Read the Body Language of Women and Interpret Flirt Signs

Interpreting woman body language to tell if they like you

By Anastasia K
Read the Body Language of Women and Interpret Flirt Signs

How to tell if she’s interested in you from her body language

While it is easy for women to pick up men’s body language, the reverse is often difficult for many men, despite women often being too subtle when sending body language cues. However, most women will not directly express their feelings and would expect a man to (miraculously) know that she is into him.

Other times, a woman’s body language may indicate that she is attracted to a man when in fact, she only wants to be polite without hurting his feelings. So what exactly are the tell-tale signs that she is attracted to you? How can you tell that she genuinely likes you and that you are not misunderstanding her body language?

Here are ways to help you interpret her body language

1. She constantly plays with/tosses her hair and touches her neck

This gesture implies that a woman is chemically attracted to you. Women do this move consciously or subconsciously as a way to expose their armpits. This act outlines the curvature of the neck and enhances the fullness and health of her hair while releasing sex hormones.

2. Making her back arch

Women will often do this to bring to attention her breasts and legs. Thus, arching her back is a sign that she wants you to notice her body. However, make sure that you do not confuse this body language with her just wanting to stretch out.

3. Giggling and blushing

Let’s face it, you probably aren’t as funny as she makes you seem. When a girl regularly giggles at your conversation it means she wants you to notice youthful nature. This means that she is showing you that she is easygoing, spontaneous and fun. When she blushes, she is expressing an excited emotional state or embarrassment. Hence, tell-tale signs that she is into you.

4. Calling attention to her lips

The lips of a woman are considered a self-mimicry to her outer genitals. Thus, she can your attention to her lips by wearing gloss or lipstick and applying it in a sexily and slow manner. Or she could eat slowly and sensuous. This gesture seeks to arouse a guy and definitely means that she is into you.

5. Personal space invasion

A woman who is attracted to a man but doesn’t tell him will use her body language to pass the message across. Invading his personal space through leaning towards or sitting close to a man or reaching out and being touchy on purpose is a cue that a female is expressing her feelings towards him.

The opposite is when a female is not attracted to a man, she will send negative body language like leaning away and sitting with crossed arms and legs.

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Interpreting the positive body language of women and tell if she’s flirting with you

Most men may often be interested in female body language that suggests she is flirting with you. However, not all positive body language signs which women send will indicate that she is interested.

So here is how you differentiate whether a woman is flirting with you or engaging you in a conversation with her body language.

1. Smiling and gazing at you

When a woman is interested in you she will check you out. But, if she really wants to be flirtatious, she will not shy from letting you catch her gazing at you. This is a sure sign that she is more than interested in you and wants to talk with you. To enhance this effect, she can couple it with a smile to show you that she is friendly.

2. Touching her face, batting her lashes and twirling her hair

A woman who wants to flirt to with a guy will make him notice her by touching her face, chin, and lips or twirl her hair around and even bat her eyelashes at him. This is a body language gesture most women will use to arouse a man.

3. Damsel in distress

Since most men are inclined to being protective and defend their female counterparts, women will often use this as a way to flirt and get the attention of a man. Often, a woman will seek the help of a man over things she can do on her own. This damsel in distress act is a flirtatious body language cue to get the attention of a man and make him feel needed.

4. Can’t keep her hands to herself

Women are more touchy-feely than men and will often communicate by touch gestures. This could be touching your hand and arm. However, to really know that she is flirting with you, pay attention to where she touches you. She could be touching other people’s arms but when it comes to you, she settles for more personal areas such as your chest. This is a direct indication that she is more than interested in you.

5. Closeness

If a woman is genuinely interested in you, she will feel the need to be closer to you. Women are very conscious of their personal space. Thus, if she gets into your space as often yet safely as possible, she is flirting with you and indicating that she has the hots for you.

6. Talking about the future

As scary as it may be for some men, women who are interested in a guy will often bring future talks into the conversation. As a way of flirting, she will indicate something happening in the future as a way to let you know that she hopes to see you again and some more when you part.

The secrets of Women Body Language

When a man is interested in a woman, he will often need to read her body language in order to tell whether or not she is interested in and flirting with him. This will help him gauge whether a relationship can sprout between him and the woman or if he needs to move on and find love elsewhere.

Also, as women are often expressive in physical body language, a man needs to pay attention towards this body language in order not to miss out on certain signals she could be sending. It also helps him know what to do and what to avoid by paying attention to the small details.

However, most men end up not getting it or receive mixed signals and this can frustrate a woman to no end. So, how do you decode secret female body language so that you do not appear oblivious or vain? Here are secrets of women body language and ways to decode them.

1. Hands and legs

Female body language from hands and legs often indicates various things. For instance, if a woman is interested in you, she will cross her legs towards you and play with her hair, jewelry and touch her neck using her hand. She could also playfully bite her finger as a gesture that she is flirting with you.

On the other hand, fidgeting with her hands or biting her fingers and constantly crossing and uncrossing her legs could mean that she is anxious and nervous. However, she could either be positively or negatively nervous depending on the situation.

2. Eye contact

 A woman who is interested in you will not only face in a position that indicates she is giving you her attention but will also maintain eye contact. Most women who are flirting with a man will maintain long eye contact or look at him seductively. Also, if she is interested in you, it is obvious she likes what she sees and will give you a beaming look.

Sometimes, women who are attracted to a man will often have dilated pupils. If she is at a distance and she lets you catch her glance and additionally winks at you then it is a clear indication that she is flirting with you and likes you a lot.

3. Body Stance

Women will display their confidence and assertiveness through their body stance. Confidence is an attractive quality and a woman who is interested in you will often stand with her feet wide apart.

The opposite would be if a woman is not into you then she probably closes off her body and puts a distance between you and her.

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Women are often more conscious of their body language and as a man, it is important to know the meaning behind each sign in order to determine whether a woman is interested in you. Knowing what she is trying to imply to you will enable you to avoid compromising and uncomfortable situations and bring about positive relations between you and your female counterpart.