A To Z List of Dirty Words to Surprise, Impress and Use during the Right Time

The alphabetical list of dirty words you should know (for fun)

By Michele
A To Z List of Dirty Words to Surprise, Impress and Use during the Right Time

Dirty words, dirty thoughts, dirty ideas, where do they all come from? Do we make some up in our heads and think that sounds like a cool word to use befitting the meaning or are there already so many out there? We can compile a list of A-Z of dirty words to surprise, impress and use during the right time and you’ll be both shocked and amused by various words and in the ways in which they can be used.

Everyone knows a swear word or two and many sex words for sexual positions or sex in general or words for naughtiness with which you can have so much fun. It doesn’t matter whether you have a broad vocabulary or a limited one, we all know some words to surprise and entertain others and why not use them when you can to have your friends laughing with you? Let’s go on and find out what dirty words can dazzle you if not bemuse you and amuse you.

List Of A To Z Of Dirty Words (Including the Funny Ones)


Anilingus which essentially means rimming. If you don’t know what rimming is, you could Google it or we can just tell you right up that it’s gross – stimulating the anus by licking – and best used for someone who is really adventurous (not me) or to insult someone. Insult can go along the line of.. tell them to go perform anilingus.


Buggery. While it is often used to say ‘go to buggery’ in English which means piss off or go away, the actual meaning of buggery is anal intercourse.


Cocksucker. Obvious as it may seem, not everyone uses it for what it essentially means which sucking a penis or otherwise colloquially known as a cock. Many use it as an insult and so the best time to use it is when a friend is being a jerk or when someone pulls out in front of you while driving.


Dildo – a penis-shaped apparatus used typically between lesbians as one means of having sex. It can be utilized to stimulate the clitoris/external stimulation or used to penetrate. Best served between lesbians, however, is known to be used by heterosexuals as well and can be a word that can be used in conversation about sex with friends or online messaging.


Engorged is a big boner. What is a boner? Well, we could have used that for B but buggery was just too good to continue on with the anal topics. A boner is an erection of the penis and engorged means a big boner or erection. A woman could be impressed or surprised and say ‘that is engorged!’ if she finds herself in a situation with a man with a big boner.


Fuck buddy. In its very essence, it is a simple and straightforward term for two people engaging in regular sexual activity with one another but both parties do not consider themselves in a relationship per se. Another term for it is ‘Friends-With-Benefits (FWB)’. Typically served up when talking with friends about the latest fuck buddy or the person that they are engaging in sexual activity with.


Gangbang. Not ideal to most but here it is, gangbang for all its glory to be known as a woman being engaged in sexual activity with several men or perhaps a mix of men and women. Either way, it is a pleasure-seeking activity for all involved and is used when discussing perhaps an occurrence of it or the idea of it.


Handjob. What is one of these? You probably know already if you are reading this article but it is when someone, a man or a woman is pleasuring a man by stimulating his penis with strokes or movements up and down of their hand. A man might say to a woman who is keen on having sex with him, ‘give me a hand job’ and she may or may not agree to but this is the meaning and could be used also when a man is talking with his friends about having received a hand job.


Interspecies erotica: What the fuck is that? Well, it’s a more formal way of saying sex with other animals, human beings engaging in sex with another animal which is not human. When should it be used? Who knows?! Perhaps when you think someone is truly weird and they might be so weird you think they get off (are stimulated by) on erotica of interspecies sex.


Jerk off. Well, this one is like saying ‘you’re a cocksucker’ and is commonly used to insult someone that they are an asshole or not nice with the jerk part but the true meaning of jerk off together is to masturbate, typically a male doing so. When to use it? When you say to your mate that you jerked off or that someone jerks off a lot.


Kinky. What’s getting all kind of kinky about? Well, it could be some S & M which is sadomasochism (look it up if you’re unsure about that one!) or even using some handcuffs or toys to explore with during the act of sex with someone. Getting kinky is exciting and fun and you can say to your partner or your ‘fuck buddy’, ‘let’s get kinky tonight’ or you can describe kinkiness to your friends with your idea of what kinky sex is like whether you have had it or not.


 Labia. Very simply, it is the lips of the vagina. Simple, pleasurable and used when discussing female genitalia.


Mutual masturbation: What on ever does this mean? Isn’t masturbation something you do to yourself? Yes, it is indeed, however, if you want to have some fun with your partner or person you are an entertaining sexual activity with, try mutual masturbation where you both masturbate at the same time and get aroused by watching one another. When do you use it? The term, not the masturbation… when you want the person whom you’re into to enjoy trying it together.


