14 Different Ways on How to Hug a Girl You Like

How Can You Hug a Girl in These Situations as Explained

By Fred S.
14 Different Ways on How to Hug a Girl You Like

Hugs are the most wonderful and expressive gestures you could make to someone, sometimes they hold a lot of meanings, other times, they could mean absolutely nothing. But we are here to discuss how to hug someone in different situations. This article is meant to guide you step by step through different hugging scenarios, which you previously never understood how to handle without everything getting awkward. No worries, we're here to help!

How to Hug a Girl from the Back

Hugging someone from the back often signifies that you want them, that despite their tough and busying schedule you want them to know that you miss them and feel especially affectionate about them. Here’s a guide on how to hug a girl from the back: 

1. Come from behind:  

Have you just come home after a long day, or have you just spotted the girl you like in college, and you want to greet them with as much affection as possible? If you see them engrossed in work in the kitchen, or their home office, trying to sort through the difficulties of their tasks, go walk up to them silently.

2. Don’t startle them:  

Remember you want to make them feel special, not scared. Do not make too loud noises, its okay if they acknowledge your presence, but not your intentions on making them feel good about themselves.

3. Wrap your arms around them: 

Slowly wrap your arms around their waist from the back and hold them close to you. To make the extra effort to let them know that you missed them, kiss the side of their head or bury your face in their neck. 

Once you let go of the embrace and leave them to their work, we can guarantee you will leave her thinking of you and feeling giddy!  

How to Hug a Girl While Sitting

There are often times when you’re sitting with a friend, or your girl and you find yourself in a situation where they need comforting, and you want to be there, you’re just not sure how to do it: the answer to your query will always be a hug. A hug can often be helpful in times of high driven anxiety and panic attacks, it is known to calm down a person’s emotional rush. Here’s a guide on how to hug the girl while sitting next to her: 

4. Move closer to her: 

You could be sitting in a park, somewhere on the campus, or even in class, but you could meet with a moment where you have no choice but to hug her and console her. Begin by inching closer to her, when you do this, she knows you’re coming in for a hug, and you can see her response before you proceed.

5. Wrap one arm around her shoulder:  

Wrap one arm around her shoulder and let her know you are there, if she is crying, or if you want to add an effect, squeeze her shoulder lightly and nudge her a bit.  

6. Be prepared to lend your shoulder: 

Sometimes, in response to this kind of hugs, girls tend to lean further into you, by resting their heads on your shoulder or chest, be prepared for something like this happening at all times when you’re hugging someone like this!  

How to Hug a Girl Taller than You

7. Be a Hug Initiator: 

a. Wrap your arms around their waist: When a girl is taller than you, than you need to wrap your arms around her waist, resting your head on her shoulder or in her neck, and go into a full fledge hug. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. In fact, if anything you must feel privileged to be at the receiving end of a fulfilling embrace, instead of always offering one yourself. 

b. Turn your head to the side:
In order to avoid any awkwardness, you could turn your head to the side, so that you are in a comforting embrace instead of an awkward one.

c. Go for a side hug:
In such situations the best thing you could do is go for a side hug, where you wrap one arm around the person, and part away quickly. We understand that it could be hard hugging a girl that is taller than you, because you’ve always been at the offering end of embraces.

8. Balancing Your Height: 

If there is a girl that you like and she’s taller than you, than being physically expressive maybe a little harder than usual for you. We understand that these unusual situations call for a solution that is also unusual and we have the perfect one’s for you. You don’t need to feel uncomfortable but instead you need to look for ways to fix it. 

Instead of making the girl feel bad about being tall, you could stand on your toes when you greet her with a hug, and balance your height with her.  You could even stand at a higher place than her and then hug her, we understand that it’s okay for women to embrace men, but girls usually want to feel loved and feel special by being embraced the old way! 

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How to Hug a Girl Shorter than You

9. Using a Two Arm Front Hug: 

a. Hugging a short girl can be one of the most fulfilling feelings in the world. You could wrap both your arms around her, and pull her in for a hug, with her head against your chest, you could give her a feeling of protection and warmth. It will look like a bear hug, but instead it won’t be as tight, you really don’t want her suffocating, while you’re trying to express yourself.  

b. Twirl her around: Embrace your girl with both your arms, and while you do it, pull her up for a few second, spin her around and then put her down, while still keeping your arms around her. This will show how happy you are to see her and how much she is appreciated. If you like a girl who’s shorter than you, this is how you show your feelings without making it too obvious. 

10. One sided arm hug:  

a. When you see your favorite girl somewhere close by, walk over to them and wait for them to notice you, once they do, extend one arm and move closer in, so that you can get into a side hug. This shows that you want to hug them, and are happy to see them.  

b. Wait till both of you are close enough to hug each other and not feel awkward about it, place your arm around the girl’s shoulder. Show her you care and you want to be there for her, by her side.  
c. This hug helps you keep the girl from bumping into your torso, or getting strangled in your arms, or suffocated in your chest. If you want your girl to know they matter to you, always respect their personal space to. If a girl wants a crazy bear hug, trust me, they will make the move!  

How to Hug Goodbye

One of the most hardest hugs are goodbye hugs, especially if you’re offering it to someone that you certainly do not want to say goodbye to. Here is how to give the perfect goodbye hug to your special friend, so that you leave them with a note of affection, and memories: 

11. Get up to leave:

Once you decide that it is time to leave a gathering, you must get up and then hold out your hand for your friend to stand up with you, so you could embrace them before finally parting ways.

12. Pull them in:

Slowly pull them in, not too harshly though so that the embrace is tender and soft. Wrap your arms around their back, and pat slightly, and hold that position for a minute or two before distancing yourself from her.

13. Keep a hold:

Do not immediately pull your arms away, instead keep at least one arm around her waist until you have said your absolutely final goodbyes.

14. Pull away, and say goodbye:

Once you’ve said goodbye, leave her gently, and take excuse from the gathering. We can assure you that your hug has left her feeling warm and loved. She knows she’s special to you, and that your departure was reluctant. 


If there is a girl you like, and you do not have the courage to tell it to her – or if you think it’s too early to tell her – then you need to make your gestures the kind that tell her that eventually she will be someone you want to be with! One of the best ways to express yourself is through your body language, and the most ideal one would be the type of hugs you give her. There are many hugs according to the situations that you find yourself in, the article discusses each of these situations and the types of hugs you could opt for in great detail!  

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