10 Ultimate Signs You’re (Unknowingly) A Witch

Nature, spells, marks. You might be a witch, and that isn't bad!

By Diana Nadim
10 Ultimate Signs You’re (Unknowingly) A Witch

Stereotypes Surrounding Witches

If asked, bet your most memorable Halloween night was when you went out looking all evil with face paint, nose and chin prosthetics, and dark lipstick to add elements of mysteriousness!

And you are already designing the pointy hat and black cloak for the next rendition of the witch get-up.

However, what if the entire clothes designs and gross make-up you associate witches with is just a misconception? What if they are not some grumpy ugly granny flying around on brooms plotting the doom of two little kids who wander off in the woods?

Contrary to the storybook stories you've read, witches are mighty individuals who connect to nature, humanity, and the dead differently.

Following that, check out the misconceptions you carry about witches.

1. It is always a woman

The marginal gender in the society, the women, fall victim to allegations of witchcraft more than men. It was the society that believed women were more likely to be tempted by the devil. Apart from that, it was a way to ensure women don’t step outside their prescribed roles.

However, it is crucial to know that witchcraft has nothing to do with gender, and anyone can be a sorcerer.

2. Black cats are for witches

Most individuals believe that a cat possesses evil and woe unto them if a black cat crosses their way to work! However, these kitties are sweet and friendly like the others, and if anything, harmless!

3. Old and ugly

Unfortunately, kids grow up knowing that the fat, ugly old woman with fiery eyes in their storybooks is the witch. For this reason, people grow up scared of witches.

4. Witches are evil

Just like there are good and bad people, with good and bad intentions, there are good and bad witches. For instance, the force of magic is neutral. It is the intention of the doer that determines the working. Some witches work in the service of others and the greater good.

5. Witches worship the devil

The craft is often confused with Satanism, and individuals believe witches believe in the devil. However, there’s no concept of the devil, hell, or God, but instead, witches hail gods and goddesses.

What Is The Mark of A Witch?

Fearing witches is something that began a long time ago during the medieval periods. For this reason, the authorities hang anyone who was found guilty of the practice.

However, most people could only suspect one of witchcraft. The need for tangible proof made them associate the craft with witch's marks. To them, the marks were symbols of the sorcerer’s covenant with the devil.

People thought that they were markings the devil did on his followers to seal their allegiance, service, and obedience to him.

Finding the marks on a person was enough evidence for a conviction. Body defects such as warts, moles, third nipple, birthmarks, cleft lip, skin tags, crooked body, and outward protruding belly buttons are the marks that led to the sentencing of witches.

Although imperfect bodies made one a target, not every suspect had such ‘defects’ on them. You could be a suspect if you were barren, a widow, independent, outspoken, affluent, or had many children. 

What Are The Different Types Of Witches?

• Divination

They tap into their heads to connect into the magic of the world and predict the future. For instance, they listen to cards, read palms, and stare into the eyes to reach to their power.

They mostly are the mouthpiece of the gods, and people use them to speak to the deities. 

• Cosmic witch

A cosmic witch uses energy from the universe and the celestial bodies to practice the craft. Although most witches connect to nature during the practices, cosmic witches focus on the heavens above and around.

Divine witches do not connect with the earth, air, vegetation, and water like others. They believe that the cosmic energies host the divine.

They summon their powers and work with the stars and constellations, the astrology, the zodiac, the sun, solar magic, the moon, and planets. If you believe in the zodiac signs, you could be a witch.

• Green sorcerer

This witch finds her powers in the natural environment. Nature and all living things are of great importance to them.

They focus their power on every flora on earth, such as herbs, plants, and flowers.

• Kitchen sorcerer

They do not rely on a divine power or spiritual intervention like the others, but from cooking or baking as they tap into the power of their intention for magic. A kitchen witch practices the craft in their own home by using herbs in their food.

• Sea witch

Also known as the water witch, a sea sorcerer taps into their power by working with water. Their deep and powerful connection to water bodies such as the ocean, lake, sea, and rivers pulls them towards realizing their mystical energies. 

They incorporate the moon, weather, and water into their craft. This way, they find their magical link with the sea.

10 Ultimate Signs You Are A Witch

1. You find nature calm and suspenseful

Most witches act as the bridge between humanity and nature by translating what mountains, oceans, rivers, plants say about people. If you can't pass by a particular tree without touching it, or you acknowledge the existence of birds and animals when you hear them, you might be a witch.

2. You are very sensitive

Do you feel, see, smell, hear, and sense what your peers can't? If you don't understand it at first, it may freak you out and make you hate stepping out in public.

Asking your peers if they sense and feel the same way you do maybe creepy, and you may lose friends.

3. High intuitions

If you always rely on your intuitions to make decisions or pass judgments, which always turns out to be the correct thing you did, you might be a witch.

Most witches trust their gut, dismiss someone’s motives, respect boundaries, tap into someone’s emotions, know what to say all the time, and people respect their words.

If any of these ring a bell, you might be a witch!

4. Interpret divine symbols

Most witches can read, and discover signs and symbols from the universe, get premonitions, and get flash-forwards.

If you can have visions and interpret dreams, read other people’s minds and feel their energy and intentions, you have a gift!

5. Fascination with death

Witches don’t fear death and are curious about the afterlife. They communicate with the dead and see spirits. If you feel like the dead are within, check again!

6. Your collections

Most witches collect unusual items that others find creepy. For instance, a collection of feathers, animal skin, old coins, bones, rocks, candles, archaic jewelry, cats, and snakes can indicate the truth within you and reveal your hidden gift.

7. Can heal

You could be gifted if you tend to seek natural remedies for yourself and others, know a lot of healing herbs, concoction, rituals, and chants naturally.

8. You are wise

A witch seeks knowledge from everything around them. They tend to make discoveries, question, and read about the universe. They find amusement by the complexities of the world and tend to have all the answers about pain, rage, love, and wonder.

9. Powerful

If you can feel a foreign flow of energy through you, you make wishes and curses that come true, and people think you have an old soul, it could be it.

10. Believe in magic

You could be gifted if, unlike others who condemn magic and strange occurrences, you tend to be fascinated by such. Witches love movies, books, mystery, and the company of other witches, or anything that tells of magic.

Are Witches Bad?

Unfortunately, witches go through persecutions because individuals are ignorant of the fact that not all witches have ill intentions. There are witches of goodwill and intent.

Witches are wise, connect with the gods, heal, as well as nurture earth and mankind. However, their belief in power leads to fear, which then forces them to live as outcasts.

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It must be surprising to realize that you’ve been oblivious of what you might be all along. Embrace whatever you are feeling at the moment since it is a blessing and part of your gift.