8 Real Relationship problems and how to fix them

Stop arguing about problems in relationships and find solutions

By Sameet
8 Real Relationship problems and how to fix them

8 Common and Top Relationship Problems that happen in real life

No doubt, being in love is one of the best feelings ever. Being in the company of that special someone is priceless and there are times you get the feeling of being in that state of happiness forever. But life isn't always fairytales and rainbows. People only get hurt from those they're closest to, in many ways. Even minor issues can bring a lot of conflict in a relationship. Some of the most common problems that occur in every couple's lives are:

1. Lack of Trust

Trust, this little word that ties and holds everything together in any sort of relationship. In a couple not having trust or being in a state of doubtfulness is like a dead-end for that relationship. Some people are just way too paranoid to develop that type of trust. Always keeping tabs on that person or frequently questioning them of their whereabouts, is the most annoying thing you can do to someone. This gives a feeling of being accused of crime all the time. Well, that sucks and nobody should be put in a situation like that.

2. Extra Possessivness

It's a cute feeling of being loved so much that your partner is scared to lose you. Honestly, a little insecurity doesn't hurt anyone but the extreme of anything is bad. Jealousy is that one thing that can go destructive within minutes. Being a little possessive in a relationship might prove to be healthy, but people with impulsive jealousy don't know when to stop. Things tend to get suffocating when you don't get or give space in a relationship and get extremely possessive. Just because a person can't handle the doubts out of their minds, they ruin the relationship by continuously throwing tantrums.

3. Miscommunication

Communicating with someone doesn't necessarily mean talking to them or texting them all day. It means to say what you actually feel and not hide any of your emotions. There is a great possibility of getting misunderstood when the feelings or opinions are not expressed in the right way or at the right time. Everything counts in miscommunication like the tone of voice, body language, or just saying too much or too less. Being silent on some issues makes matters worse than before and gives the expression of not caring at all or being way too passive about the matters at hand. Shutting your partner out is another major and very common problem in relationships, not talking about the problem, may lead to complications later on.

4. Lack of attention

Time is everything, even in a relationship. When someone doesn't care about taking out time for their loved one even in a simple routine, then is it even worth it? This is one of the most common complaints nowadays, as people are busy in their daily life hassles. In the process they forget what their priorities are, and the person who should be on the top of their priority list.

5. Being less Intimate

It doesn't matter how long the relationship has aged, that chemistry between a couple should never end. Intimacy is what truly makes a couple, couple. Even if one person starts losing interest in being physically connected, the other could start feeling rejected. Being preoccupied all the time and not taking out time for romantic gestures can be a downfall for any relationship, no matter what phase. When the spark seems to disappear, it means there is something to worry about. Sex gets boring or the desire starts to fade away, if not paid attention to.

6. Lack of Agreement

When it's about making decisions, the choice should never be one-sided. It doesn't matter how major a decision could be. Whether it's about having a family together, or just picking out a movie to watch, if you can't agree with each other, then that's bad news for you. How can two people survive with each other if they have more conflicts and less unity between them?

7. Contempt

There is nothing more hurting than being taken for granted by someone, especially the people you invest in a lot. It's all about respect in the end which should be from both sides, equally. The relationship starts to crumble when one person starts feeling inferior or not being taken seriously. Slowly, everything becomes one-sided, all the efforts and love. If someone is not appreciated for all these efforts or if they tend to feel lonely and rejected, ultimately they let go too at some point.

8. Criticism

Usually, in arguments, people tend to forget the issue that actually caused the whole scenario, instead they start criticizing their partner about their personality. This is probably the worst thing to do to a person, pointing out flaws in their personality and starting a blame game. Criticism is something that can deeply and permanently shatter someone's confidence and it becomes difficult to restore. It's only a matter of time when the tolerance limit is crossed and everything just explodes like a volcano. Now that wouldn't be a pretty sight, would it? The only way to clear all the misconceptions and doubts is to speak your heart out.

Help and Solutions for overcoming Relationship Problems

1. Develop Trust

Trust is definitely the factor which lays the foundation for any relationship. It is extremely important for a couple to get rid of their trust issues as soon as possible to avoid any misunderstandings which may develop. For this, it is necessary for both individuals to be sincere, honest and open with each other. Although some individuals don't believe in sharing every small detail with their partner, sometimes, asking for advice from your partner in even the smallest of matters can help develop this bond of trust. Every couple has disputes at times but Trust is the glue which holds the couple together even during times of conflict.

2. Don't get Overly Possessive

Being possessive about your partner is totally natural and even good for a healthy relationship. Who doesn't love the fact that their partner doesn't wanna lose him/her. But sometimes when your partner is surrounded by the opposite gender, you tend to get over possessive. While your partner might be totally sincere with you, being over possessive may give a reflection that you don't trust them. And this false reflection may lead to misunderstandings. So just get hold of your nerves for the moment and have trust in your partner. You can gently express your feelings but try not to get aggressive as this might turn the tables up side down.

3. Make sure they get what you're saying

Texting is the most common method of communicating these days and it has proved to be the most misleading way of communication. Text messages can be left on unread, late replies due to busy schedules can give the image of ignoring the person and this is an emerging reason for conflicts. Your texts can be interpreted in multiple ways so make sure to avoid handling sensitive issues on a text.

It is always better to address such topics on call or preferably in person if possible. Studies have shown that body language has a greater role in communication than the words we say, so try to make good use of those hands and facial expressions.

4. Give Attention

Relationships may not be as easy as they look. They require a lot of effort in the form of time and attention. Keep your partner on your first priority always, who else is deserving enough for that attention? Attention is one thing you should not compromise on, irrespective of the busy schedule you might have, as it is the basic demand one has in a relationship. 

5. Bring more romance to the story

If you're not close to your partner in every way, then you're unable to understand them in every way too. If you feel like the spark is fading away, then re-ignite it with a little bit of romance and intimate gestures. Surprise your partner with exciting and active physical love.

6. Healthy compromise

Whenever there is conflict in opinions, keeping a rigid attitude never helps. It's always a safe option to state your demands as well and then come to an agreement that meets both interests in the middle. Other than this, a healthy compromise is very appreciable in a relationship, given that it is never one-sided.

7. Treat as equals

There is no such thing as ego or superiority in a relationship. Treat your partner as your equal and develop more respect for them. Keep in check what you say to them, so it doesn't hurt them. And if you're the one tolerating, you need to be open and share your feelings with your partner, this clarifies a lot.

Patience has its limits, take it too far and it's cowardice. -Holbrook Jackson

8. Appreciation and Support

There is a difference between degrading someone and constructive criticism. The purpose of this type of criticism is to correct your partner in a mannerly way so that they can improve themselves in society. It's very respectful to bring out the better aspects of their personality and not trying to change to them entirely.
Accept your partner and love that person the way they are.


Bottom line, having problems in your relationship doesn't mean it's the end of the world. Without those little fights and arguments, one can never cherish the happy times either. The key is to fully understand your partner and make them realize what their importance is. Things only work out if both parties are into the same thing.
So stop worrying and start working on that relationship, don't let your love slip away just like that!