Learn What Flirting Emojis Are and How to Use Them

Understand what the flirting emojis stand for and using them.

By Adina Mazilu
Learn What  Flirting Emojis Are and How to Use Them

It’s definitely no secret that communication via text messages has become the most popular activity of people nowadays. We no longer call someone to talk but rather send them a few written words. Technological advancements are the reason for this change in our communicational behavior, and maybe is not such a bad thing like a lot of people think. Still, if you are also a fan of texting, then you should definitely know about those cute smiley faces that are available for us to use.

They are called emojis and their sole purpose is to make your texts more lively, more personal, and funnier. They come in very large numbers and even have their own movie. However, apart from being funny and cute, some emojis have also become a tool for flirting via text. Those flirting emojis have the goal to tell someone that you are into them without you actually saying it. It is truly a fun and different way of offering someone hints which is why you should definitely know what each one means and how to use them in conversations. Keep reading to find out more!

Guide to flirting emoji: The meanings of each flirting emoji

1. Heart eyes emoji

While sending flirty texts, it’s very important to let the other one know your intentions. Behold, the heart eyes emoji! Unfortunately, nowadays, a lot of people use it out of context and it may no longer mean that you really like someone romantically. It may also mean that you simply like an object, a picture, or anything else that’s not human. Still, don’t let this detail stop you from adding it to your text messages if you feel like expressing this. After all, hearts can mean a lot of things even in the real world. Experiment with them!

2. Blushing emoji

Blushing is extremely difficult to translate into the virtual world which makes this cute blushing emoji very popular indeed. This can mean that you really like what the other person sent you, or that you really feel like blushing and therefore satisfied with your conversation. Best used when you need to reply to a very sweet text. Girls can definitely use this emoji whenever they receive a nice compliment and want to show the other that they enjoyed hearing (or rather seeing) it.

3. Kissy emoji

This emoji that has its lips pucked like it’s offering a kiss with a red heart nearby is definitely the one to send to your significant other. It works in any context really and will make the other person feel desired and appreciated. It’s also cute and can be used even if you are just flirting and not in a relationship. Everybody likes kisses right? So why not put this cute emoji to use as frequently as possible, especially when you are getting your flirt on?

4. Cheeky emoji

This very mischievous flirty emoji can be used in a variety of contexts, but the most appropriate one is probably when you’re trying to woo someone special. That cheeky smile with the eyebrow half raised is everything you need to express that you are very into the person you’re talking to or to show that what they’ve just told you is nice and you would like to hear more. Feel free to experiment with this versatile emoji and you might just get the desired results.

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How to use flirting emojis with her via texts

Let’s get one thing straight. Texting is fun and all but after a while, it can get quite boring and your previously flirty conversation can suddenly turn into pointless blabbing. So, why not make things more interesting for the girl that you are trying to impress and engage your emoji-use ability? However, there are a few things that you need to know when doing this so that you don’t become annoying or the conversation doesn’t turn awkward as hell.


  • Firstly, you should definitely be aware of the fact that simple is beautiful. Yes, this applies to people, but it also describes emoji use perfectly. Some basic heart eyes emojis are the way to go when you are flirting with a girl and you are not sure what kind of emojis she likes or if she accepts them at all. Play it safe in this case and you will not have to worry about any stupid emoji decisions that you might have taken.
  • Secondly, not all emojis need to clearly express something. You can be a bit ambiguous and leave some things to her own interpretation. Text some interesting emojis and don’t say anything. Let her decide what she gets from them. For example, what does a smirking emoji mean? What does a sunglasses-wearing one want to express? You can never know and she will suddenly become interested in what you are thinking and expressing through these emojis.
  • Finally, the coolest thing that you can do while flirting with emojis is to make some plans or invite her somewhere using these cute little friends. For example, text a girl and a plate (with some food emojis nearby) to invite her to dinner or use a movie camera or clapper board with some popcorn for a movie date. She will immediately catch on what you are trying to say without you even having to say it.

These are just some simple tricks that you can employ in order to become a master at flirting with emojis. After a few days, you will be the Yoda of texts, the Master Jedi of flirting emojis. You do want to be a Jedi, right?

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How to use flirting emojis with him via texts

When it comes to girls who want to flirt using emojis in their text messages, the rules are not that different either. You should know that being playful and funny will always get you to where you want. Be sassy, cheeky, cute, and the one that you are talking to will certainly get the right idea.

A nice idea would be to start a conversation using an emoji instead of the old boring “hey”. It will feel a lot more natural and like you put some effort into coming up with this. Also, make sure to answer to any compliments that you might be receiving in a playful manner. Use emojis for this too! Chose the blushing one or the one kissy one, and the guy you’re talking to will definitely feel impressed with your emoji skills.

Moreover, whenever you want them to know that you cannot stop thinking of them, use some heart emojis along with the girl one. This means that you really like them and that they are always on your mind. Very sweet, right?

Showing your appreciation can also be expressed but saying that you think they’re “fire”. What better way to tell your guy this than using the fire emoji along with the hot pepper one? The eyes emoji show your interest in whatever he may be talking about, while the sunglasses-wearing one makes you seem cool and in control. Never forget the sexier ones like the peach (a sexy butt), the lips, the tongue (a French kiss, obviously) or the eggplant (which, interestingly enough, apparently symbolizes a penis).  Hey,
these cute emojis can take on a lot of meanings, right?

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All in all, there’s no secret that emojis are nowadays everywhere: on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, text messages, even on billboards and in movies. Their popularity is not unexpected or false, as more and more people use them in their daily text conversations. This is why using the right emojis when flirting with someone has become really important. We can only hope that this article has shed some light on their meaning and that you no longer feel so unknowing when it comes to these cute little faces or objects.

Remember! Regardless of your gender, being respectful and a nice person is mandatory, even when you’re using emojis. Never send someone an emoji that might annoy or insult them. Do not be too pushy and never talk using ONLY emojis! We are intelligent beings who know how to properly communicate through words and we should put that ability to use. Don’t be a caveman who is not sure of their grammar and who only uses symbols because of this. This is very important to remember, always.