2019 Edition - 101 Quick Guide on Dating Women

An updated guide of dating the new-gen women of 21st century

By Adina Mazilu
2019 Edition - 101 Quick Guide on Dating Women

If you haven’t lived under a rock for the past few years then you should know that these new-gen women of the 21st century are not to be messed with. They are strong, modern individuals who are not afraid to speak their minds and act upon their intuition. This is part of the reason why dating such a woman might be a real challenge for any man out there, especially in the year 2019.

This doesn’t mean that being such a woman is easy, on the contrary. We are still told what to do, what to wear, and how to behave by a multitude of magazines and websites that consider this influencer thing law and are sure that everyone should abide by it. In a society that is continuously growing and developing in all areas, being a modern woman is the best way to show your power and to make your voice heard. So, in our new 2019 edition of the 101 guide on dating women, we will be talking about how to understand the modern woman and, most importantly, how to date her and leave a good impression. Grab a pen and take some notes!

Understanding the 21st Century Women in Reality

Truly understanding the 21st-century women might be close to impossible. As it is simply understanding women in general, especially if you ask any man. However, there are some details about this kind of woman that can help a guy in his mission to win her heart and also, her brain. It is a really tough job seeing that women today are constantly trying to balance reality and that perfect image that keeps on being thrown in their face by society and media.

Longer legs, toned arms, big breasts, beautiful hair (but ONLY on your head, like having hair on any part of your body is not a completely natural thing), perfect porcelain skin, Victoria’s secret models, pearly white-teeth, no imperfections, sexy but not too sexy outfits, independence but not too much, a voice but not a very loud one, heels not sneakers, feminine but not doll-like. Do these seem familiar? Unfortunately, they do.

Now that men should also be aware of all these norms that the media has imposed to women throughout the years and still does so, the next thing they should know is how to impress such a woman. She has heard them all, seen them all, done them all. In reality, she still feels insecure and needs a man to wrap his arm around her waist. Do you want to be that man for a modern woman? You’ve come to the right place!

The Basic Dating Tips of Dating Women

1. Never keep her waiting

Let’s make one thing clear. It’s always quite unacceptable to keep a lady waiting for you, no matter what age you find yourself living in. This is a general rule that you should definitely abide by if you want to impress a girl and especially a modern one with principles, will, and enough courage to never talk to you again in this lifetime. And talking about modern times, we have smartphones now, a tiny gadget that you can always use to tell your date that you might be late or to cancel. Trust us, it’s better to cancel than to keep a woman waiting in vain. Things won’t go smoothly for you. 

2. Be respectful to everyone, not just her

Remember that the guy who opened the door to the restaurant along with the waiter and the taxi driver are also people who deserve respect from you. So, don’t be a prick with fewer manners than a pickled cucumber and treat everyone around you with the same respect that you are treating the woman you’re dating. This is 2019 and we expect decent behavior along with a nice compliment or a smile. It never hurt anybody and you will definitely leave a good impression on that gorgeous 21st-century woman you’re meeting. 

3. Put that smartphone away!

Remember how we talked about having smartphones in the 21st century earlier? Well, you should definitely use it before your actual date, not during it. It’s not only very disrespectful, but it’s clear proof that you may enjoy the company of that device more than the company of the woman beside you. You will also look bored, simple, and uninteresting. So, unless you have a real, solid motive to be checking your phone from time to time (like a family issue, an emergency, a business call or a mission from the Avengers), don’t do it! 

4. Don’t drink too much

Want to impress your date? Don’t impress her by becoming so drunk that you no longer remember your own name or worse, hers. The general unwritten rule says that two drinks should suffice for a date night. Yes, having a drink makes things interesting and keeps you courageous and hopefully entertaining, but don’t exaggerate! You don’t want to smell like Captain Jack Sparrow when you kiss her goodnight. 

Advice on Dating Women

1. Never be discouraged

As cool as this beautiful and modern woman might look, try not to become discouraged to the point that you no longer want to make a move on her. Unfortunately, most men nowadays fall into this trap which is the reason why so many of us end up single and miserable for years. It’s probably one of the downsides of this modern era. Strong women are intimidating even if they don’t want to. So, muster your courage and go talk to her! Man up! 

2. Be a gentleman

She might be this strong, independent chick who doesn’t need a man to help her, but this is usually just a mask. Underneath that, all women want is a gentleman who opens the door for her, holds her chair and kisses her hand. Be that man and your date will surely be very impressed. Chivalry is not dead! It may, however, be just a little comatose.

3. Listen to what she has to say

There is nothing better than a person who knows when to listen and when to talk. Never interrupt her just to tell her how much better you handled a similar situation. Don’t brag about your own accomplishments when she’s trying to tell you about hers. The modern woman will get angry and leave you right there and then. It’s rude to do this, especially during a date. Avoid that by any means! 

How to Impress Your Date

1. Take her somewhere nice

It may not seem as such, but the place where you choose to take her on a date tells a lot about what kind of man you are. This doesn’t mean that a decent and nice place won’t do and that you need to spend hundreds of dollars at a fancy restaurant. It’s not about the prices, but more about the mood that you’re creating. A nice place could mean a perfectly-arranged décor just for the two of you on the rooftop of a building. Be creative and show this woman what your intentions are.

2. Wear nice clothes

Again, you don’t need to be in Armani from head to toe to impress her because a modern woman won’t fall for labels and designers. To wear nice clothes means to wear a clean and decent-looking outfit. Be casual if the environment requires it or be elegant. Adapt to the situation and she will definitely be impressed. A man who has style is a man to keep.

3. Take care of her

By this, we mean to not let her go home alone after your date or to call her own taxi. A gentleman should know that he should call a cab for his lady or will even walk her home to make sure she will be safe. Show your date that you have manners and she will want to see you a second time. A romantic kiss at the end is everything she wants, trust us!


To sum it all up, we can only hope that this 101 guide on dating modern women will help you in your pursuit of the perfect companion. There are a few things to remember but the most important thing is to try to impress her by being yourself. A woman living in the 21st century will definitely tell when or if you’re not honest with her. In fact, any woman can do that. It’s like a sixth sense that we have. The feminine superpower to figure out men by just looking at them. So, what do you think? Are you prepared to date a modern, strong, independent, and beautiful woman? Then put these “rules” into practice and let’s see some results!


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