to romance but in all of their relationships and friendships. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, which is associated with coordination and communication, i.e. the way we interact with other people. Perfectionism is a common trait of people with this zodiac sign. They like to have things in order and maintain a well-collected atmosphere. These people are also immensely observant. They are very much aware of their surroundings. Although it does lead them to be overthinkers, hence the motto of “I scrutinize.”

Libra- “I balance.”

Born around the time of fall season, which is neither too hot nor too cold, Libras are the best of both worlds. Diplomacy is an excellent skill that most Libras possess. This can not only help them steer clear of conflict but even aid in resolving other people’s arguments. It is unlikely that you will disagree with a Libra because they have made their words so gentle and non-threatening you won’t even feel the need. The Scales represent this zodiac; an instrument used to weigh objects in the past. It perfectly describes the kind of people they are.

Scorpio- “I want.”

The planet of Mars rules this sign, a planet linked to battle and sex. These individuals are commonly intense and passionate. This makes them terrific lovers in bed as well as in day to day life. Scorpios are known to be the mystery of the lot. They keep things to themselves and have an exterior almost no one can crack. But on the inside, they really desire to be understood. They have a ton of dreams and goals that they are always trying to work toward.

Sagittarius- “I see.”

Adventure is something that a Sagittarius is not unfamiliar with. They love to take risks and explore the world. Due to this reason, a lot of the times this zodiac will have a great fondness for travel. They want to collect all the experiences they can and live life to the fullest. This motto refers to their desire to ‘see’ the world and explore a variety of places and people.

Capricorn- “I use.”

The tenth sign of the zodiac is usually the category of people married to their job. Although they can make time to seek and find love, their work is of the utmost priority. They are practical people who refrain from ideological points of view. They like to be realistic of the facts and take advantage of whatever opportunities present themselves. They ‘use’ their surroundings to build an environment that is up to par with their standards of living.

Aquarius- “I know.”

People who are ahead of their generation or their current age group tend to be excluded from the main crowd. Aquarius is the odd kid of the zodiac. They won’t merely do something just because everyone else is doing it. This is not a person to follow trends or fads. They know who they are and what they like and are entirely at peace with being the ‘misfit’. An Aquarius has a clear and firm belief in who they are, and they don’t need to prove themselves to you. This trait can be perceived as a bit of a know-it-all, though.

Pisces- “I dream.”

There is a specific polarity when it comes to the final sign of the zodiac. Represented by two fish facing each other’s tails, a Pisces enjoys stability and routine but can’t help drifting off into their own world. People of this sign have a vivid imagination and are often lost in their own thoughts. They are seeking out some higher purpose in life.

How Can These Mottos Be Beneficial To Me?

These mottos will help you better understand your zodiac sign. They can help you in making decisions and figuring out how to carry yourself. It is just another step to better knowing yourself. Use these mottos to guide you in your day to day life.

How Religiously Do I Have To Live By My Zodiac Motto?

A common misconception regarding astrology is that there is a fixed answer. When people don’t relate to something, they tend to think that their horoscopes are fake. The truth is generalized readings are never as accurate as personal predictions and guidance from a professional of the field. Take these mottos with a grain of salt, keeping in view that your Sun sign is not the only one influencing you.

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Astrology and horoscopes can be beneficial if you are looking for guidance and you can’t find any. The effect of the position of the planets at our time of birth is undeniable. Knowing your zodiac motto will aid you in developing a more profound sense of self.