Ready To Make A Baby? Find Out The Best Sex Positions To Get Pregnant

Time to make a baby? here are the best sex positions to help you easily conceive and become pregnant quickly.

By MJ Faublas
Ready To Make A Baby? Find Out The Best Sex Positions To Get Pregnant

So You Want to Make a Baby?

Since our younger years we've heard about where babies came from, and we've even fantasized about what it might be like to become a parent. But, what we soon find out is that life doesn't always go according to plan. If we want to conceive a child it's often difficult and if we aren't necessarily wanting to become a parent, it often happens sooner than expect. And with that rude awakening realization, the search is on for the best sex positions to quickly conceive and become pregnant easily. It might seem as though the dream of becoming pregnant was exciting at first, until fertility conversations with friends and doctors begin to fill your every waking moment. Your google search history would be an embarrassment for you and your spouse as it's filled with searches on 'sex positions', 'best sex positions', 'different sex positions', 'sex positions for baby making', 'sex positions to conceive', etc. But fear not, you'll get all the help you need in order to conceive a child, and before you're done reading this article, you might be pregnant. In the end the least of your worries should be stress over whether you may or not pregnant. The most that should be on your are the exciting details that surround your future family. With the sex positions we are about to introduce into your love life, your family will grow quickly and easily.

Are You Ready to Get Pregnant?

Before we introduce you to the magical world of becoming pregnant, let us have an intimate conversation and please answer the following questionnaire as honest as possible: 1. Are you ready to get pregnant? 2. Have you been trying to get pregnant for a long time? 3. Have you seen a fertility specialist? 4. Did your fertility specialist advise of any issues? 5. Do you really want to get pregnant? 6. Does your partner want to get pregnant? 7. Have you thought about the sex of the baby? 8. Are you ready to quickly and easily get pregnant? 9. Are you good at following directions? 10. Have you ever successfully conceived in her past? 11. Have you had previous successful pregnancies? 12. Is there a history of issues dealing with pregnancy in your family? 13. Did your mother (maternal ancestors) get pregnant easily? 14. Did your mother successfully have multiple pregnancies? 15. Are you an only child? 16. Do twins run in your family? 17. Have you tried different sex positions to easily and quickly get pregnant? 18. Are you following a specific fertility schedule? 19. Do you understand how your monthly menstrual cycle affect your ability to get pregnant? 20. Do you think you will be a good mother (or your partner a good parent)? Each question should be answered with a simple (Y) or (N). Each answer is weighed differently per question so please take note of your answers and do not erase your original answer, this gives you a clear understanding of where you are in planning to get pregnant and how easily getting pregnant will be for you.

Getting Pregnant Quickly

Getting pregnant should be easily done and quickly to accomplish. If you are having issues with getting pregnant fear not, for all the help you will ever need is here. Prior to taking action to conceive, you should have answered all of the above questions honestly and here are the results for each question: 1. Y (Y -10 pts, N - 5 pts) 2. N (N - 10 pts, Y - 5 pts) 3. N (N - 10 pts, Y - 5 pts) 4. N (N -10 pts, Y - 5 pts) 5. Y (Y - 10 pts, N - 5 pts) 6. Y (Y - 10 pts, N - 5 pts) 7. Y (Y - 10 pts, N - 5 pts) 8. Y (Y - 10 pts, N - 5 pts) 9. Y (Y - 10 pts, N - 5 pts) 10. Y (Y - 10 pts, N - 5 pts) 11. Y (Y - 10 pts, N - 5 pts) 12. N (N - 10 pts, Y - 5 pts) 13. Y (Y - 10 pts, N - 5 pts) 14. Y (Y - 10 pts, N - 5 pts) 15. Y (Y - 10 pts, N - 5 pts) 16. Y/N (Both worth 10 pts) 17. Y (Y - 10 pts, N - 5 pts) 18. Y (Y - 10 pts, N - 5 pts) 19. Y (Y - 10 pts, N - 5 pts) 20. Y (Y - 10 pts, N - 5 pts) Points results: 200 pts = You are ready to get pregnant and you are healthy enough to explore different sex positions to get pregnant. If you've not been successful at getting pregnant in the past, it could be because you are not having sex when you're fertile (we will explore this later). You will get pregnant easily and quickly after trying out these different techniques. 100 pts = You are somewhat ready to get pregnant, but have some hesitations towards your ability to handle parenthood. Your hesitation is not so much health related as it could be fears. But you should be confident in knowing that getting pregnant is something you are ready for and that fear comes with all pregnancies. Find your peace and relax, you will be a wonderful parent.

Pregnant Disclosure

As you read through these sex positions, please keep in mind this is purely for your enjoyment. If at anytime you feel there is an actual health related reason to why you can't conceive always speak with your doctor. Every position in this article is for your pleasure and to aid in helping you achieve an easy, quick, healthy pregnancy. But anytime you fear that natural conception is not for you, take the initiative and speak with you doctor of choice. Now with that being said, let's get to the fun.

