I Love Him So Much But My BFF Hates Him So Much

Friendship or Love? How and What to Do in Such a Situation

By Michele
I Love Him So Much But My BFF Hates Him So Much

Here I am going to discuss a common, but complicated, issue that most of the girls face while being in a romantic relationship.

Let us start from here. It is nearly impossible for any BFF to share her best friend with any other person even if it is her boyfriend. To be honest, their time and space suffer a lot due to another person.

But do not worry; there are different effective tips on keeping your friendship with your BFF and relationship with your boyfriend intact. All that you need to do is manage your time properly so that none of them feels neglected.

If she is your BFF, she will understand your feelings and inclination towards him. There is no need to worry, even if you have this question in your mind that, I Love Him So Much But My BFF Hates Him So Much – things will work out eventually.

Love versus Friendship

Let’s have a look at the love versus friendship status.

Love comprises of strong feelings and emotions that cause two people to feel attracted to each other. On the other hand, friendship is a proper relationship that can carry elements of love – but in a different context. Both of these bonds are strong and have their importance.

It is to be noted that not all people, who are in a relationship, are in love with each other too. Yes, that’s a fact. Sometimes it is just a mere attachment that does not carry any sort of romantic feelings. It is another debate.

In this read, I will help you out so that you do not lose your BFF or your boyfriend. You must also understand that there is nothing greater than mental peace and happiness. And In the end; happiness cannot be attained by hurting a person who has warm feelings for you.

If you become self-centered and start looking after your happiness, you will regret this decision at some point in your life. By that time, it would be too late to mend any patches and then expect everything to be the same for you. So, you need to avoid landing in any sort of mess where there are no choices left to make. Let’s take it further.

8 Ways to Work Things Out With Your BFF While Keeping Your Man

Still have this question in your mind -I Love Him So Much But My BFF Hates Him So Much? Here, I will share 8 authentic and practical tips that will help you in keeping matters afloat with your BFF and your boyfriend. There is a fine line between being a good friend and being a good girlfriend.

1. Understand the Importance of your BFF and BF

If you are truly in love with your boyfriend, it will get difficult to stay away from him. But speaking realistically, spending some time away from each other is healthy for your relationship. After all, you also need to spend some time with your BFF and be yourself. Having some distance from your bf will also make you miss him. A little gap is always good. Learn how to manage time so that you can appreciate and celebrate both; your relationship and friendship. For instance, if your friend loves going to see a picture with you only, then you must plan with her and later go out with your bf for dinner or a late-night drive. You will need to compromise to some extent to keep both of the connections alive. 

2. Understand the Preferences of your BFF and BF

As your BFF and bf are two different people, they must be having diverse choices. It is possible that your BFF likes a few things while on the other hand; your bf might not like those things at all. You can go all silly and do stupid things with your BFF, but with your bf, it might not be possible to act like that. Friendship has a long history of different events that are interlinked and most of them have beautiful memories. To understand what your relationship and friendship call for. Act accordingly and play safe. You won't lose anyone.

3. Go Out in Groups

It might not be easy or comfortable in the beginning, but you will need to bring your BFF or other close friends and bf close to each other. Socializing is one of the best tools for spending quality time together. In this manner, your BFF or bf won't feel left out at any stage. There is no need to stay glued to your boyfriend for the entire time. Give some time to your BFF and other friends too and also provide them the chance to interact with each other. Break the ice and add some spice to your connections. This will help in learning each other in a better manner.

4. Cherish your BFF

Spending time with your BFF is very important and that's even greater than any relationship. Count your blessings and show it your BFF that you cannot afford losing her. Do it at least once or twice a week. Just you and your BFF! Spend a good time together and go bonkers. Keep it in mind that the time you invest in your boyfriend must be in proportion to the time that you are giving to your BFF. By creating a fair balance you can do wonders in your relationships.

5. Stay Sensible

Do not ever become a girl, who forgets her BFF after getting into a relationship. It is okay if you are happy with your bf and love spending time with him, but it doesn't mean that you start being a mean friend. Never ditch your BFF after finding someone new in your life. Going after your happiness and hurting your BFF will certainly put you on a sticky spot. So don’t be amazed if she gives you a cold shoulder at some time later. You know how to keep hanging just be careful.

6. Discuss with your BFF

Your BFF will understand your love for your bf. She won't complain of the time that you are investing in your bf. It is natural for a new couple to spend some extra time together, as they love going out and doing different things with each other. Everything seems so interesting and special. But what you need to do is remain honest with your BFF and keep her updated. She is also involved, though indirectly, and does not deserve to be hurt at any point. 

7.Take your BF in your Confidence

If your boyfriend truly adores you, he will understand the importance of your BFF in your life. You must discuss your BFF with him so that he gets to know her completely. Also, let him know how you guys have gone through every thick and thin and how different experiences have shaped your friendship with your BFF. This will eventually raise the importance of your BFF, genuinely, in front of your boyfriend.

8. Seek Happiness

In the end, you must do what makes you and the people surrounding you happy. Your BFF will always understand and your bf will give you the space that you need. There will be times when things won't be that smooth, in the beginning especially, as it could be challenging for you to create a balance. But once you know how to do it by following the tips shared here, it would be a smooth sail for you.

If She Still Gives No Support

So your BFF does not understand your feelings and is not ready to compromise. It means that she is jealous of your new relationship. Sit and pour your heart out and even after that she doesn't seem to be supportive at all. It is about time that you figure out the connection with your BFF and makes the right decision. 

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So now you must have found multiple answers to this question of yours: I Love Him So Much But My BFF Hates Him So Much.

It is quite relatable that nothing is that smooth in the beginning. But as discussed above, a combined effort from your side, your BFF and your bf can lead to a smooth relationship.  Everyone needs to make a few comprises and develop a better understanding of the importance of different relationships that shape our lives. And ups and downs are a part of every other connection. So just hang in tight there.


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