How To Know If Your Past Life Lover is Your Current Lover?

Ways to discover if your current love is your past lover

By Michele
How To Know If Your Past Life Lover is Your Current Lover?

Have you ever come across someone you just met and instantly felt a very strong emotional connection with them? Keeping in mind that you guys are total strangers but deep down you develop a feeling that you are familiar with that specific person. Well, this feeling is genuine even if you do not believe this fact; past life has a connection with the present one.

According to psychologists, most people have some sort of past connection with different people and even pets. Isn’t it fascinating? Nearly everyone has some sort of extraordinary connections. They evolve in different ways and mostly following what your soul craves for. The connection is transferred to the current and future lifetimes. 

Now, as you know there is a link between the past and current life. Here, we are going to discuss How to Know If Your Past Life Lover is Your Current Lover? Stay tuned!

What Is A Past Life Lover?

First of all, you need to understand that people do not typically undergo a physical transition from one phase of a lifetime to another. What happens, in reality, can be termed as a process of reincarnation. We start processing a certain person in a specific manner when it comes to looks, thoughts, and behavior.

Each phase of incarnation is a personal expression and experience of a soul’s existence. When you meet a person that you know from your past life, it is going to be a totally different experience. And meeting someone having the same attributes, of a person that you met in a past life, will immediately make you feel connected with the past. 

So that is the case. Meeting a past life lover is termed as a recurring relationship. There can be a lot of things in common and even a sudden influx of memories can make you feel happy or even sad. 

12 Signs To Identify That Your Current Lover Is Your Past Life Lover

Now, we will discuss 12 important signs that will help detect how your current lover is linked with your past life lover.

1. You feel emotionally charged

The current lover makes you feel emotionally strong and gratified and it cannot be explained in words. I hope you are getting me, but it is a powerful experience that indicates that your life is all set to change for good.

2. You feel relaxed

It is one of the most important signs. When a person makes you feel comfortable, you lose the track of time and any sort of anxiety or pressure leaves your body. With just a complete and meaningful look into each other’s eyes and you are happy. It is like someone has connected with your soul and it won’t be easy to leave them.

3. You feel complete

How many people are there around you who make you feel like home to you? Probably not many! Meeting a current lover who would not judge you or ridicule you and accept you as you are, is certainly a warm feeling. You do not need to pretend in front of them. They like you, just as you are!

4. You have common memories

Possibly you and your current lover have memories of the past lives, which are quite common. Fascinating isn’t it? They can be linked to having a shared hometown, college, or even occupation. Everything just seems to be falling in the right manner and in one place. Each memory has its essence that further strengthens the connection with your current lover.

5. You love spending time

Escaping the reality and having no time of the track, around someone special, indicates that you guys are tuned in completely. It is just you and your current lover and anything else doesn’t matter much.

6. You share things

As the connection is strong and based on mutual love and care, you do not hesitate to share yourstuff with your current lover. Anything that you do comes right from your soul, unexaggerated and pure. You know it well that they will listen carefully to your every word and mark it important. It is a sheer level of comfort that certainly makes you feel alive and kicking.

7. You always feel connected

If you are not present with your current lover physically, there still exists a strong bond. Destiny has brought you two close to each other and that connection is never going to fade away. It is like soul mates have paired together and now nothing can come in between. Distance means nothing!

8. You feel satisfied

Once you meet them, all of the doubts fade away and the tie makes you feel hopeful. There is a better tomorrow and there is no need to feel anxious about how things will work out. It is all going smoothly and in a proper manner. You do not need to make efforts to feel loved or appreciated. It is an unbreakable match!

9. You can communicate easily

Your soul becomes intertwined because of the cosmic relationship that you have with your current lover.  Probably, there are a lot of places that you have visited together during your past and current life. Near far wherever you are, it is always possible to process each other’s thinking and feel coupled. Ever wondered why you finish each other’s sentences even before they are completed by any of you?

10. You have a spiritual connection

As now you know the type and degree of the connection that you share with your current lover, let’s elaborate it further. Apart from the emotional bond, you also share a strong spiritual connection with them. That helps in balancing your mutual bond and enjoying a good level of security with each other. You both can sit together and talk for hours and hours or just stay quiet but still be able to understand each other’s emotional state. Any sort of presence does the job!

11. You experience this connection in a very unique manner

It is not easy for you to put into words the connection that you feel with your current lover. In short words, it is something that you have never experienced before. But the attachment has shaken you to the core and helped you realize your worth. Your current lover helps in making you become a better person and not everyone else out there can recognize your potential. 

12. You feel energetic

As said it is not easy to lift anyone, but your current lover has this exceptional knack to help you grow. They always lift you up and never ridicule your appearance, efforts, or anything that is linked with you. Their presence makes you feel vibrant, full of life, and optimistic. You feel like all the negativity has left your body and there is no bad energy around you. Your spiritual side also feels refreshed and light.

I hope that you have understood the concept of a current life lover in connection with the lover of your past life. Just read carefully so that, you do not miss out on any important details. It is something unique and maybe mysterious too.

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Is It A Good Or A Bad Thing To Have Your Current Lover As Your Past Life Lover?

Well, it is a good thing if, you have good memories attached to your past lover and they are here repeating. There is no need to feel bad about it. Live your life up and make sure that you count each moment and spend it in the best possible manner.

On the other hand, if the memories are bitter and each act of your current lover makes you remember the pain that you have experienced in past then you must know how to terminate the bond at once. Be patient and tell your current lover that you aren’t getting the good vibes. Everything must be settled for good before it becomes another painful experience for both of you.

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After all, it isn’t difficult at all to How to Know If Your Past Life Lover is Your Current Lover? You need to stay connected with the moment and see everything unfolding right in front of you. Enjoy the experience and celebrate life. Let the good history repeat itself. You deserve all the happiness and peace in your life. All the best!