5 Efficient Ways on How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Put your suspicion to action on how to catch a cheating spouse

By Evelyn
5 Efficient Ways on How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Signs of a cheating spouse

For some time you've been having a feeling in the pit of your stomach, something's not right with your relationship. Is your spouse cheating? Sadly and usually if you're asking this question, you have your suspicions or at the very least you know that something is amiss in your relationship. Your spouse has become distant, he/she evades looking you in the eyes, or suddenly he/she have been working late regularly.

Your suspicions have compelled you to confront him/her, but every time you touch the subject he/she denies it... you have the signs but no proof so you can't do anything more. The signs to know for sure if your spouse is cheating vary depending on the couple, but there are some common ones. But one thing's for sure if your gut is telling you that your spouse is cheating, listen to it because it may be right.

Be on the lookout for these common signs of cheating so that next time you confront him/her you'll have enough proof.

1. A sudden change in his/her appearance

During years your spouse wore the same clothes and the same hairdo and you couldn't get him/her near a gym. Now, all of a sudden he/she is exercising and changing his/her whole wardrobe. The change is good, maybe he/she's trying to be more attractive to you or to someone else? (possibly someone else). You can't help but notice that your husband who was fine wearing pants and t-shirts to a party now wears fashionable pants and shirts and even matching socks! Or that your wife who didn't mind the bad smelling now goes out of the house smelling divine. 

This sudden changes in appearance could be a sign of a cheating spouse. If he/she looks good but the same around you, that's good right? But if he/she wants to look better when going to work or to an event then that's a sign.

2. Spending a lot of time with "just a friend"

You notice that your spouse has a new friend and has been spending a lot of time with him/her? That may be a sign of cheating. Please first check to make sure you're not paranoid, but if he/she prefers to spend more time with this so-called friend instead of you or if he/she's trying to keep this new friendship a secret from you, then the probability of cheating is high.

3. His/her phone or computer now has a password

Suddenly you want to check something on the laptop but you can't because now it has a password that you know nothing about, the same with his/her phone. Cheating spouses now depend on their phones and computers to guard their secret lives. If your spouse suddenly starts deleting messages and/or the browser history on a daily basis, that's not a good sign; or if he/she never leaves the phone unguarded even when he/she's in the bathroom taking a shower, you have grounds to be suspicious. If he/she has nothing to hide why doesn't he/she wants you checking their phone?

4. Your spouse is unreachable

You call or text him or her and there's no answer. He/she may give you very believable excuses to account for the time he/she was unavailable like a meeting where no phones were allowed or he/she was driving or that they were on a "dead zone" and didn't know you were trying to reach them. The alarms ring louder if he/she does this while working late or when he/she' s in an out of town "meeting".

5. Hostility towards you and your relationship

Cheaters need to justify his/her behavior (in their minds) and a way to do this is by blaming someone else, mainly you. They tell themselves things like you don't look the way you didn't when you got married (neither does he or she), or that you don't appreciate all the things they do for you or that you have become boring so of course they have to look for a little fun outside the marriage.

This justifications often leak out and that's when the hostility begins, it seems that nothing you do is right, or that things that didn't bother him/her about you before start to annoy them. All this is a major red flag.

6. Some unexplained expenses

If suddenly you start to see some charges on the credit card that are odd or you start to notice that your bank account seem to have less money, that could be a sign your spouse is cheating. Illicit affairs cost money (gifts, hotel rooms, trips, dinner), they can add up really quick. If you ask him/her about those expenses and the answers you get seem far fetched or untrue, they probably are. 

7. The emotional intimacy between you has faded

Through all your years of marriage, you have created a bond between you two, you have learned to trust each other with your secrets, your desires, your dreams, you have built an emotional intimacy. That's what keeps a couple bonded, so if you notice that your spouse is suddenly less emotionally vulnerable and he/she doesn't want you to be emotionally vulnerable with him/her, that could be a sign of cheating.

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How to catch a cheating spouse online, apps and facebook

Now that you know what signs to look for if your gut is telling you that your spouse is cheating, you need to catch him/her, so you'll have concrete proof of his/her infidelity. Technology has provided cheating spouses with the perfect tool to keep their cheating a secret; the good news is that that same technology can help you catch him/her too.

There are some hacks or tricks you can do on the laptop or smartphone that can help you discover your spouse's secret illicit affairs.

1. Install an Internet history tracker

Get ahold of his/her laptop or computer and go to the browser, there you'll see all the places he/she has visited recently. You should be on the lookout for dating apps or sites or chat sites. You can visit some of these sites to get a sense of what he/she's been doing there. If you found the browser empty, it means that your spouse has deleted all his/her activity so you can't find out what he/she's been up to there. 

Don't worry, you can still catch him/her by installing an internet history tracker like iKeyMonitor, History Viewer or KDT Web History Tracker. Any of these trackers will do the job and will let you see what your spouse has been doing so you can gather evidence to confront him or her.

2. Use the Truth Finder

The technology of the TruthFinder allows you to find almost anything about your spouse's activities that seemed suspicious. For example, you can check the phone bill for calls or messages after business hours, write down the suspicious number and then enter it on the Reverse Phone Lookup on TruthFinder, it will match a face and a name to this number.

3. Use an app to monitor his/her social media

There's a fair amount of apps available to catch your cheating spouse on social media. One of them is Cocospy and currently, it's been used by millions of people around the world because of its reliability. One of the best features is that you can install it on your spouse's phone (IOS or Android) in Stealth Mode (you can hide the icon) so it becomes invisible.

It has a lot of very handy features like Social Media Tracking. This gives you access to all the activity on his/her social media accounts and instant messages (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram). 

4. Use a Mini Spy Camera and Recorder

SOOSPY 1080P Wireless WIFI Mini Camera

This is another very effective way on how you can catch your cheating spouse, using a Mini camera to record with image and sound all the suspicious activities your spouse is involved in. This particular model comes with a tiny camera lens attached to a stick so you can place it in very strategic places to know what's happening.

You can download a free app to control the camera from wherever you are. You can watch a live feed or you can record it. It has a lot of very useful features to catch him or her cheating.

How to catch a cheating spouse with a spy

Fortunately for you and unfortunately for your cheating spouse, there are quite a lot of spy apps in the market that can let you "spy" on him or her. If you install one of them on your spouse's phone, you can access almost all the information in there (calls, messages, geo-location, social media, browser history). 

5. Use a spy app

You can spy on your spouse's phone with apps like mSpy, within this app's advanced features is one that gives you access to a log of all the keys pressed while he or she's using the phone, this can let you find out all their passwords. Handy!

There are other spy apps you can try like FoneMonitor, Spyzie or Hoverwatch which lets you spy on as many as 5 phones (in case your spouse uses multiple phones).


Finding out your spouse is cheating on you is going to be painful but you have to know the truth. Be in the lookout for any of the signs we talked about and if you catch him or her, we hope you know what to do. Be strong, you can do it.

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