Do Women like Anal Sex? The Yes and The Nos Stories

Listen to the verdict of women who test and tried anal sex

By Sophia R
Do Women like Anal Sex? The Yes and The Nos Stories

Have You Tried Anal Sex Before?

Anal sex is still a taboo, even in this century where there is freedom of expression, where you see sex everywhere and where we are supposed to be increasingly secure in expressing our tastes and preferences.

But something weird happens with anal sex because it turns out that you can't find anyone to talk to about it. Your friends might get all awkward and change the subject when you mention the matter. The same thing could happen with your partner if they become even more uncomfortable because you do not know how to touch the subject.

In general, it turns out that sex is still a taboo subject in many ways, and anal sex even more so. That is why we want to share some reasons why women love anal sex and why others find it no so pleasing. As it is very hard to talk about with someone, we have the answer to your doubts about a once for all.

I invite you to open your mind, put prejudices aside for a little while and do not swallow everything we tell you. But please, do not close yourself up on the subject and give it a chance, evaluate carefully how you feel about anal sex and draw your own conclusions with the help of this article.

Why Some Love It

1. It is fun

Sex should be a fun game to share as a couple or in a group, depending on how you practice it, and it turns out that anal sex can be a lot of fun if you find a partner who is patient, who likes to play and above all who doesn't want to go straight to the point.

You can make anal play somewhat entertaining and make the experience enjoyable for both of you because we must bear in mind that anal sex can be very pleasant not only for men but also for women.

And to feel pleasure it is required that the person who is penetrating knows how to do it, because it is not easy, or at least it will not be the first few times, so have patience, good disposition and time, because this is not something to do in a rush.

2. It allows double penetration

Well, well, here we are going to start using some bigger words. So take a seat.

It turns out that a hidden desire of some women is to be penetrated by two men. Yes, I know, you can look at it as something weird or bad if you want, but it's the truth. We are not generalizing, it doesn't happen to all women, but it does to many. If you are one of them, some point in your life you have thought about it and if you have not done it but want to do it , because it can be a lot of fun, as well as exciting, forbidden and quite dirty.

The good news is that you do not have to have a threesome to reach double penetration, erotic toys can play an important role here. If your partner is skilled or you can handle the sensations well, perhaps you can also play at the same time that they penetrate you one side, penetrate yourself with a dildo the other.

We will simply tell you that variety is a pleasure and that in sex, looking to do fun things should be a mandatory task in your life.

3. They like to penetrate, too

As you will see this post is going to break myths and taboos and here we are going to destroy one more.

It turns out that women, at some point, would like to penetrate their partner. Yes, call them crazy, perverted or whatever you want, but it's true. We go back and say, not all, but some.

We will not tell you that it will be simple, of course not. If they are inexperienced with anal penetration it may be a bit difficult to even imagine because there are still many myths associated with male manhood and anus.
But do not be discouraged, all is not lost and there are curious men in the world who are willing to explore and allow themselves to be explored. So everything will depend on how you propose it to them and how you later execute it.

Our recommendation here is to have an open mind, be very clear, speak at all times, be careful and above all enjoy it, so that he can also enjoy it.

4. It creates trust

With anal sex, trust in the partner is fostered and the relationship and the bond that is created are strengthened, because the truth is that it is necessary to have a lot of trust in your partner to really enjoy anal sex.

Why? Because it turns out that the anus is a very vulnerable part of the body, which we are not used to relating to pleasure, so it is important to have trust to be able to really enjoy it.This does not mean that it is always necessary, maybe not, maybe when you are used to it and have done it many times, you will be great with anyone, but maybe you need a little more of it if you are a first-time in this topic.Because if you do it with someone you don't trust you can have a really bad time, not enjoy it and it can be quite painful for you. So be very careful and choose well with whom you live the experience, at least the first few times.

5. It is a great way to have sex during your period

There are women who do not like to have sex with their period but they get really horny, excited or whatever you want to call it during it. Anal sex could be the solution to your situation.

Although of course, I can not imagine a woman who does not like to have sex during her menstruation letting him put it behind. But I have a friend who loves it, so for her I include this point. My friend fell in love with anal sex because once she had her period her partner suggested it to her and the experience was great and in fact she is one of those who recommends it for menstrual cramps. Win win!

Why Some Find It Weird

6. It can hurt their anus

This is always a possibility when having anal sex because unlike the vagina, the anus does not lubricate naturally. Using a lubricant not only makes it more pleasurable, it relieves the pain it can cause and reduces the risk of a tear. Now, while an anal tear isn’t really that dangerous, the anus is a great place for viruses that can quickly enter the bloodstream through those tears. Some people are just not down for that.

7. There is a risk of pooping

While having anal sex with a little poop included is not the rule, you shouldn't be surprised if this happens. Again, this is a possibility, not a sure thing. So, you know, just keep that in mind and don't panic if it happens. It's just poop, no one has died of poop-related shame. But many people keep away from anal sex because of this possibility.

8. There is more risk of infections

It works like this: the anus is a direct path to the intestines. The intestines are, of course, the home of poop. Poop is a waste product that is full of bacteria and other things that are not so fun. What this means is that if you go from anal to vaginal sex without washing properly, you could end up with a sexually transmitted infection, as well as other possible unpleasant infections. This is something that doesn’t make it that attractive anymore, isn’t it?

9. They might not find it pleasurable

A fourth reason is that anal sex does not provide women with relevant erotic sensations. Women who practice it can take pleasure from physical contact,the situation as a whole, or the fact that they are pleasuring their partner with such sensations. But the anus, although it has nerve endings that can transmit erotic sensations, does not produce pleasure with the insertion of the penis, but with caresses and soft touches. So, many think: why get into this weird situation if I’m not going to feel anything? It’s just not worth it for them.

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One thing is clear and I refer to what a friend told me, anal sex is mental, if you are not curious, if you have more reluctance that you want to explore, you may not really enjoy it and for there to be a pleasure, you have to desire it. Otherwise, you can have a very bad experience with it.

This means that if you do not have something of morbidity or excitement when thinking about the idea of ​​doing it, whether you are a man or a woman, do not do it to please the other, for fear that he will leave you or look for someone else what you do not give him.

Our  recommendation is that if it is something that you like or are curious about, talk to your partner and reach an agreement. Do not stay with the desire, but also do not force anyone to do something they do not want or that feels bad.

However, never forget that curiosity killed the cat and that if you or your partner have certain inclinations and tastes and cannot satisfy them with the person you are with, there will come a time, one day, where you will look for a release somewhere else, and I'm not talking about getting another man, I'm talking about fights, frustrations, bad vibes ...

So communication is important. Because we are human, we need some things to be satisfied and when you are not sexually satisfied, things start getting pretty Bad.


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