15 Naughty Ideas On How To Spice Up Your Marriage

Get all naughty and nice when you try to spice up your marriage

By Aey
15 Naughty Ideas On How To Spice Up Your Marriage

Marriage is a long-term commitment and not every marriage lasts the test of time because people will often stop putting in the effort needed to prune and water a relationship and keep it healthy; men get too comfortable, women get too preoccupied. Marriage, just like any relationship needs revitalizing endeavors and an active effort on both sides to keep the flame alive. Many people feel like there is just nothing to do to salvage an emotionally unfulfilling or sexually stagnant marriage but that is just not true is it! There are many different ways to pamper a marriage and here are 15 naughty to nice ideas!

In the bedroom

1. Try Something New

Everyone has a different proclivity to be sexually adventurous and that is okay because anything that goes down in the bedroom should be mutually exciting and absolutely consensual! However, marriage is a life-long commitment and if you don’t try to bend the rules once in a while or tread unexplored waters you might find yourself bored by your sex life. Sexual compatibility is so important but a willingness to try things goes such a long way in itself! If you feel like you’re in a sexual rut you have got to try something new – maybe a sex position you haven’t tried before or some crazy sex game. It’s time to get real familiar with the Kama Sutra that can give you valuable advice on how to pleasure your partner to the maximum. You might surprise yourself and have a ball figuring out new and fun ways to get each other off.

2. Dress Sexier

Everyone looks their best during the initial stages of dating but after marriage things tend to start getting uninteresting. So, dress seductively for your partner; show them that you give a shit and put in the effort, so they know you still want to be sexy for you! Buy that nice lingerie; wear those dresses your partner likes a lot. Hell, you can get kinky with it and get your husband to wear feminine lingerie; the sky’s the limit!

3. Affectionate Touch

Research shows that humans need skin to skin contact for emotional and physical wellbeing. Sex is important but something as simple as touching your partner affectionately like holding hands, massages, shoulder and foot rubs or simply playing with their face is powerful in helping you bond and feel not only closer to each other but also attracted to each other.

4. Have a Romantic Bath Together

Arrange a romantic bath with your significant other. Pull out the bath bombs, sexy lingerie, and scented candles and maybe a nice bottle of wine!

5. Light BDSM and Role Playing

You have had sex with them many times and it is time to spice things up. BDSM has recently been in the limelight and for all the right reasons – explore your boundaries and push the limits of your partner’s pleasure.

While Pregnant

6. Have a Babymoon

Pregnancies are overwhelming and expecting a baby is a stressful all-consuming stage in life, but you have to find the time to talk about things other than the baby and a great way to do stuff that is different from shopping for the baby is to take your wife on a babymoon. A babymoon is like a honeymoon but while your partner is pregnant. Pick a comfortable place with room service!

7. Watch pregnancy porn together

If you are intimidated by sex during pregnancy watch some porn that features pregnant ladies and something both you and your partner are okay with! It’s important to normalize the beauty of a pregnant woman’s body – because her body changes in drastic ways but most all times your partner will find this extremely attractive. Dabble in pregnancy-specific kinky lingerie!

8. Do not be afraid to have sex

Up until the actual delivery day, there is no risk of having sex during pregnancy and you have nothing to be afraid of. Pregnant women will at times feel horny and should have as much sex as they want without hesitation. Moving around and staying active during pregnancy is known to improve the quality of your labor experience. Sure, it will take some time getting used to and your pregnant partner may not want you to grab sore breasts harshly, etc. but all that can easily be figured out!

9. Touching that doesn’t always lead to sex

Touch is important – touching, massaging and cuddling are all kinds of intimacy that do not necessarily end in sex and that’s okay. This affection and bonding will help the times you do have sex to be more meaningful and exciting.

10. Sex From Behind

Missionary with a full-blown belly, just ain’t about to fly! You need to get creative with what positions you can use that a pregnant partner is comfortable with! And this is a great opportunity to spice up your sex life. Research and find the best position for the pregnant partner and experiment. Focus on intimacy and communication with your partner and you are sure to bond even better than during regular sex. Worship your pregnant partner’s body and tell them how beautiful they are – pregnant women who are often much disassociated from their bodies need to still feel hot for their partner! Sex from behind and the pregnant partner on top are good positions to try out. Standing sex is another good option!

After A Baby

11. Let him taste your breast milk

If your partner shows interest, let them breastfeed off of you! This may seem strange and may not be for everybody but can be a fetish that is very sexy for your partner. When you wake up in the morning with breasts sore and exploding from milk, let them ease your soreness. Trust me when I say there is more than enough milk to go around! It’s an intimate and special kink that can only be enjoyed postpartum.

12. Say yes to more sex – without excuses!

You need to take initiative with sex – do not make excuses to “get away with it.” Sex after a couple become parents is often not thought of as a need and swept aside when actually great sex can help relieve your stress and help you cope better. Not having sex for long periods of time, makes you forget that it is supposed to be a fun activity and not a chore. Make a conscious effort to rejuvenate your sex life!

13. Try a 5-minute quickie challenge

This can be challenging yet exciting. When you baby is busy playing in a safe area in your home, challenge your partner to come to the bedroom in 5 minutes and get on with the sex! This is a great way to release the frustration the busy baby routine has built up in both of you. You might even start looking forward to these quickies because of the challenge of having to come back before the baby starts crying.

14. Do not schedule sex for nighttime only

Nighttime is not the only time to have sex, in fact, after taking care of a baby and going to a job and doing all kinds of chores all day, most people do not have the juice to have sex. In fact, if you leave sex for nighttime only, it’ll become a burden and won’t happen. Initiate sex in the morning, before your children have awakened or in the middle of the day for some quick stress relief. Use sex to help you cope with this new stressful routine instead of treating it like a burden.

15. Use Toys

Most women develop a difficult relationship with sex postpartum because of fears about their body, so it is all the more important to get creative and try new things that make your partner feel safe, beautiful and wanted and helps them transition into sex slowly if they need their time. Toys are a great way to take the pressure off.

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Marriage is a commitment to care enough to put in an effort and you should absolutely give it your best shot to spice up your marriage if it feels like it’s in an ebb and low tide. No problem is unfixable with some communication and an openness to fix it!



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