10 Magical Moon Water You Can Make During Full Moon

Harness the full moon power to boost your mystic power and spells

By Sylvia Epie
10 Magical Moon Water You Can Make During Full Moon

The Power Of The Moon

Lunar eclipse

Constantly moving through a cycle of different phases the moon is one of the most mysterious forces in the universe. Each new phase impacts our emotions, intuition, and behavior in its own unique way. As it transitions from the New Moon to a Waxing and Waning Moon all the way to a Full Moon, it goes through changes in size, shape, and energy. And anyone who knows how to harness this intense energy can benefit greatly from it.

Since the beginning of the world people has celebrated the moon and its powers, those who knew how also used this energy to make relevant life changes and manifest their deepest desires. Amongst all the phases of the moon, the full moon phase is the most powerful, followed by the new moon. A full moon is an ideal time to grasp a piece of mother moons ancient wisdom and magic. How? You may be wondering.

Moon Water is the answer, this is simply water that has been left to absorb the energy of the moon. Moon Water is as effective as Holy Water is to Christians, it has purifying, cleansing, and protecting powers. It is also used in rituals, spells, and good for consumption, moon water can be made during any of the four phases of the moon cycle but as you might have guessed, full moon water is the most powerful.  

How To Make Moon Water

assorted stones

assorted stones

Fill a glass container with filtered water on the eve of a full moon, the container must be made of natural materials ( no plastic) to be able to serve as a vessel. The vessel represents the container of spirit, so be sure to choose a vessel that symbolizes your intentions. After picking the perfect vessel and filling it with filtered water, follow these steps:

  • Depending on your intent and what your spirit is drawn to, pick herbs and gemstones of your choice and surround your vessel with them. If your intent is love use dried rosebuds, rose quartz, or cocoa, for protection goes with black tourmaline and marjoram. If it's for success and prosperity try green aventurine and basil, use chamomile and Angelite for peace and happiness; sapphire, and rosemary for wisdom.
  • Meditate on your water and vessel, breathe love and light into the water, whisper your gratitude into the water, and leave it to absorb the energies of the full moon.
  • Allow your water to charge with the energies of the full moon overnight. Some people cover their vessels with a clear wrap for maximum absorption. Let your intuition guide you.
  • In the morning thank Luna for her energy and magic then pick up your vessel and use it for what you desire. Speaking your gratitude aloud is a great way to invoke Luna’s magic. Here’s a great example of what you could say:

As the full moon rises, so I rise.
I am awestruck by my divinity, my potential, my power
illuminated fully in Luna’s light.
Her great cycle is the death and rebirth that empowers my ascension.
I am her and she is me. Across the lands where night has fallen, I am the light.
I have released the darkness – the fear, the grief, the worry – and opened my heart
to let the beauty and bright fruition flow in
and to cast it back out, like a beacon from the Heavens.
Luna, I am thankful.
Amen, Aho, So it is.
                                   - Source: theperculiarbrunette.com

10 Magical Moon Water to Make During A Full Moon

1. Full moon spell Water

full moon

All the stories you hear about full moon nights exist for a reason, on full moons, there’s intense energy floating around, emotions run high, and everything is supercharged. There’s no better time to boost your energy reserves, recharge your batteries, and cast spells. To make the most out of this energy, you can use the power of the full moon to manifest your desires. How? You might be wondering.

Simply place a goblet or bowl of water exposed to the light of the full moon, write your wishes or desires on a piece of paper and place it under the goblet, let the full moon charge the water, fill it with its power and intensity then drink the water. Watch and see how your dreams manifest, works like magic.

2. New Moon Water

boy showering on lake

This is the ideal spell for a fresh start, if you have bad habits or a dark side you’ll like to work on when you are starting a new job, relationship, beginning a new career, or moving to a new city/house. New moon water is great for finding your bearings in new situations, leave a glass jar of water outside overnight to soak in the wisdom and energy of the moon and drink it while speaking your concerns out loud. You can refrigerate the water and drink it for a few days. The moon has been part of the universe since its creation, there’s nothing it hasn’t seen, use its great power to navigate your new beginning.

3. Clarity and Relaxation Moon Water

woman sitting in bathtub with white and yellow daisy flowers

Feeling stressed, tired, or burned out, add moon water to your bath for clarity and intense relaxation. Fill your bathtub with regular water and then pour previously created moon water to it, mix it properly along with natural ingredients like bath salts, and herbs of your choice. Get into the tub and start pouring the water to every part of your body and hair. Pay special attention to the parts you feel need it the most, as you reflect on the things you want to let go, focus on releasing all the stress in your body, allow the water’s charge to penetrate your being, embrace its energy while promoting intense peace and relaxation. 

