10 Tips on how to flirt online with other men

Flirting online needs some knowledge and here's our best tips

By Gabriela Petit
10 Tips on how to flirt online with other men

Flirting for many is considered an art, and certainly has its tricks and complexities. A rumor that exists is that flirting with men is very easy because they "will always be available", but that may not always be the case. Also, many girls don’t dare to express their intentions so openly to the boys. Are you one of those? Or do you just like to flirt online with guys?

Regardless of your case, here you will find tips and great tips so you can flirt with men on online platforms, like Tinder, WhatsApp, and many others. Let's start!

How to flirt online - 10 Awesome Tips

Flirting has been made much easier unlike ancient times by the availability of various online platforms which can enhance the activity to full capacity. When flirting online, you are not opportune to express desires by methods such as eye contact, body language or other physical means, implying that the success of your quest depends solely on your choice of words.  Below are some good and helpful tips to consider when flirting online. 

1. Initiate conversation

For most men online, it’s often an uphill task to start a conversation since it may not always be fluid or natural.

Starting a conversation is usually seen as a cumbersome duty on the part of some men. Then, saying a simple "Hello!" will definitely make things easier. Don’t feel shyness! These days, men like girls to take the initiative.

2. Compliment him

Compliments go a long way in boosting the morale and confidence of people in different aspects of life, work, school, among others. Compliment someone can be a very good way of letting someone know your desires and intentions online. According to Carole Liebermann, "sending a nice compliment to man is a great flirting approach which does not imply that you have given up your power as a woman". 

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others that enable the functionality of posting pictures, videos and other things of personal interest can enhance flirting activity. To do this well, try sending nice comments about his recent uploads and postings. This will mean a lot to him.

3. Maintain a cheerful and playful atmosphere

At the initial stage of online conversation with a man, you don’t want to enter into too serious conversations. In order to flirt with him, you should try to keep it simple while being cheerful. 

Men usually like women that engage them in humorous conversations. Teasing him can also be a good and promising way of maintaining a playful atmosphere. For example, if he asks about what you are doing at the moment, you may try to answer him with words like, "I’m presently in the bathroom. Planning to meet my girlfriends later on”. That can initiate further questions from him.

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4. Ensure to write correctly and properly

Meeting and flirting with someone online may not be successful if you give a bad first impression, and that is: writing with misspellings or unreadable sentences. 

Online flirting implies that you haven’t met physically with the other person, so, whatever you say in words would be screened by such person, and this may either attract or deter him.

You need to showcase that intellectual part of you by writing good English encapsulating correct spelling and accurate use of grammar. This is a very crucial tip to note. 

5. Use your social media carefully

Another thing to look out for is the content of your online postings. You should evaluate and screen what you post online and see how it reflect on your personality. You don’t want to swerve your new friend with bad and terrible online posts. 

6. Be a little direct

If you begin to feel more relaxed while conversing with him, it's normal that you start to feel that your intentions become deeper towards him, and you will want to know him in a more secure way.

However, you shouldn't emphasize too much and definitely shouldn't hurry, just give him the idea that you feel attracted to him. Say things like "I'm not comfortable watching scary movies alone, I wish you were here with me". If you get a response from his flirtatious part, it may be fine to continue in that tone, but if not, you must slow down.

7. Leave him wanting more

Always endeavor to be the one to terminate the conversation first. This trick will definitely make him want to more of you. You shouldn't allow conversations to get to a point where you can no longer bring relevant topics to discuss. This can lead to asking boring questions which can ultimately kill the chat, which is not good.

However, when ending chats with your online flirts partner, ensure to notify him or her of your keen interest in subsequent conversations. For example: "its bedtime, it was really nice talking with you.” If everything’s great between you two, then he’ll text you again the next day, or will propose you to keep chatting later.

8. Make him ponder on how to meet with you

The whole idea of flirting online is about making the opposite sex develop a keen interest in you, even more so, makes them think about meeting you eventually. By displaying your several wonderful personal attributes like being an intellectual, cheerful, humorous and refined, you definitely would initiate thoughts of meeting you on his mind.

9. Be consistent online

Your online activity is also important to keep you up to date and also allows you to communicate periodically. You don't want to be offline for weeks and expect to take things back from where you left them.

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10. Avoid being too clingy

Avoid clinging too much to him by bombarding his wall with loads of messages without response. Always respect the fact that when he is available or less busy he will definitely respond to your message, expect otherwise he is uninterested in you.

Examples of flirting online with a man without being creepy

1. Avoid awkward questions

Flirting is supposed to be a fun activity and an enjoyable experience. So be very careful not to ask questions that are awkward which can ultimately turn him off. The goal is to make him feel attracted to you and not to make him see you differently, probably as someone who is just being creepy or sleazy. Here are some examples of questions to avoid:


  • When was the last time you had sex?
  • Have you ever had a one-night stand
  • Do you watch pornography?
  • Are you certain years you're not gay?
  • Do you think we can eventually get married?

2. Joke

Joking is a way of expressing yourself without being creepy in the act of flirting online. Everyone feels comfortable when surrounded by people who make them laugh. So try asking funny questions. Here are some examples:

  • If you could take a lady to anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  • What is that thing you'd refuse to do for 10 million dollars?
  • Are your parents as good looking as you?
  • Can you cook?
  • Would you prefer to win a lottery or to have true love?

3. Ask casual questions

Always try to ask simple casual questions at the early stages of your quest for intimacy with him. These questions wouldn't sound creepy or slutty to him but just to ignite the flame of a genuine conversation with him. Check out these simple examples;

  • Tell me about yourself. What do you like doing?
  • I love dogs a lot, do you have any pets?
  • Hey! What songs do you listen to often?
  • So what's that thing I should know about you which is missing from your profile?
  • I exercise a lot, tell me you do the same

Examples of flirting online without being obvious

Think of ways of agitating his interest in you without having to send direct flirty messages which may reveal to him the flirtatious habit but just to make him know you've been paying attention to him. Below are some examples which may be of massive help:

  • Hey, that shirt really looks nice on you
  • Looking at this pic instantly reminds me of you
  • Sincerely, you got me smiling all day

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Is it okay to flirt online while dating?

Flirting is usually a personal decision that varies according to people, and from here more formal relationships are born. Relationships involve a strong emotional connection between two people who believe that their bond is stable and will last over time.

However, things can change and any of the parties within a couple can develop an interest for another person in the course of the relationship.

If you're in a relationship with which you feel comfortable, a relationship in which you don't feel trapped and confined, you may not have to flirt.

However, if you feel uncomfortable, dissatisfied, unhappy, you feel stuck, you may have all the reasons to flirt online while you go out alone to please and get the most benefit. Flirting online can make you realize that you still have what it takes to attract the opposite sex, which can ultimately revive your self-esteem and confidence in yourself. But it's important that you stop to think if it's prudent that you do it since in some cases, it can damage your current relationship.

Nevertheless, there are open relationships where you can go out with a man who has your heart and at the same time flirt with others. This decision is neither bad nor good, it will depend on how you feel about it.


Flirting is fun, we can’t deny it. Those emotions that you feel when you are barely knowing that person when he writes to you for the first time when he answers personal questions when you stay until the morning talking about anything... Even that first photo you send, that emotion when having an unexpected message of him. Yes, flirting is fun. 

As they say around: every beginning has its charm.

Don’t be afraid to try it, and take advantage of the internet platforms that allow you to do it in a healthy and fun way. Who knows, you could be meeting the next love of your life.



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