Getting Pregnant Trivia

Did you known that most women are pregnant for a total of six weeks prior to becoming aware that they are pregnant. Being pregnant is something that can go unnoticed until you're well into your first trimester. Iff you've been trying for awhile and are not sure if you are pregnant or not, just head to your drugstore and pick up a pregnancy test. You might be surprised with the results. Did you known that stress lowers your ability to get pregnant. You might be creating specific hormones that may harm your ability to actually get pregnant. Instead of sitting around worrying about getting pregnant, go out and do something special for yourself. Go to the spa, have a nice meal, head to the beach (some vitamin E goes a long way), go see a movie. Do anything that may help you relax and then get ready to get pregnant.

Baby Gender Preference

Now that you understand the importance of the events that are about to take place surrounding you getting pregnant, let's talk about the baby you wish to conceive. In other words, have you thought of the specific gender that you'd like to conceive? You may not have known this but specific sex positions bring about specific baby genders. Along with sex positions, using a Chinese calendar can help you become pregnant with your specific baby gender as well. When you begin trying to conceive, keep these two factors in mind and you will get pregnant quickly and easily.

Sex Positions to Get Pregnant

When thinking of the best sex positions to get pregnant, think of the path that the sperm must take to fertilize your egg. These sex positions are unique in that they help your body receive the sperm of your partner in order to easily conceive your new baby. These sex positions below are best when used during your most fertile time which is usually 14 days following your menstrual cycle. Here are some fun sex positions that will help you easily conceive and are best for getting pregnant quickly:

Sex Position: Turn On

The initial step to getting pregnant is to for him to turn you on, this position puts you in a vulnerable position and your partner has full control to turn you on to the brink of an orgasm, but he should not. He should turn you on so much that you're intensity for him leads to the next position that will help you two get pregnant quickly.


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Sex Position: Wrap Around

In this sex position, your legs are in the air wrapped around your spouse's neck. Your pelvis is tilted so that the sperm is in direct alignment to travel down your womb bringing you to a quick and easy pregnancy. This sex position puts you and your spouse at eye level and can create a passionate connection. Try to keep your spouse comfortable by giving him sweet kisses as encouragement and you will be shocked as how quickly and easily this sex position will get you pregnant.

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Sex Position: Butter Churn

In this position, he's to churn your the bowl and the butter is that future baby that this pregnancy will bring about. This position will bring the sperm of your mate quickly to your womb making getting pregnancy easily accomplished.

Sex Positions for a Boy

If you're not just trying to conceive, but want to be pregnant with a boy, there are scientific strategies that can be used when practicing different sex positions. The ability to help conceive a boy goes into the speed and direction that the sperm is deposited into your womb. Most sex positions that involves the 'doggie style' position, the sex position of your partner being behind you, or any position that gives you a great orgasm will boost your ability to get pregnant with a boy. But here are a few for you to try:

Sex Position: Waterfall

This position places a twist on the ordinary doggie style. In this position, your pelvis is upside down and this makes your mate's sperm easy to travel to your womb. Not only will you enjoy this position, but the intensifying pleasure will make you have an orgasm, which is what is needed to conceive a boy. This position is guaranteed to bring a smile to both you and your partner's faces in the end.

Sex Position: One Leg Up Doggie Style

In this position, you are continuing the doggie style position which will be enhanced. You will position yourself with one leg up and your partner will have the ability to increase his ability to reach your pelvis. His sperm should travel quickly to your womb and your orgasm will help start the deed of easily getting pregnant. Both of you will be satisfied and will be celebrating soon after trying this position.

Position Difficulty:  2/5 Pros: We are willing to bet that most of you looking at this sex position are thinking, ‘What is this and, more importantly why? The Running Start sex position is one that may appear to just be doggy-style with the receiving partner raising one leg, but when the thrusting partner kneels against a wall, they’re able to support their partner’s weight while said receiving partner can use one leg to push and control the thrusts. Cons: Still seem impossible? This position actually takes less body strength than you’d think; it’s really just about using straight angles and ‘mini-movements’ to your advantage. The receiver’s elbows and forearms stay flat on the floor or bed and their upper arm moves  from a straight up and down position to slightly bent forward with the thrusts. Likewise, thrusts can be gently controlled by shifting from one’s heels to toes and back again against the wall, or springing with the rest of the leg. Either way, the only true con to this position is potential marks on light colored wall―so start with a sensual bathand scrub your feet #sextalk #sexposition #freakyfriday #adventuroussex #healthysex #creativesex #naijasexblog

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Sex Position: Prison Guard

You're the prisoner and he's the guard in this position. Not only is this position fun to try, but the standing position builds excitement which your pelvis will respond to. You should reach maximum orgasm leading to a pregnancy that is easily attained. If you'd like, add some handcuffs or costumes, and role play to bring about some excitement while using this position.