4. Third Eye Chakra Moon water

woman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooring

To enhance wisdom and psychic awareness, dab moon water on your third eye, you know you have powers but can’t seem to harness them or to focus on your intuition, use this moon water to open your inner eye to divine wisdom and revelation. Go to a quiet and comfortable place, meditate deeply until you find your place of inner peace, trust your intuition and let it take you to your deeper self. When you get to your inner self, dab your third eye chakra with Moon Water, this will open up your visions to a level of clarity that will amaze you.

5. Symbolic Resemblance Moon Water

crystal ball photography

Write down your intentions with clarity, stating what you want for your love life, for example, a partner if you’re single, open communication if you’re in a relationship, a shift in career, a promotion, or a raise, put it all down on paper. Burn a white candle and focus your mind on growth, emotionally process what you have written, and envision your transition into what you desire as the moon transitions from the new moon to a full moon. This is known as symbolic resemblance magick, it is ideal for creating a brighter love life, career, and personality. 

6. Banishing spell Moon Water

photo of man closing his eyes

A spell to get rid of your fears, insecurities, negative thoughts, or a person you want out of your life. This is a great way to sever ties with an ex you still have feelings for or a toxic relationship. Write down a list of your fears, anxieties on paper, light a candle and burn the paper while focusing on letting go of all your insecurities, drink a glass of moon water to wash everything away. A word of caution, make sure you don't start a fire, the aim here is to drive away your fears and not burn down your house. So, take the necessary precautions to carry this task out safely.

7. Cleansing Moon Water

floating woman on body of water

Add moon water to sea salt, and essential oils to create a purifying and cleansing solution for your surfaces. You can spray anything with fabric around your house, the curtains, couch, bed, pillows, clothes, and everything you feel needs cleansing. It can also be added to your bath water if you feel your body needs cleansing too. This water will cleanse past hurt and negative energy from your home, it will set the stage and prepare the atmosphere for new positive memories.

8. Money Energy Moon Water

fan of 100 U.S. dollar banknotes

To invoke wealth or manifest money, sprinkle moon water on your money. Remember that money is energy, so it flows and goes to where the atmosphere is most receptive. Visualize the exact amount you want to manifest and hold on to that vision as strongly as you can, energetically summon that vision into existence as you anoint the money you have with moon water. Then get ready to receive the manifestation of the money you summoned. 

9. Charging Gemstones Moon Water

Moon Water is also used to recharge the energy in your crystals and gemstones to increase their potency. Gemstones are like conductors you use to collect and store energy for future use, gemstones and crystals need a refill every now and then, charge them under the light of a full moon, leave them overnight next to a breakable bowl of water. They will absorb powerful energy from the moon and be infused with Lunar magic you’ll be able to tap into for a long time. Your stones have to bathe under the moon next to water for at least 24 hours, the water purifies it from past negative energy while it soaks in the fresh energy from the full moon.

10. Aromatherapy Moon Water

votive candle

As you may have guessed you can put moon water into diffusers with essential oils for aromatherapy, this mix can help soothe, uplift, or relax your environment depending on what you mix it with. To create a relaxed atmosphere add chamomile extract, peppermint to uplift, tea tree, or eucalyptus oil for a healing aroma and rose extract for a love-filled atmosphere. It purifies the air and everything around you as it spreads positive energy through diffusers.

Celebrities Who Swear by Moon Water

moon water, victoria beckham, beauty, skin, skincare

Victoria Beckham recently took to Instagram to share her devotion to moon water and the wonders it does for her skin. 44 years old former Spice Girls, fashionista, and mom of 4, Victoria Beckham is a beauty icon. She posted a picture on her Instagram Stories of an expensive brand of moon water she drank during her stay at a luxury health retreat in Germany.

According to the brand's website, the water is bottled from natural springs on a full moon night, capturing all the energy and magic of the moon. If that is the secret to her glowing skin then it's to start making our very own moon water. 

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Now you know why witches and wizards love the full moon and how to harness its power and energy to make your life better. Regardless of who you are or what you believe the power of the moon is available for you to tap into, as humans we’re all connected to the universe in a peculiar way, it’s our choice to explore that connection or not. If you choose to commune with nature then there’s no better place to start than with Luna the mother energy.