12 Signs to Know That He is Your Past Life Soulmate

Is he the same person you loved deeply from your past life?

By Kazuko Otsuka
12 Signs to Know That He is Your Past Life Soulmate

Explained: Past Life and Soulmate

It’s an early Sunday morning, and you decide to take a run around your neighborhood. During your jog, you turn a corner and accidentally bump into a stranger. Apologizing, you turn your head to meet theirs. The moment your eyes meet, time stops. No, you are not cast in a movie. That short encounter turned into longer encounters. The more time you spend with them, the more you keep wondering where you’ve met them before. Your first encounter felt like a deja vu moment, and you feel like you’ve known this person for a whole eternity.

How is that possible? How can someone you just met feel more special than that? This is not a mere “You guys are compatible!” This is a “Are you sure this is not the first time we’ve met?” The only explanation for this phenomenon is he or she is your past life soulmate. The reason you felt an instant deep connection with that stranger is due to a preexisting relationship that has been dormant for centuries. Reuniting with them awakened that connection.

Do you believe in past life and reincarnation? To understand the uncanny feeling of reuniting with a stranger that feels like a close friend, you must first understand what the past life is. For thousands of years, the concept of past life has evolved. It is the belief where a soul existed during another lifetime. Imagine your soul on a journey called life, but that life goes beyond our current lifetime. This journey extends to other lifetimes, ones we are not even alive to know about. Your soul memories and experiences are stored, and we relive them in bits and portions. It can be a familiar place, a relationship with someone, pain, sadness- it can be anything but you feel familiarity in them. You feel this because it’s not your first time to go through them.

Now that you have a general idea of what the past life is, let’s move on to soulmates. Think back to the story at the beginning of this article. The reason behind that instant connection the jogger felt with the stranger is because they already met in their past life. However, this is no ordinary past-life encounter, but rather an encounter with a past life soulmate.

With our day and age, society has made it difficult to be true to our hearts. It has become more and more difficult for people to be themselves in relationships or to be with someone who gets them- truly gets them. With soulmates, this is the norm. A soulmate is someone you are drawn to because he or she gets you. They understand all your quirks and don’t judge you for them. They always know what to say to you when you’re feeling down. They are always by your side through the hard times. A soulmate connection is founded on unconditional love that thrives in mutual respect and a complete understanding of one another. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

12 Signs to Know that He is Your Past Life Soulmate

The question running through all of our minds now is “How do I know if he or she is a past life soulmate?” Thankfully, it’s not that hard to find out. Here are some signs you should look out for to find out if that person you met is a past, literally another century past, lover.

1. Love at First Sight

This one is a no brainer. The moment you lock eyes with them- boom- you’re in love. Maybe when you met him or her in another era the same exact connection took place. So, when you meet them again in your lifetime, the connection is awakened.

2. You Can’t Help But Be With Them 24/7

Because the memories and experiences you spent with your past life soulmate have been hidden for centuries, reuniting with them sparks an inner drive to relive the memories. You want to be with them 24/7 because you feel the need to relive everything with them.

3. They Feel Like Home

If you feel at home with them, this is a big sign that they were your past life soulmate. The memories you lived with them before already laid a foundation in your relationship so meeting them once again instantly feels like home.

4. Wild Emotions

Have you ever been with someone and you’re just so happy and you don’t know how to explain it? When you’re with them, your emotions run wild and every moment feels like a roller coaster ride. Yup, they’re your past life soulmate.

5. Parallel Memories

Okay, this one is a very good sign to look out for. While talking, you start to find out that you share so many experiences and memories with them. You could have lived in the same place, went to the same school (but had no clue), shared the same life experiences, and the list goes on. It can be as simple as both growing up in a religious family or growing up in a broken family. Whatever it may be, there are many similarities that you can’t overlook.

6. Time Does Not Exist

When you’re with them, time stands still. It’s literally time flies with them. Being with them feels so right and time just goes by too fast.

7. No Secrets Between Each Other

When you’re in the stage of getting to know someone, it’s not surprising if you don’t feel comfortable sharing all your secrets with them straight away. However, when you’re with someone who is your past soul mate, there will be no secrets kept hidden from each other, even during the early stages of the relationship.

8. Appearance in Dreams

This might be a difficult sign to see for it does not show itself to everyone. If you start to have dreams of them in a different setting, that is a very big sign that you’ve known them before. A past soulmate can manifest themselves through dreams.

9. Finishing Each Other’s Sentences

Talking with your past soul mate is special. You finish each other’s sentences and you understand each other’s thoughts. People around you can’t help but wonder if you both are siblings and not in a relationship.

10. Deep Spiritual Connection

A soulmate connection goes beyond a superficial relationship. There is a deeper spiritual connection between you guys that is undeniable. If you meet someone who you feel this connection with again, there is a chance that they are your past soul mate.

11. You Can Be Yourself

It takes time for people to open up and be themselves around their special someone. However, this goes for introverts and extroverts alike, if you meet your past life soul mate, you can be yourself right away. From day one, walls are already placed down and emotions are bare.

12. Deja Vu Moments

Meeting a past life soulmate is full of deja vu moments. Every day tasks with them becomes a “Have I done this with you before?” Maybe you did back in another era.

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All of this may sound unbelievable, and it might be, or it might not be. Whatever the case, you can find out if the person you are with right now is someone you were with centuries ago. A past live soulmate is a beautiful connection that should not be taken lightly. If you've found yours again, treasure it.