Top 20 Right and Wrong Reasons To Love Someone

Find out what are the common reasons to love someone

By Sophia R
Top 20 Right and Wrong Reasons To Love Someone

The list of reasons to love someone

Nothing feels better than the feeling of butterflies in the stomach because of that person you love. We feel as if we are floating in clouds when we are in love, but have you ever asked yourself: what are the reasons why I'm so crazy for him or her? 

Love is such a big feeling that it makes us like things we never expected to, as it might be a gesture or a look, the way he or she treats you in bed or out of it, as the reasons to be so in love can literally be endless. 

If you are in love and they are back in love with you, hold on to that feeling because one of the reasons to be in a relationship is that you are part of something or someone, and also, you stop thinking only of your necessities and start taking his or hers in consideration. 

Falling in love is beautiful and finding a lot of reasons to do so is beautiful, too. We will show you a list of 20 different reasons to love someone: 

Best right reasons to love someone

There is nothing better than loving someone for the right reasons. Here are ours:

1. To not be or feel lonely

Seriously, who wants to be alone, or feel alone, ever? As I know for a fact that no one you could possibly want this, loving someone to feel accompanied is one of the right reasons. There is nothing better than having company and feeling as if we are not alone in the world. It is a great feeling to know that someone is always on your side. There is nothing wrong with admitting this, it is a common feeling amongst humans. 

2. To not loose ourselves

It can be hard to keep ourselves grounded and on the right path without someone's constant advice. When we love someone, and that someone loves us back, their guidance will come almost naturally. When we love, we have purpose, and purpose is what keeps us from losing ourselves.

3. Because of the inspiration it produces on us

Love is inspiring as hell. When we are in love, it is easy to see beauty and creativity in everything we do and perceive. You will see how things starting getting easier, and I am talking about pretty much everything you do or have to do in your life. From work, hobbies, anything, you will feel how that inspiration you got because of love makes everything flow right out of you naturally. It is pretty cool.

4. To have a legacy

We all dream about the little people we will leave on earth as our legacy. We fantasize on how they will look, be, what they will like, if they are going to look like you or your partner, and all of that. That is why having a legacy is a reason to fall in love, consider it as a gift from your relationship if you actually want kids and if you are ready for them. 

Good reasons to love someone more

In love, more is more. Here are our best good reasons to love that special someone more and more each day:

1. To feel

What is more amazing than a feeling? Who doesn't love to feel? to be excited all the time, to be alive? To see someone and feel the right kind of dizzy? Nobody likes to lead a monotonous life without any emotions or excitement, am I right? We all want to feel, to be human. That is what loves does to you, and that is why it is a reason to love someone deeply and more every day. 

2. To make someone feel

If feeling it on your own is not the best thing ever, making someone feel is definitely it. Seeing how you make someone happy, how you change their life, their routine, how they are in love with you is pretty damn good. Seeing how you can improve someone, that they actually care for you, appreciate you, care for you is a reason to love from the bottom of your heart. It is amazing. 

3. To share indescribable moments

We can all agree on the fact that when we love someone, moments and memories we share with that person become indescribable, unexplainable, almost unbelievable. Everything we share with them seems to be magical. Memories become dreamy. What can feel better than having these intimate moments with that someone? Dare to love and see for yourself what I am talking about.

4. Because of the little things

You know how when you are in love every single little thing makes you fall even deeper for that special someone. Like the way the walk, blink, talk, the way their dimples show when they laugh, just the smallest details you never thought you will even notice in anyone. It is pretty surreal. Those little things are definitely a reason to love her or him more, as they work as a spell on you.

Weird reasons to love someone

Love is weird, and when we feel it, some weird things might happen is us. Here are the weirdest reasons  to fall in love: 

1. Because they are just like you

I know; opposites attract, or that is what people say. It might not be so true, so don't get fooled. Studies have shown that relationships are more likely to last between people that have the same personalities and life goals because it is simpler to understand each other. If your partner is just as you, you share the same fetishes, aspirations, preferences, you have got yourself a weird reason to love him or her. Trust me, it will make everything easier.

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2. Because they have a dog

This is a reason just for women out there. You will probably believe this is bullshit, but 4 different studies and experiments from different sources confirmed that women find men with dogs more attractive as it shows maturity and a tendency to compromise. It also makes them look more relaxed, easy-going, and accessible. The study said it, not me. 

3. Because they play an instrument

This one here is pretty weird, too. Playing music is related to sex, if you didn't know. Yes, it is so random, but it is true! A study in France showed that a man holding a guitar got way more phone numbers from girls that one who didn't. Come on, we all love artists. they are just so sexy and enchanting.

4. Because you do exciting things together

An experiment in 1974 gave two options to a group of men: crossing a high bridge or a normal safe bridge. At the end of the trail, they would get a female's phone number, and they had to call her. The ones that got some adrenaline and crossed the bridge were way more confident when calling the woman. 

That is why doing exciting things together is so important; it gives life, fire, and confidence in your relationship. Keep him or her close if this is your case, it will make your love explode!

The wrong reasons to love someone

Love can also get very confusing, and we might jump to it for the wrong reasons, which is a huge mistake always. It will bring terrible consequences for you and your partner, so look out for these wrong reasons to love someone:

1. Because of pressure

Pressure because of age, family or friends might be one of the reasons why we push ourselves to love someone. This is wrong not only for yourself but for the person you wish to love. You need to do this when you and only you are ready, never feel pressured to love if you don't want to yet, not matter what anyone says.

2. As a rebound

Never, and I do mean never, love someone or use them as a rebound. This will only break you even more, and end up breaking someone else in the way, too. Remember, always fix yourself first before being with someone else. At the end it will be easier and less pain will be inflicted this way.

3. To fill an emotional gap

Again, you can't love anyone without loving yourself and having your emotions together first. If you love without being mentally and emotionally stable, it will consume you, and chances are it won't end up good. You will be 10 times worse after, and you may ruin that person,too.

4. To have sex

Sex is just one part of a relationship. Never love someone just for sex, people mean much more than that in any situation. Don't use love just for sex. It will be more enjoyable and will come naturally when a relationship has a pure deep love, so work on that first. 

Reasons to love someone quotes

Quotes make everything more beautiful and that is why we will show you some of the best when it comes to reasons to love someone. Check them out and dedicate them to your significant other:

When you really love someone... even if there are a million reasons to leave, you would look for the one reason to stay.

I love that I can enjoy simple things with you, the sun and your kisses make me happy.

You keep my head above water, even when I think I'm drowning.


Oh, love is surely not easy at all, but it is beautiful. Let these reasons guide you and feel it, give yourself to it. It is the best feeling ever. 

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 He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same…my great thought in living is himself.