Necrophilia. Essentially this means the enjoyment one has in having sex with a cadaver otherwise known as a dead person. A Necrophiliac? One who enjoys such. When to use it in your vocabulary? Perhaps again like Interspecies erotica, when you think or perceive someone to be really really weird and off-putting and perhaps you refer to them as quite probably into Necrophilia.


Orgasm. Wow! Simple right? We all know that one. The release of pleasure from sexual activity or masturbation. When to use it? In the bedroom to let your sexual partner know you’re coming perhaps or when talking with your friends about whether you have experienced an orgasm or not.


Penis. It’s the only thing that truly makes sense for a dirty word beginning with the letter ‘P’. It’s obvious yes but still funny to so many to hear the formal or official term for a man’s cock or one-eyed trouser snake as it is also often called. When to use this term? Whenever really, when you feel that is appropriate for your conversation.


Queef which means a fanny fart. What is a fanny fart? Let me explain. Fanny is the colloquial term for a vagina and a fart, well we know flatulence from the anus. Queef means a sound resembling flatulence but from the vagina and does not involve the release of gases nor does it have an odor. When to use it? Well, some would say in the bedroom as it can happen during sex or others might mention it while chatting with their friends about a sexual experience or someone they know who did a ‘fanny fart’ or queef.


Rogering. What indeed is a good ole rogering? It means for a man to give a solid penetration of sexual intercourse with a woman. Commonly used in discussions between males, it can be used such as ‘I gave her a good ole rogering I did’.


Slut. Horrible word but we couldn’t very well use ‘sex’ could we? It’s just too obvious! A slut is usually referred for a woman who engages in sexual activity with multiple people (not all at once like a gang bang) but who enjoys sleeping with many people. Hook-ups if you like. When do people use this word? Often used as an insult by a woman to another woman or by a man to a woman, it is a degrading term about a woman and is used in conversation about someone.


Tits. Obvious isn’t it? For those who don’t know, it’s a common colloquial term in English for a woman’s breasts or also known commonly as a ‘rack’. It can actually be used for the male parts as well when men might have additional weight and appear to be bearing breasts or ‘male tits’. This word is best served between friends who say ‘look at the tits on her!’ or between female friends who are discussing their breasts.


UTI. What does that acronym stand for? Urinary Tract Infection is otherwise known as the UTI which means an infection of the urinary tract. It sounds quite simple and obvious but it can be painful. Usually referred to when a Doctor informs a patient that they have a UTI or when friends discuss a UTI.


Vaginitis – this means an inflammation of the vagina which can result in a discharge from the vagina and/or itchiness and pain. It’s a bacterial infection that can be caused by skin disorders or from sexual activity. When could you use this term? Usually with your GP but it could also be used when discussing with a close friend or partner. No one uses this one as an insult!


Wet or Wank. It’s hard to choose. Wet is usually referred to when a woman is moist from being pleasured during sexual foreplay or intercourse while wank is the same as jerk off or masturbate. Wanking is often done by men to relieve sexual frustration but wet really does sound way more fun. Use these terms for fun either way in conversation with friends or with a sexual partner to say ‘you’re so wet’ or ‘I’m so wet’.


X-rated. What else could we use? X-rated is way beyond G-rated which is for general audience; X-rated is often for pornography and kinky sexual activities. X-rated might be on a DVD or a film guide but it also can be used in conversation about sex. ‘It was X-rated sex and it was damn good!’


Yank. Give it a good old yank my dear. What does it mean exactly? Similar to wank, it means giving the penis or cock a good yank or masturbation. It is commonly used when you ask someone to yank something down from a shelf so it is not only sexual.          


Zelophile. Of course, there had to be a ‘phile’ word for ‘Z’ and there is. Zelophile means sexual arousal gained from jealousy. Strange to hear? Probably not so uncommon to be honest. When should you use it? Well, it might be best not to tell your partner that they’re a zelophile or perhaps do if you think they will take it well. After all, their jealousy gives them sexual arousal. Maybe use it when you talk with one of your friends and say your partner is a zelophile or if you are one yourself, tell it to your friends and see what laughs you can get with them.

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Well, that’s the A-Z of dirty words, including the funny and quirky ones, with a bit of insulting as a side dish and rather explicit sexual connotations. Whether you’re chatting with friends or with your sexual partner/lover, these words can make for amusement and bemuse you all at the same time. Some are obvious and some need a little bit more explanation but you get the drift of what we’re saying here and you can use these words in situations in which you feel they are best served. Talking of best served, with sexual innuendo at its peak, the A-Z of dirty words is best served warm, like warm apple pie.