10 Spiritual Healing Crystals For Beginners

How to use crystals to heal and improve your spirituality?

By Madiha A.
10 Spiritual Healing Crystals For Beginners

History Of Crystal Healing

Getting hurt is easy. Trips and falls happen and you find everything in your first aid box to deal with the minor physical wounds. It is easy to get treated for external wounds but how to deal with the internal ailments? Your soul is as vulnerable to trips and falls as is your body. Bitter relationships, hateful words, evil eyes, and several other negative life experiences leave your soul devastated and injured. The effects of the injured soul show on your external self. 
Since it cannot be treated with contemporary medicines, several methods were devised to treat the shattered soul. The soul is the house of emotions and spirituality and in one way or the other affects physical being. 

What is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is the method of curing physical, emotional and spiritual ailments using semi-precious stones and crystals. It is a pseudoscientific alternative medicine technique that has proven to be beneficial in various kinds of health issues. Stones and crystals are believed to have healing powers but since there is no scientific evidence, it is still considered pseudoscience.

History of Crystal Healing

Using crystals for healing purposes isn’t a new thing.  

  • The practice of crystal healing dates back to ancient Britain, some 30,000 years ago where Baltic amber was used to make amulets.
  • Bracelets, necklaces and jet beads from the Palaeolithic era were discovered from Belgium and Switzerland. They were discovered from ancient gravesites depicting their relation to health and illness.
  • Ancient Sumeria was considered the pioneers in the use of crystals in magical formulas mainly.
  • Ancient Egyptians used crystals in jewelry and amulets for protection against evil and good health. Turquoise, lapis lazuli, emerald, and clear quartz were mainly used for healing purposes.
  • Most crystals have their names originated from the Greek language. Crystal is a Greek word which means ice and amethyst mean “not drunken”. 
  • Jade was as popular in ancient China as it is today for its ability to heal kidney problems. 
  • In Europe, during the 11th century, which is called the renaissance period, stones; precious and semi-precious, were used for healing purposes.
  • Where on one hand, Anselmus de Boot put forward the idea of the presence of good and bad angels with gemstones resulting in their healing properties; Thomas Nichols proposed the idea of crystals having absolutely no healing properties resulting in the de popularization of crystal healing in Europe during the 1600s.
  • Crystals started to gain popularity during the 1980s and to date, they are being used to cure ailments and protect against diseases.    

Guide On How To Use Crystal For Spiritual Healing

Heather Askinosie, Energy Muse co-founder said, “Crystals are not these magical stones that are going to change your life. Crystals are tools to help you go to those deeper layers within yourself, but you still have to do the work.”

You no longer require the help of yogis or pundits to harness energy from the crystals. Hundreds of online resources and books on crystal healing are available to use crystals for healing purposes. 

Crystals, precious and semi-precious stones are elements that connect us back to the earth, nature and the powerful energy we can harness from them. To make the crystals work, you have to have faith in their power. 
To know how to use crystals, there are a few things that you need to know first. 

What can crystals do for you?

The answer is simple: whatever you seek from them. Spirituality, physical wellness, peace of mind and ability to cope with different life challenges can be harnessed from crystals. 

How do crystals work?

Heather Askinosie says, “To heal is to feel”. Crystals won’t change your life magically. Crystals are mere tools to help you reach the deepest cores of your body and soul and bring about the required changes. You have to add them to your daily routine to harness maximum benefits.

How to Use Crystals?

Here is a basic guide on how to use crystals for spiritual healing:

Make an Intention 

The intention is a statement or set of statements about the purpose or need of a certain ritual. For any ritual or spiritual process to work, the intentions need to be very specific, comprehensive and focused. They can have all the whats, whens, hows and whys. You can write down your intentions with your goals and the results you want to achieve.

