15 Flirting signs from a woman that shows she wants you

How to read the flirting signs of women to tell she likes you

By Rosemary Zenith
15 Flirting signs from a woman that shows she wants you

Should I really make the first move?

It is difficult to understand whether a woman likes you or not by her body language signs. Unfortunately, you do need to begin somewhere. Yes, we know the dilemma of making the first move as the woman might reject you, and let’s be honest, rejection sucks! All things considered, you ought to do it, at any rate, be that as it may, in case you are anxious, simply search for the signs a woman showcases to show she is really interested in you. 

Women are great at being a tease and that is very difficult for most men to interpret. Be that as it may, the body language does not lie since it is not conscious. As it were, it is truly not controllable. Use these main tips to understand the female flirting techniques and the next time a girl approaches you, you will be prepared.

15 Obvious flirting signs of women that is attracted to you sexually that guys miss

Here are 15 signs of flirting that women do when she is attracted to a guy. Hopefully, these signs will help you identify if a woman is interested in you or not from next time.

1. Looking at you flirtatiously

They say the eyes are the best way to say if a person is interested in you or not. In case of a woman, it is very true as women often play with their eyes while talking to the man she likes. Her eyes will look shy, pupils will get bigger and she will flap her eyelashes constantly. These signs are sure signs to show she is interested in you. 

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2. Playing with her hair while looking at you

You will see the woman who is interested in you twirling or fixing her hair, a lot. It is not like her hair is not okay or she is uncomfortable, it is actually a body language showing she is interested in you. She might even play with her hair while talking and playing with her eyes, it is all part of the seducing trick for you. 

3. Playfully letting her foot slide

While talking to a woman notice her feet. Body language is very important when it comes to flirting and women do it with style. An interested woman will casually let her foot slide while being in the middle of the conversation to show you she is open to taking you to the next level.   

4. Making sure to use her lips

Body language can be confusing but if you notice closely you will see they are very easy to understand. If you are confused about a woman’s intentions, notice her lips closely. If she is biting them or licking them on multiple occasions, she is interested in you. While drinking, if she takes long, slow sips to give you a glimpse of her lips, well she is attracted to you.

5. Invading your personal space while talking

We understand that you have female friends and are close to them. However, if a woman is interested in you, her style of conversation with you will be different than the ones with your friends. She will intentionally try to be as close to you as possible. Be it an excuse of bumping into each other or her spilling her drink on you. The most common way is to dance to you with your bodies pressed together. That is a sure sign of flirting.

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6. Her breathing gets faster and her voice gets louder

Psychology tests reveal a woman will find her breathing to get faster and voice a little too excited when she is near the man she likes. You will see the woman laugh loudly or talk non-stop around her crush. If you want to know if a girl likes you or not, notice her breathing and tone of voice. The higher and faster it is, the more interested she is in you.

7. Her walk is sexy and inviting

A woman on high heels looks stunning in most of the cases. However, when a woman is planning to seduce the man she likes, she ends up wearing clothes that make her legs look longer and leaner. Her shoes will be bold heels. Her walk to you will be confident and sexy. She knows you are looking at her legs and she has no intention for you to stop noticing. Well, that is your cue to understand she likes you.       

8. Trying to touch you on multiple occasions

If you see a woman is trying to casually touch you on the dance floor or on the club, be sure she is hinting you the obvious sign of flirting. If a woman has interest in you, she might try to touch you multiple times giving excuses like “oops, sorry I didn’t notice you there”, “sorry for bumping into you, it’s too dark to see clearly” etc.

9. Playfully hitting you on the shoulder

Unless you see her hitting every other guy casually, you can be sure that the woman has an interest in you. This applies with each type of physical contact, particularly with those casual hits on your shoulder.

10. Laughing at your lame jokes

Well, all of us know it does not matter how good of a comedian you are, not all your jokes can be funny. In any case, if a woman is appearing to be a bit too overwhelmed at your “not so funny" jokes, you can get the hint that she is into you.

11. Asking to lock the door

In any occasion, you and a lady are alone in a room and the woman asks you to lock the door, then well, nothing can be more obvious than that, can it? It is a simple flirtish gesture to show she wants you all for herself.

12. Asking about your likes and dislikes

A woman who is interested in you will take her time to get to know you on a personal level. She will ask you about your favourite movie, football team, what you do on your free time etc. She would like to know what makes you angry and what puts a smile on your face. So, if you see a woman asking questions that seem to be too personal for you, be sure she is into you.

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13. Showing off some skin

The classic technique to seduce men. Ever saw a woman trying to talk to you with her body little too forward them it should be? If you have then well that sign of gesture was not to show her how interesting your topic of the chat was, it was to show she is interested in you and she was luring you with her body.

14. Complimenting your looks while taking the time to check you out

A woman who is interested in a person has the best compliments to give. She will compliment you all around and never appears to realize when to stop. Beginning from your perfume and your outfit, and as the discussion going further she compliments your personality and takes her time to show you she is checking you out.

15. Dancing too closely against your bits

Heard the Rihanna song “Work”? If not, then do so and you will understand what we mean by dancing “too closely” against your bits. In case a woman ends up dancing too close to you than usual and showing her sexy dance moves to you a bit too upfront then it is not wrong to say she is ready to take you for the second stage.  

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When you are attempting to make sure if a woman is truly interested you or just playing with you, it can prove to be a challenge. You have to focus on the signs, the body language, words, and generally speaking, the vibe.

If you keep on researching the flirting signs and noticing the signs woman give while flirting, you will soon become an expert in this field. Good luck to the upcoming good days!


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