10 Quizzes on Crush - to Check on Everything about Crushes

All about crushes quizzes: Who and do your crush like you?

By Fred S.
10 Quizzes on Crush - to Check on Everything about Crushes

Often as children, we’re very secretive about who we have a crush on, and if someone has expressed their feelings to us. We have all been there, hiding our feelings and blushing at the smallest mention of their names, but have you spent a huge chunk of your time, taking quizzes and using websites that tell you who your crush is, how much your crush likes you, and whether they actually like you back or not?  

These quizzes have been present for a long time, and when we did not have the internet and computers, we had these quizzes in girly magazines that featured them. These quizzes have kept alive the essence of that one-of-a-kind excitement you get through your crush. Now in this tech-savvy world, you could get these quizzes on your smart phones wherever you go. You can take these quizzes with your friends at a sleep over, or do it alone when you can’t help but think about them.  

Confusion about crushes

When you find someone extremely attractive, and you can’t help but obsess over them, all you can think about is whether or not you love this person or you just have a fleeting crush on them. These confusions flare up when you spend too much time overthinking about that one person. To figure out for once whether you actually like them, or whether they like you back, you can take multiple crush quizzes available on the internet. Some of these crushes will help subside all your doubts and would even give tips and suggestions as to how you could approach them, if your answers end up drawing a positive result. 

10 Quizzes for her and for guys

Quizzes on who is your crush?

1. “We know the name of your secret crush based on this color test?”

PlayBuzz.com: We Know The Name of Your Secret Crush Based on This Color Test

Have you ever wondered what the first letter of your crush’s name would be, or what is the one name that could be your crush? There is no fully proved way of finding it out, but the closest one has come is to this quiz that talks about what the name of your crush could be based on the color test.

It focuses on a well-designed color test that features questions like “which of the water color swatches speaks to your heart” and “which of the color you notice the most?” these answers help you generate some names that could be the name of your crush in the future. It's a pretty unique quiz, and stands out of the lot in terms of what the results are based on. Definitely worth a try! 

2. “Describe your crush to us and we will guess the first letter of their name”

We'll Guess the First Letter of Your Crush's Name

Even though as children we assumed that having a crush was something to be shy about, but the truth remains that it isn’t something that we need to hide. However, sometimes we are in situations where we can’t be expressive about who we like, not even to ourselves. In such cases, we use the help of quizzes that tell us the things we want to hear.

This crush quiz is designed to figure out the first letter of the name of your crush if you describe what your crush looks like. You don’t have to give an avid description, instead all you have to do is choose answers from the options that they give under each question.

3. “What is your crushes name?”

BuildQuizzes.com: What is your crushes name? - Take the Quiz

This is a quiz that is featured on the build quizzes website and has multiple questions that help a person describe what their crush is like, and the type of person they are. They ask questions that include what type of person you prefer, and how a person thinks a girl or guy should be treated. It also includes questions like why do you think someone should like you, and whether you think you are a loving person or not. It uses your answers and generates a random name that could be your possible crush. These answers are not accurate but only for fun purposes.

4. "Which 3 friends have a crush on you?"

QuizzStar.com: Which 3 Friends Have a Crush on You?

This quiz is paired up with Facebook, and therefore analyzes your profile and generates three names from your friend list to see who has a crush on you. In order to take this quiz you need to log in with Facebook, and give it access so it can assess your friend list and how many people have been actively participating on your recent posts. Unlike other quizzes, it does not have a range of questions that you need to answer before generating a result, instead it takes about three clicks and you have three top names that you could look at as potential crush material! 

5. “Who has a secret crush on you?”

Kueez.com: Who has a secret crush on you?

This is like the “which three friends have a crush on you” quiz, where you grant access to the quiz and its website in order to find out which of your friends secretly has a crush on you, or the person you have a crush on. You start by letting it analyze your profile in order to let the application scan your recent activities and see who has been actively communicating with you. These are apps that make a wild guess about the people that interact too much with you on Facebook, and don’t always have to be absolutely accurate.

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Quizzes on does your crush like you?

1. “Does your crush actually like you back?”

BuzzFeed.com: Does Your Crush Actually Like You?

This is a quiz that helps you answer whether or not the person you like, likes you back or not. This link features about 14 questions which multiple choices, and each answer will determine a certain result. It features questions that ask where you met your crush; whether or not he/she knows who you are; it questions how often do you two talk; and whether you have inside jokes or not.

The proceeding questions ask whether there has been any deliberate physical contact initiated by your crush or not. They have very easy and generic questions that revolve mostly around whether or not the attitude that your crush has with you is something that shows their affection or otherwise.

2. “Does your crush like you?”

Does Your Crush Like You? Take This Quiz To Know! - ProProfs Quiz

This is a quiz featured on the ProProfs quiz maker website. It features around twelve elaborately framed questions, they range from the quiz’s first question about how you two know each other. They escalate to the last question that asks whether you really think he likes you or not.  

The rest of the quiz are featured along the same questions about things like whether he compliments you or not, or if he/she talks nicely to you, or whether if they have ever tried to make an extra effort for you and if they flirt with you or not. This quiz will also help you determine how your crush feels about you, through your answers that portray his/her general behavior towards you.

3. “Does my crush like me back?”

AllTheTests.com: Does my crush like me back?

If you’re a person that as an undeniable crush on one of your friends, colleagues or just someone you know casually; you have wondered whether they like you or not. You have spent days and nights wondering how much they like you, or if they like you at all. This quiz helps you determine whether or not you need to put in time with your crush.

It asks a range of questions that include the nature of your relationship with your crush – whether you are friends, strangers, classmates, etc. Then there are questions that ask whether he makes you laugh, whether he drops flirty hints, or whether or not he tries to keep your attention.

4. “How to Tell if He or She Likes You?”

Does My Crush Like Me Quiz? - How to Tell If He Or She Likes You

This quiz is featured on the seventeen website. It is a different type of quiz than the other ones we have dealt with. This one again features a few questions that focus mainly on how he behaves around you, or how he treats you when you’re alone or in a group. However instead of a question having 4 or more answer options to choose from, with each question they have given two possible ways that your crush can act. Whichever one you choose will determine the results of this quiz. Following the quiz, it has an elaborate explanation of why your crush likes your back, or why he/she doesn’t. 

5. “Does my crush like me?” by Quibblo.com

Does my crush like me?

This quiz is featured on the quibble website, and has about eleven question that you can answer to determine whether or not your crush likes you. The first question that the website features is whether or not your crush is a talkative person around you. The second question is whether they ever text first or not. It has other questions that asks whether or not your crush talks to you around his/her friends or only when they are alone and bored.  

Other questions focus around whether you have ever caught your crush stealing glances at you or not. This is a simple quiz with very straight forward questions but it helps you determine whether or not you should make a move.


It is an amazing phase when you have a crush on someone and that is all you can think about. You make it as secretive as possible, and hide as many facts about who you like, and why you like them. It becomes even more exciting when you take random quizzes that help you see how much your crush likes you, or if they like you at all. These quizzes can help you get rid of your doubts and confusions about your crushes, the results to these quizzes often feature tips on how to approach your crush if the result is favorable!  

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