How to Select the Crystal

Selecting a crystal isn’t a science. Selecting the crystal is a reverse process; it isn’t you who select a crystal, it’s the crystal who selects you. Just go to a crystal shop, look around and see which crystal grabs your attention. Healing practitioner Jissel Ravelo of Vibra Wellness says, “Your body will respond to a crystal either by sight or feeling”.

Connect Crystal with the Intention

Connecting crystal with the intention means assigning the job to the crystal. It means telling the crystals what it is required to do for you. To do so, you need to hold the crystal in your hand, close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Command the crystal to hold your intention.

What can you do with your crystals?

There is no limit to what you can do with the crystals to harness maximum energy and enjoy the benefits. Here are a few ways to use crystals:

  • You can tap into the energy of the crystals by touching them frequently. Wearing them as jewelry, putting them in purse and pocket are great ways to keep your crystals where you can touch them.
  • Meditate while holding your crystal in the hand. 
  • Place crystals in a grid to harness positive energy and ultimate benefits.
  • Make decorative pieces out of big crystal pieces to dispel negative energy from your home. 
  • Use crystals as part of spa treatments and self-care routines. Let your crystal soak in the bath or water to wash your face.
  • Put your crystal on your yoga mat while performing yoga. It will help attain a deeper connection with your crystal.
  • Create a scared space in your home and put some crystals, scented candles and herbs for positive vibes. 

 10 Best Crystals For Sale Good For Beginners And Their Meanings

You don’t need to be an expert to work with the crystals. Here are 10 best crystals that any beginner can use for a spiritual healing ritual. You just need to know what each crystal means and where to buy it from.

1. Amethyst

This crystal is best known for enhancing intuition, peace, and healing. It encourages stability and helps calm the mind. It also helps get over headaches. 

2. Rose Quartz

Love crystal not only promotes self-love but also heals the heart and helps attract love. It will help protect your relationship by balancing your heart chakra.

3. Iron Pyrite

Everyone feels a certain type of negativity from time to time. Iron Pyrite crystal can be used to ward off the negative energy and bring positivity. It not only boosts memory but also activates your intellect. 

4. Tiger Eye

Tiger eye crystal is a great option for people facing financial issues. It not only helps maintain wealth but helps it grow over time. The crystal will help calm the nerves by minimizing stress levels. Get ready as it can bring good luck as well.

5. Hematite

Confusions, negativity, and stress in life can be countered with hematite crystal. It increases mental organization by creating a balance. It helps treat anxiety and makes you feel calm.

6. Raw Emerald

Love life, being fragile, needs the most attention. Raw emerald can help achieve focus by encouraging loyalty and sensitivity. Raw emerald is called the stone for successful love as it helps in renewal, aids in recovery and gives hope for a dying relationship.

7. Citrine

It is one of those crystals that don’t require cleaning or charging up. Citrine is mostly used to deter negative energy by acting as a protective shield. It boosts creativity and imagination and one can harness optimistic energy from the citrine crystal.

8. Celestine

It helps balance your crown chakra. Dreams manifest unresolved issues about the past. Forgetting dreams is a common phenomenon but if you remember your dreams, they can give important insight into the present and future events. Celestine crystal can help you remember your dreams. Being associated with divinity, it boosts your natural sense of intuition. 

9. Quartz

Quartz in Greek means ice. This crystal symbolizes purity and is a powerful source of energy. If you are feeling unwell; mentally and physically, quartz is the crystal that will help you deal with emotional and physical ailments. It works best with other healing crystals to stimulate the immune system. It will help you feel active by increasing your perception and promoting awareness. 

10. Desert Rose

The crystal offers motivation and harmony. If used during meditation, it can help you connect to your past and future by promoting mental vision. It can also help you put your mind at peace by simply silencing it.     

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Crystals are the storehouses of natural energy. Spiritual healing with crystals is all about harnessing the energy of the crystals to bring health and prosperity. If you are just beginning to use crystals, start with any of the above mentioned 10 crystals depending on your intention. Use these crystals during meditation, bath or create a special ritual to harness balance, harmony, prosperity, and peace of mind.