16 Past Life Signs and Symbols for Your Spiritual Journey

Find out if you have past lives before with signs and symbols

By Diana Nadim
16 Past Life Signs and Symbols for Your Spiritual Journey

What Is Past Life And Karma?

What do you make out of your unexplained obsession with a foreign culture? What of the inexplicable body pains that are beyond everyone’s know-why? Could your strange birthmark have anything to do with the idea that you’ve had another life?

Unsurprisingly, like most individuals, you might be skeptical about the notion of past lifetimes.

A past life? Yes, the whole notion that your soul lives by circling in voyages, and that you’ve lived on earth in other bodies before.

Therefore, the strangeness surrounding your life today could be an astounding revelation of your previous existence!

Now that you've lived before, what happens to the luggage your soul carries from life to life? Well, you've heard about karma, right? It is the long-standing memory of your soul that stems from prior lifetimes. 

Karma sees that what you didn't finish in the other life, you come back to finish now. Meaning, everything that’s happening to you now is no coincidence. The reason is, karma places people and situations from the past into your current life.

Signs That You Had Past Lives

If prior existence is a fact in nature, then there should be signs that pinpoint its existence.

1. Recurring Dreams and Nightmares

You might have roamed this world once before if you have persistent dreams. The dreams could be trying to echo your former life. And if you keep meeting the same faces in most of your dreams, you must have had outstanding bonds with them.

On the other hand, recurring nightmares could be the traumas from before, haunting your spirit today.

2. Déjà Vu

One of the most common signs of previous existence is déjà vu. It is a sudden sensation that you’ve met a person before or been in a place that you can’t crack.

This feeling of familiarity is not a coincidence, but a tap that your soul feels. It could be recalling a memory from another life that took place in the same way or the same place as your current.

3. Unexplainable Fears and Phobias

Reactions during a confrontation with danger are a common thing. What is not, however, is if your fears and phobias to situations are irrational.  If they are, then they could be holding more than you think.

The reason is, nature can pass on or leave residues of initial memories, traumas, intuitions, and experiences into the current being. And in the event of an unpleasant confrontation, they tend to echo in the form of fears and phobias.

For instance, if you died by drowning cause in your other lifetime, it manifested in the present through your phobia of water.

4. Obsession with Unfamiliar Cultures

What culture of the world excites you? Do you feel like you relate to it even when it's in a far off land?

Your unexplained obsession for certain cultures could be your soul reminiscing. It could be because you’ve experienced or lived through the culture before, and your soul feels at home with it.

5. Strange Pains

Physicians end up labeling individuals with body aches and pains that they can’t make a diagnosis about as hypochondriacs.

Unknown to medical practitioners, such sensations in patients can be real. What the doctors can’t make out is that your previous suffering could be manifesting in this lifetime.

Therefore, if the doctors can’t give a name to your condition, try seeking a second opinion. You’ll be surprised!

6. Birthmarks

Some birthmarks can be beautiful, while others are unusual and ugly. Either way, they are indisputable telltale signs of injuries from your previous existence.

Most believers find birthmarks as proof of reincarnations. These marks are scars that show you met your death in the other life.

But, don’t think that you are living your first life if you don’t have birthmarks. If you don’t have them, your death was of natural causes.

7. You Feel Older Than Your Age Reflects

Doesn’t it feel great when someone tells you that you act more mature than your age? These attributes are thanks to the number of lives you’ve had in your years.

You possess an old soul because you’ve reincarnated many times over, such that you’ve evolved emotionally and psychologically.

Therefore, if your actions are morally superior to your peers' actions, your soul has been through a few 'years.'

8. Passions

Individuals attribute their skills to genes and education. But then, what about passions?

Well, irresistible passions mirror interests from one or more of your past lives. These could be the things you repeatedly do to please your soul, even if they bring no returns. Your passions could be remnants of your initial existence carried into your current being.

Symbols On Hands To Indicate That You Had Past Lives

Are you aware that you can unfold your former existence through your hands?  Check out for any of these symbols that reflect your initial life.

9. X Symbol

When you stretch out your palm and find X symbols, you have personal guardian angels. This symbol shows that you had a special bond with a person that didn’t reincarnate. This person chose to stick by and take you through life.

They could be two or more. It depends on how many people you were cordial to in the other existence.

10. The Soul Mate Symbol-Pyramid By The Wrist

If you have this sign, then you are about to reunite with someone from your previous life in reincarnation. This individual connects with you mentally, spiritually, sexually, and through physical attraction.

11. A Dot

You have this symbol because you did not find a solution to a problem in your former being. And for this reason, you are stuck in that situation in your current lifetime.

12. Stripes

This signature indicates that your current life is peaceful because you fixed the many mistakes from before. They are found on your fingers’ phalanges.

13. Love Line

This line runs from the thumb side towards the center of the palm. It reveals the real story of the events in your heart at such an exact time in your life. It could be an engagement, lost unions, or celebrations.

14. Old Soul-Lines between Where the Fingers Connect To the Palm

You are reborn if where your fingers connect to the palm show markings. These markings each count a hundred years. If you have no markings, you could be a new soul.

15. Poison Line

If you were allergic to something before reincarnation, line symbols align on the side of the palm from the baby finger down to the wrist.

16. Scratch Marks Under the Baby Finger

If you have a scratch mark under your little finger, you have a passion for anything to do with gardening and medicine. Meaning, the two were your former interests.

Keeping A Journal To Keep Learnings

Since you are a soul of memories, documenting your memory flashes can be the best way of making out cues from nature. It is a must-do activity for anyone that wants to start exploring your former existence.

The reason is, the evolutions pop out and become much more powerful if you journal the current occurrences.

But how do you go about it?

1. Write in a Chronological Order

Systematic documentation will help you during your soul-searching and self-discovery. The reason is, it eases the effort of making out your lives’ cycles and patterns.

You will be able to see related occurrences at a glance. Apart from that, you can link your current life with the diverse instances of your memories.

2. Make a Goals Section

Pinning down your memories helps your subconscious realize the seriousness of the messages and symbols. This way, it helps project your desires to your inner being. By doing so, it’ll keep sending the bits and pieces of your prior being.

Take advantage of this gift by noticing the changes in your former and current life. Then use the information and decide on how you'll heal past traumas or make this life transformational and meaningful.

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Just like it is the case with the journey of a thousand miles, all you need to embark on your spiritual journey is the courage to take the first step.


What if what’s happening in your life isn’t because of the choices you make but a rerun of your former existence?

While you can’t do anything about the past, you can rewrite your current and your subsequent future existence. The only thing you have to do is to unzip your former life and change its course.