10 Ways A Spiritual Teacher Can Help With Your Life

How bringing in a spiritual teacher can improve your life

By Fred S.
10 Ways A Spiritual Teacher Can Help With Your Life

Spiritual advisors are people who help people build a stronger connection with their inner selves. It could also include facilitation in building a stronger connection with The Higher Being – or God. The main goal of such an advisor would be to enable clients to maintain a strong relationship with their spiritual being. Spiritual advisors wouldn’t just focus on one aspect of your spirituality, but they’ll look to provide guidance in all parts of your spiritual identity.

They’re not psychics though, nor would they have crystal balls that tell fortunes as many people imagine them to be. Instead, they’re people who’ve reached a high state in terms of following faith, exercising self-love, and recognizing their spiritual selves. Through the knowledge and learning they’ve gathered, they’re in the position to help you transform your spirituality for the better.

Spiritual Teacher vs DIY Learning

Nowadays, almost anything can be learned and practiced through self-learning methods. Whatever tutorials and guidance you’re looking for, you can probably find it on the internet. This also applies to knowledge of spirituality and related aspects of it. You find numerous gurus who upload reminders and spiritual guidance videos regularly. There’s available access to listening to the spiritual transformation journeys of innumerable people in the form of videos and articles. In such a learning-positive environment, there’s a logical question that arises; should you really pay for a real-life spiritual advisor?

Well, there are many reasons that may advocate the online option of exploring your spiritual self. However, many arguments can be devised for opting for real-life spiritual advisors.

Firstly, you’ll never have a close, interpersonal relationship with an online guru who doesn’t even know you exist. No matter how many comments you leave, or how many videos you watch, it’ll always be you and a screen. In the realm of spirituality, a direct human connection between two people holds precious value. It can be hard to hold a sustainable connection with an online spiritual wellness instructor who you’ll probably never meet.

With a spiritual teacher in real-life, you’ll be able to meet them, talk to them, and ask questions as they pop into your head. This isn’t possible with an online spiritual journey. Many questions will arise as you walk further and further in your spiritual endeavors, and leaving them unanswered could be frustrating. Meeting your spiritual guide face to face periodically ensures absolute clarity and a confusion-free spiritual exploration.

Humans are naturally drawn to follow by example and having a spiritual advisor ensures that.  In DIY learning, you’ll gather knowledge but might not have anyone to look up to or follow in their footsteps. With an advisor, you’ll see the person as a role model who is already standing at a position that you’re striving to reach. It has great impacts on the way you perform actions to move forward towards your spiritual destination.

10 Ways a Spiritual Teacher Will Benefit You

1. Anxiety and Sleep

A spiritual advisor can also hear you venting out many times. Helping you fight through your spiritual struggles falls into the scope of his duties. After all, he’s there to help you unlock a deeper level and understanding of your spiritual self. If you’re having trouble with the thoughts of your relationship with God, or how you connect to your inner self, it could cause anxiety. It has a direct impact on a person’s happiness, and a spiritual advisor can work wonders to solve this problem. He’ll guide you, and help you solve your spiritual issues to achieve sustained growth with a satisfied mindset. Subsequently, decreased anxiety will always translate into a better quality of sleep.

2. Mindfulness

Spiritual enlightenment wakes a person up in general, making him more aware of his inner being, the environment, and the vibes around him. As they say in the spiritual community, it opens your ‘third eye’ and allows you to be truly mindful. Helping you reach this state of higher consciousness would be the goal of a reputable spiritual advisor. He’ll know and teach you ways to achieve levels of mindfulness which you couldn’t have on your own, and that’s a worthy benefit!

3. Soothes the Soul

The main reason why people pursue spiritual guidance and enlightenment is to find peace within oneself. That comes with the soul being at peace, for which there’s no invented medicine.

4. Guided Meditation

Meditation is a crucial aspect of any spiritual enlightenment journey. It’s a basic stepping stone which you’ll have to start with, whether you have a spiritual advisor or learn on a DIY basis. However, many spiritual gurus claim that beginners should start this practice in the form of guided meditation sessions. Unlike regular meditation, the person doesn’t sit and focus on his breathing by himself during guided meditation. Perhaps, a beginner isn’t ready to effectively perform it on his own – as he may need to get reminded of essential pointers. Here, another spiritually advanced individual sits close by and calmly passes instructions periodically that help the meditator.

A spiritual advisor makes this possible, and this brings countless benefits along. Without it, it’s normal for beginners to feel detached and uninterested in the meditation exercises if they start on their own. Let’s be honest, sitting alone in silence while doing nothing doesn’t sound like the most interesting practice. A spiritual advisor will help you find meaning in it, while also making sure you’re doing it right.

5. Internal Healing

Many times, there are deep scars within ourselves that we’re unaware of. These could occur due to heart-breaking instances, such as disappointments and betrayals from loved ones. However, forgiveness is an extremely important aspect of any spiritual journey. Advisors are known to encourage clients to forgive absolutely everything that’s happened to them in the past. This lightens burdens and helps people heal and focus on the more positive side of tomorrow.

6. Self-love

In the busy lifestyle of today, a person hardly ever gets to focus on his own self even for 5 minutes. Spirituality works against this and repeatedly encourages people to dive deeper into their own consciousness. Once you start practicing this regularly, you’ll be reminded about how complete, healthy, and alive you are a person. It encourages you to strive for a better tomorrow, repairing all the damage your soul might have gone through with your past.

7. Mental Growth

Forgiveness, acceptance, and self-love are all aspects of a mature mind. All these qualities can be termed as the building blocks of spiritual teachings. A spiritual teacher will deeply focus on growing your mindset to become a truly elevated and purer version of yourself. You’ll become calmer, happier, with a more positive approach to life and yourself – signifying strong mental growth.

8. Peace of Mind

Exploring the world of spirituality, you’ll slowly start realizing how little you actually ‘need’ in life. The world has gotten more and more materialistic with the passage of time, and other aspects that determine happiness have been relatively neglected. Through spiritual enlightenment, you’ll learn thankfulness and genuine appreciation for what you have at the moment. This subsides worldly worries to a great extent, translating to an inertly generated peace of mind.

9. Hope and Faith in the Existence of a Higher Power

As mentioned above, the scope of spiritual advisor also mostly encompasses the promotion of a divine connection in one’s life. If and when a person finds this connection in its genuine form, their life could absolutely transform for the better. It’s the ultimate hope a person can have during his lifetime. Such a spiritually enlightened person genuinely believes that everything is happening for a reason and that there’s promised ease after every hardship.

10. Inspires Courage and Motivation

With a newfound feeling of positivity, spiritual advisors inspire a sense of courage to approach life in an entirely different way. You’d feel genuinely thankful for waking up every new day, motivated to take control of it and get positive outcomes. Once you get introduced to higher levels of spirituality, you’ll learn to value life like never before. It’ll teach you that you’re not in the world by a coincidence and that there’s a reason behind everything. It’ll motivate you to look for and pursue meaningful goals that bring goodness not just to your own life, but also of those around you.

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As someone who devotes himself to help you find a clear spiritual way, a spiritual advisor plays a vital role. He incorporates elements of spirituality into your daily schedule at the micro-level; such as adding gratefulness exercises in your morning routine etc. Through such initial baby steps, the stage is perfectly set for people to climb as high as they want in the world of spiritual exploration. Make sure you step into it with an open mind, as a humble learner who’s out to seek positivity and a divine connection, and you’ll find it to be rewarding. Good luck!