12 Signs That You Are A Rebound Girl And What To Do?

Are you being used by him and how to successfully turn it around?

By Michele
12 Signs That You Are A Rebound Girl And What To Do?

First of all, you need to know what rebound is – it is an undefined period that falls right after a breakup. During this period a girl or a boy tends to find an escape from the trauma faced due to recent emotional setbacks. And it is a crucial period during which several girls and boys make wrong decisions that further aggravate the situation.

I will help you out detect if you are a rebound girl and what you need to do about it. You certainly cannot afford to be used physically or emotionally.  It is about time that you recognize your value and respect yourself. Do carefully read, in this article, the 12 Signs That You Are A Rebound Girl And What To Do?

What is a Rebound Girl?

You know what rebound means, now let's have a look at what a rebound girl is. A rebound girl can be in a relationship, but it is a short-lived and unstable sort of connection that is based mostly on benefits. To be clear, I can further say that a rebound girl is all about sex for the other man. Nothing more than that! Things can change, times can change but a rebound relation is certainly not healthy.

If you are a rebound girl your man would not show any sort of feelings and will just keep you for dating. He will contact you whenever he needs your body. It is a typical, friends with benefits sort of scenario.

12 Signs That You are a Rebound Girl

Here, you will find some clues that will tell you that you are a rebound girl. It is important to figure out your space in someone's life before things get complicated. Being someone's temporary companion just for the sake of sex or filling that emotional void is an unnecessary burden for you girl.

1. He Complains

He would complain a lot about the habits of his ex and that how she messed up his life and how much he dislikes her. That clearly shows that he holds resentment in the form of strong feelings for her. And that eventually puts him in a spot not to take you seriously.

2. He Broke Up Recently

If he just came out of a long relationship, then certainly you are the rebound girl. There is a lot of difference between separation and breakup. Separation is more of a mutual settlement, while breakup costs a lot more. So if he had a breakup recently then he is certainly using you.

3. He Loves Talking about Her

Apart from the criticism, he also talks about different things that he misses related to his ex. There is nothing wrong with that, but you need to see that where do you stand. Are you plan B or just a time pass? Reconsider your investment and keep it cool.

4. He Compares

Does he compare you with his ex? If yes, then it’s a clear cut indication that he is either warning you or demeaning you. He might be looking for the traits of his ex in you, but that doesn’t mean that he values you. He is looking for something that isn’t a part of your personality. He is not for you.

5. He does not Commits

No man would make any sort of long term or stable commitments with a rebound girl. There can be several reasons for it. Let me be clear, he wants to get those feels, but on the same hand doesn't want to get into any sort of proper commitment. The reason being, you are not the girl he wants. It can be due to his ex that he is not still over or does not wants any sort of fresh beginning.

6. He doesn’t Value His Past Relationship

Now there is another issue and that is, if he shows no care related to his recent breakup then it is certainly a matter of concern for you. A real man will always value, in a classy manner, his past relationship even if it is over. Downplaying the past relation indicates that he is lying to himself and running away from pain.

7. He is Always on the Stroll

You need to see what type of guy he is. If he is always in a relationship and breaking up the type of scenario then it means, he is just passing time here and there. Just to avoid the label of being single, he is always getting into short term relations. You can be the next target to be careful.

8. He Praises You More

A guy who misses his ex will jump for you. He would quickly want to replace the feelings that he had for her and try to relate them with you. Remember it is an unnatural process and those feelings won’t have any sort of meaning or warmth in them. No sincere guy would jump that early into you after a harsh breakup.

9. He Loves Getting Physical

Your time on the bed might be exciting and passionate, but romance and emotional connection will be absent. This is a major and clear indicator that you are a rebound girl.

10. He Would Certainly Go Back

Assess your relationship with him. Does your gut feeling tell you that he would go back to his ex or find a better opportunity and say goodbye to you? Guys who had a breakup recently are not emotionally stable and they can easily make such sort of harmful decisions. Beat him right here before he makes you feel worthless.

11. He doesn’t Vibe

A meaningless relationship will not have anything of interest or common between you two. And the reason for that is, all you have is sex and see each other for a short while. There is nothing of the sort that you could be labeled as a relationship. Hence no good vibes!

12. He Makes His Ex Jealous

There are tons of ways of doing that. He might get clingy with you in front of her, if seen anywhere in public or he would post bold pictures of you both on social media just to make his ex jealous. Notice this pattern; it is also a clear indicator that you are the rebound girl.

How to Go From a Rebound Girl to His Girlfriend

Though this rebound relation is not healthy or productive, in the short term, things can change if proper time is given – provided a person is not a playboy. Emotional healing takes time. There are a few tips that I would like to share with you.

  • Never date just for the sake of getting over a recent breakup
  • View the other person as a potential partner not just in the form of a temporary replacement
  • Do not expect anything in the beginning
  • Take all the time that is required to process the breakup
  • Forget past and move on
  • Stop labeling every relationship as a rebound
  • Plan for a better future together
  • Learn whatever mistakes you made in the past and take care of them in the future

A combined effort from both sides can turn your relationship into a healthy one.

Rebound Girl Quotes

1. “Being lonely is better than being in a relationship that's more like a burden.”

2.  "A new relationship is like a new pair of shoes. You have to walk around in it for a while to find out if it's comfortable!"

3. “Don’t be in a relationship if you are going to act single.”

4. "Many relationship problems are rooted in communication break-down. These can be as simple as not hearing what the other person is saying because we get caught up in our fixed perspectives."

5.“When you hit hard tough stuff, do you feel flattened because of it or rebound in a new direction to keep living, loving, moving, and growing?”

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Only 10% of rebound relationships last long and this is for several reasons. However, there are some situations when rebounds are good.


I hope that this read has helped you detect the 12 Signs That You Are A Rebound Girl And What To Do? Everyone out there needs to understand that happiness is not possible without a durable and trustworthy relation. So before you jump into any sort of conclusions keep your mistakes in your mind and give proper time. If there is one door shut another opens. Opportunities do not fade, but you need to settle for good. All the best!



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