10 Signs That Shows I'm In Love With My Best Friend

Prominent signs that I fell in love with my best friend

By Aey
10 Signs That Shows I'm In Love With My Best Friend

10 Signs that you haven fallen in love with your best friend

Life can be both unpredictable and exciting when you discover that you might be in love with your own best friend. As special as friendships are, there are days when you just can’t help but wonder if it would be even more magical if they were your significant other? Here are 10 tell-tale signs for you to know that you are in love with your best friend.

I fell in love with my best friend but he doesn’t feel the same

1. It’s all about priorities!

Knowing who loves you can be mind-numbing if you’re unable to tell the obvious signs.  It can take a toll on your mental peace and leave you unsatisfied in the longer run. Being able to tell if they make you a priority is one of the most obvious signs. You make time for them whatever the scenario, but if he doesn’t do the same; I have bad news for you. You always make the people you love, your number one priority. You love doing anything with them so you’d rather miss your hiking trip to take care of them when they catch a cold! But maybe he’s still considering you just a friend so  if he isn’t trying extra hard to be able to do things together then that is a most definitely a sign.

2. You try hard to make them feel special… do they too?

From remembering your best friend’s birthday and throwing him the Star Wars themed costume party to making their favorite meal for Thanksgiving… You always go above and beyond for their desires and try to make them feel special because you might see them as more than a friend. But maybe, just maybe they do not go the extra mile for you? Your efforts all end in vain when you see them treating you just like others. Sure, you keep each other happy and he may also love spending time with you. But perhaps that is just it.

3. Remembering the tiniest details about them!

Do you remember what your best friend did for their 13th birthday? Or maybe what scared him as a child? What type of flower makes them happy or what song they absolutely love jamming to? Well, if you exactly remember everything they have or have not told you, you might be in for some love fever! You’ve spent so much time listening to them talk about their wildest dreams and their truest aspirations that you are almost one with them. You’ve always given importance to their day to day stories and experiences. Not every “best friend” does that, you know… not just best friends at least! It’s crazy how you memorize and associate their emotions to a story they’ve told. It’s almost like you can feel the moments they have experienced, even while being away. If that isn’t the same case with them, unfortunately you’re in love with them but they aren’t.

4. You’re possessive but he isn’t…

You might be just their best friend, but what happens when you fall in love with him? Boy oh boy, things are about to get messy! Because you get that pitting feeling in your stomach that kills you because it is so obnoxious! This feeling becomes stronger and more frequent as you fall head over heels in love with him! Even knowing how a girl at the club danced with him may make you feel sick. It’s weird to imagine how nauseous you get seeing them get close to anybody else… Huh, this love will surely make you a crazy maniac. But then again, maybe love is all worth it!

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I fell in love with my best friend but I have a girlfriend

5. You’ve started noticing little things about her

Human emotions are complex and cannot be dictated or predicted by anybody. The journey of life is different for everybody and you never know where your heart may lead you. It gets complicated when you start developing feelings for your own best friend. What worsens the situation is that you are already in a relationship. How can you know if what you’re experiencing is not just a crush or infatuation? Well, one of the most obvious signs is how you may start noticing everything about her a bit more. How her eyes glisten up when she is emotional about something. Or how she ties her hair like a wonder, all she needs is a bobby pin! Crazy, right? This feeling that you’ve never felt towards her is both surreal and painful at the same time.

6. You can’t help but be in awe of her beauty

You found yourself noticing her beauty more often. How come you’ve never noticed the little mole that sits on top of her lip? Or how she smiles and makes everything feel magical? You can’t help yourself but truly be in awe of the person that she is! Lust, you ponder? Not quite… because while you’re drooling over the texture of her perfect skin, you also notice how she has the kindest heart a human being can possess. This charms you even more into the pit of undeniable love for her! Her luster is so obvious, how come you’ve never noticed it? She lights up the room with her pure energy! Even when your girlfriend is around, you feel like she commands attention far beyond anybody else.

7. Seeing her with anybody else makes you jealous

You’ve always had that special bond with your best friend, where you find the right guy for her and maybe she’ll hook you up with one of her colleagues? Maybe that is how you met your girlfriend.  But now you just find it impossible to fathom how you were ever okay with seeing her with anybody else? It feels like a far-fetched alienated concept that you are just not comfortable with! It kills you to see somebody else touching her in a loving way. And there are numerous moments where you just want to ask her if you’d be enough? This might also make you uncomfortable letting her see your girlfriend getting touchy with you because what if that makes her uncomfortable? When you know deep down that it’s not the case.

8. You find yourself preferring her over your girlfriend

You know you’re screwed when you start canceling plans with your girlfriend to spend time with your best friend. You skip your date night to go grocery shopping with your best friend. It gets messier if you just don’t open up about your feelings! You have a girlfriend but how can you just ignore this rush of emotions that your best friend’s presence is giving you? It’s painful, to say the least. Because you are not the kind of guy that would cheat on his girl or even try to hurt her.  But you’re helpless! You just want to spend day and night with your best friend now and this emotion is so raw and passionate that you do not see anybody else in its way…

I fell in love with my best friend of the same gender

9. You’re attracted to them in ways you didn’t know existed!

Sometimes, just sometimes, you find love in unusual places. This feeling of being head over heels in love with a best friend is somewhat bittersweet. What can you do when you just can’t help but be attracted to your same gender best friend! The rush of emotions is wild because everything they do suddenly becomes heavenly. The way they lick their lips on a hot day makes you lose your mind. The way they walk and interact with people starts seeming like a taunt on your sexuality and your emotions. Everything they do, just… makes you more and more drawn towards them and you can’t help but wonder if it is deliberate?

10. Your comfort level with them is unparalleled

Same gender best friends can be closer than opposite gender best friends because of the sheer comfort that is involved. With no obvious sexual tension and speculation between you two, there is a lot of room for exploring each other.  The comfort you both have in each other’s company is priceless, to say the least. Being able to walk in just underpants and eating mac n cheese for New Year’s Eve is priceless. You share everything with each other and maybe this is why you fell in love? The sheer warmth that this relationship has always had is just wonderful.  Love is divine in all its complexity and truly demands a devotee to dwell in all its depth. Love knows no bounds and can be found in unexpected places. Maybe you’ve found it in your same gender best friend?


Love is something that can conquer hearts and shatter souls at the same time. It can get complicated if you fall in love with your own best friend. A once platonic relationship, when turned into a love interest can mess you up, to say the least. But maybe love is really supposed to mess you up? It’s unreal, the myriad of emotions you feel. It’s beautifully raw and indeed, needs careful observation to tell the obvious signs of when you’ve fallen in love with your best friend. Embarking on this journey from best friends to lovers is magical and is bound to make you feel special. So keep an eye out for these signs, because love, can be found anywhere, any time and in anybody!

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