Things No One Tells You: Top 10 Female Body Parts Men Love

Find out which body parts of the female body are attractive to men

By Sophia R
Things No One Tells You: Top 10 Female Body Parts Men Love

Most attractive, sensitive, and sexiest body parts that turns him on

Have you ever asked yourself: which are the female body parts that excite and are loved by men? Yes, of course, when you think of this, the bum and boobs might be the first thing to pop in your hand. And yes, they are admired by men, but they are not the only parts that can make them crazy. There are many other female body parts that men love, so stay tuned and find out what they are.

If you are a man, start paying attention to the parts we will mention here, and if you already do, you will know what we are talking about when we are saying they are a turn on.

If you are a woman, learn how to make your man crazy with these body parts, and use them to your advantage. They will work as a spell on him. 

1. Breast

Of course, we had to mention the breasts. As expected, boobs are truly the men's favorite female body part, in most cases, at least. Fun fact: nature makes men attracted to breasts, as they represent mother love and care. Yes, that is why. Don't freak out.

Many will feel more drawn to big ones, but that doesn't mean that small ones won't get any attention. It is all about taking advantage of what your mama gives you; carry them with confidence, as with anything you have, and have them steal looks and hearts. 

Another fun part about breast is that beautiful and sexy bras exist, which can enhance their look and make men even crazier about them. 
Have some fun, try on some sexy lingerie, and conquer. 


2. Butt

Ah, the butt. If there is something that men look at, a lot actually, it is women's butts. They do it all the time; when you catch a guy checking out someone, they look at her butt. That right there is why some argue that men are more attracted to the female bum than they are to other body parts, boobs included. 

As in everything, different men will like different butt types and sizes, so don't stress if you don't have Kim Kardashian's perfectly voluptuous bottom. Yours is just as sexy and it will definitely turn him on. 



3. Legs

How can we not mention the legs? Seriously, they are sexy as hell. No man can resist the sight of beautifully taken cared legs. If you are a woman, don't feel uncomfortable if your legs aren't long, thin, and tan; he will love your legs, after all, every leg ends up in a bum. As long as they are shaved and soft, they will all love them. Yes, that is how they are. 

Extra info; there is nothing sexier than a good pair of legs in some sexy little skirt with some sexy heels that will enhance them and make them look as if they were miles long. Can you imagin it? I know you can.


4. Hair

Brunette, blonde, redhead; hair is one of the principal body parts that men look and fantasize about in women. It doesn't matter if it is about a long set of curls, a pixie cut, or just above shoulder length. Curly, straight, wavy, braided, men love women's hair. 

They love it, even more, when it smells like a fresh field of flowers, seriously, it can even get addictive. It is crazy how it can hook a man to any girl. 

In fact, it is said that when a guy caresses a girl's hair, it means that he has fallen for her. That is the sign.


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5. Lips

The lips are one of the parts of the female body parts that excite men the most, as it incites them to kiss. According to studies, male search in women's lips for a combination of fullness, redness, and warmth, in summary, that they give a real receptivity sensation. There is nothing sexier than a woman that knows how to use them, in any way possible. Whether they have lipstick on or bare, lips are seriously the sexiest. 

Also, lips are for talking, which men can also find very sexy and appealing depending on the type of talk they are doing, if you know what I mean. 

6. Smile

Nobody and I do mean nobody, can resist a beautiful smile from a beautiful woman. In fact, this expression can make any woman irresistible. A simple grin can show simplicity and happiness in a girl and that is exactly what any men loves and wants from anyone. There is nothing more craved by men than a happy and funny partner for themselves, and smiles hook them up for a long time. Remember, it is not only about the look in this case, but what it represents.


7. Eyes

The eyes, the windows to the soul, to the mind; yet another female body part men lust for. Why? Because eye contact is a key aspect in any relationship, mainly at its beginning. The saying says: " love at first sight" after all.

As with any other body part, there are countless types and eye colors for everyone's taste, but what we do know is that men can't resist women's eyes. A woman who uses her eyes for more than to just see is gold;  they can show happiness, lust, desire, feelings, so how can men not love them? 

8. Neck

As a true turn on for men, the neck is another body part that men love in women. Let's be honest, there is nothing sexier than a blouse with the right neck cut and cleavage that enhances a girl's neck and makes it look irresistible. Some beautiful and elegant accessories decorating it, what a beautiful image right there.

Let's also mention the collarbones and clavicle just below the neck; that is hot hot hot, too. Again, nothing better than having the sight of both the neck and collarbones in a sexy top that makes them pop out more and look better.

Also, the neck is a part where women seriously adore attention; some kisses, licks, and grabs can make her go wild, so remember, give attention to it, and she is yours. Turn on for both, it is a win-win situation!

9. Hands

Time to speak of hands. As they are basically indispensable on a daily basis for basic everyday tasks, they also are in relationships. They are incredibly sexy because of the functions they have in the majority of relationships. They are made for touching, pleasing, and caressing others, in this case, men, so how not get turned on by something that you know the power it has on you, what things can they do to you? Got you there, didn't I? 

Extra tip; delicate hands with a pretty manicure and that are soft because of creams and stuff are way better than any other hands. Just so you know.

10. Hip bones

Hip bones, hip bones, hip bones... I guess the only pair of bones that men can lust for. They are incredibly sexy and can turn on any men in no time. There is nothing better than feeling them whilst dancing, being intimate, or sleeping with your girl. And there is certainly no way to resist them when in sight, it is impossible. 

Another fact that makes them so desirable is that they are somewhat unique, as not every girl has them pronounced, but when one does, it takes 10 seconds for men to go crazy about her. They are like a magic spell. For me, I can even dare to say, that hip bones are definitely the sexiest part of a women's body.


Now that you know more about this beautiful, hot, sexy, and irresistible female body parts, you pretty much know everything about a woman's body,

If you are a guy, we hope you will start paying more attention to them if you are not already, and discover the fantasy of valuing them. I swear they will change your relationship and chemistry for good.

If you are a girl, take care of these parts, take advantage of them, use them in your favor. Use clothes that will show them strategically. You will rapidly see how your man goes nuts for you, literally nuts. They work as a hook on them, it is magical.

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