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Sex Positions for a Girl

Unlike getting pregnant with a boy, the sex positions to get pregnant with a girl are totally opposite. When you're trying sex positions to get pregnant with a girl, you should remain on top and should try your best to never attain an orgasm. Here are some positions that will help you get pregnant:

Sex Position: Girl on Top

With you on top of him, you are in control of when and how quick he orgasms. So enjoy the ride and get ready to be called "Mommy".

Sex Position: Spooning

The spooning position puts you and your partner into a comfortable position. And if you'd like, you can place a pillow under your pelvis to help with sperm flow. This position will be shared with some passion and give your partner the ability to rub your tummy, which will help in visualizing the pregnancy.

Sex Position: Standing

The standing position is useful as it gives you and your partner the opportunity to be physical. You should allow your partner to enjoy your body completely so that his orgasm is complete. Once he's experienced his orgasm, lay flat with your pelvis on a pillow to increase the sperm flow and to allow a quick and easy pregnancy.

Now That We're Pregnant

Now that you've confirmed that you are pregnant, you can thank our different sex positions for your success. Getting pregnant was a task that involved all of us and you should be most proud. But your part of the task is just beginning and don't think that you can't continue to have fun with different sex positions as you enjoy your pregnancy. You might've heard that pregnancy sex is one of the most enjoyable sexual experiences you will ever had, and this is a fact. Your body is in better position to receive your partner and you will find that your pleasure levels are increased dramatically. You will be turned on most of your pregnancy, so take advantage of this time. There are many different sex positions that can be used while pregnant. Fear not, for we have prepared for you a beautiful list of safe sex positions to enjoy while your baby is growing.

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Pregnant Responsible Sex Positions

The positions that are enjoyable while pregnant are no different that the positions you used while trying to get pregnant. The only difference you have now is the amount of responsibility and care you give to your body. Don't worry about your growing baby as he (or she) is safely tucked in your womb. Unless you and your partner are into disastrous sex positions, your body should be a safe haven for your baby no matter the position you try. Here are some fun positions to try while pregnant:

1. This position is safe and should be done with a pillow under your back. You may try this position throughout your pregnancy for as long as your doctor says it's safe. Any discomfort you feel should be shared with your partner so that he may adjust or change position. The most important factor of enjoy pregnancy sex is keeping you and the baby safe.

Bagaimanakah gaya bercinta yang benar saat wanita sedang hamil? Untuk pertanyaan ini, para ahli banyak yang menyarankan perempuan hamil untuk menghindari tengkurap atau berbaring di sisi kanan setelah 4 bulan kehamilan Saat berhubungan seks, bayi tetap aman karena dilindungi oleh serviks dan cairan ketuban. Karena itu, wanita hamil tetap dapat berhubungan seks kapanpun mereka mau Posisi sendok Dalam posisi ini, pasangan berbaring menyamping dengan pria berada di belakang wanita. Saat di belakang wanita, pria dapat mencari sudut yang tepat untuk melakukan penetrasi. Ingat, hindari berbaring ke sisi kanan dalam posisi ini Woman on top Dalam posisi wanita di atas, perut tidak mendapatkan tekanan apapun sehingga dapat lebih nyaman. Selain itu, dengan posisi ini wanita dapat mengontrol kedalaman penetrasi Ujung kasur Dalam posisi ini, wanita hamil berbaring telentang di ujung kasur dengan lutut ditekuk dan kaki yang menyentuh lantai. Sedangkan pria berdiri tepat menghadap wanita. Penetrasi dilakukan pria saat berdiri Doggy style Mungkin semua orang dewasa sudah paham bagaimana posisi ini. Ternyata, posisi ini merupakan salah satu posisi terbaik untuk berhubungan seks saat hamil Sitting up Pasangan butuh kursi atau tempat duduk sejenis untuk mempraktikkan posisi ini. Wanita hamil berada di pangkuan pria dan saat itu sekaligus terjadi penetrasi Semoga bermanfaat dan selamat mencoba #posisiseksoranghamil #oranghamil #hamilmuda #hubunganintimsaathamil #hamiltua #posisiseks #sexposition #pregnant #foredi #foredigel #ferodi #obatkuatpria #Ladyfem #ladyfeme #fiforlif #khususdewasa

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2. The position of doggie style is most pleasurable while pregnant. As long as you're comfortable, you and your partner can enjoy this position as often as you'd like. This position doesn't lose its affect because you're pregnant, in fact the contrary happens as your body is at it's peak sexual pleasure. As always, your safety is most important and you should always speak with your doctor if you fell any discomfort during sex while pregnant.

Nine Pregnant Months of Patience

The next nine months are going to be filled with all types of emotions. There are those days where you will be filled with joy, you may experience some sadness or fear, you may even have some depressive moments waiting for your bundle to arrive. What you must know is the hardest part of the pregnancy has occurred, and now you are only waiting for the arrival and life of fun that comes with being a mom. Keep in mind that you and your partner prepared for this moment in your lives and are well prepared. So, enjoy the next nine months. Take some pictures. Prepare your baby's nursery. And most importantly, enjoy each and every moment of your new pregnancy. Congratulations.