What are the types of psychic abilities and do I have one?

Everyone has some form of psychic abilities, find yours now

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What are the types of psychic abilities and do I have one?

Types of psychic abilities

We’ve all seen movies and read about psychics who sit in a dark room, filled with mysterious objects. A crystal ball set at the table, gloomy music playing in the background, and people trying their luck in getting to know a little something about them in exchange for a big stack of cash. But it’s not necessary to have all that to be a psychic. Let’s find out more about what are the different types of psychic abilities or the 6 Claires:

Clairvoyance (Seeing)

This is one of the most common and mistaken abilities one can have. Clairvoyance is the ability to see into different dimensions and timelines. There is a lot of ambiguity among these topics and are also very controversial.

Clairaudience (Hearing)

One aspect of having psychic abilities where one has the potential to hear things that are normally considered inaudible. A little creepy, this one.

Clairalience (Smelling)

Clairalience or clear-smelling is a term given to those with the ability to sense something in their surrounding and discuss its various aspects with only a whiff.

Clairgustance (Tasting)

Clairgustance or clear-tasting is claimed to be the quality someone can develop that allows them to taste something prior to ingestion. This is deeply connected to the ability of clear-smell.

Clairsentience (Feeling)

Clairsentience is more about following your intuitions and gut feelings that every man gets when making a tough decision. It is the power to feel something with the depth that normally people don’t do.

Claircognizance (Knowing)

This is the ability to have knowledge about things that are usually outside your field of expertise in this world. People who are said to have this gift are often consulted with before making big decisions and life choices to feel better about the decision afterward, even if it goes downhill.

Stories of how people become psychic

Just like we see in the movies; there are always two sides of a story, people using their qualities for the good and people using them for the worse. Here are some good ones who talk about their lives as mediums or psychics and the journey that led to this decision.

How to tap into your psychic abilities

The psychic abilities are said to be a part of us since childhood, we just became less sensitive towards our sensations as compared to our childhood, when we used to focus on many different aspects of life. That period was full of curiosity and deep thinking, even though there was lack of knowledge. But now, we have both brains and logic to help us through these things.

Having psychic abilities sure looks like a charm, but with big powers, comes big responsibility. It takes a great deal to embrace yourself as a whole, including your mind, body, and soul. Only then you can discover aspects of yourself you never thought existed.

1. Embrace your Intuitions

We all have them, but we are guilty of never paying much attention to them. Know that your intuitions will play a major role in shaping your mind and making you more aware of your surroundings. The gut feeling we get, it’s always trying to tell us something. Working with your intuitions doesn’t only mean to think about them or go with them from time to time. It means o actually think of your gut feelings as a person or a childhood friend.

These things will take some time and practice as long as you are determined to explore your mind and open it to new possibilities. For starters, you can exercise dealing with and following what your intuitions have to say in small matters of life. If you’re having an annoying argument with your boss or confessing your feelings to someone, focus on these feelings and associate a color with them. With some practice, these colors and emotions will connect and guide you the next time you’re in trouble. For example, if you associated Orange with a fight, the next time someone starts talking about the argument, you’ll see orange and anticipate a fight talk before them even telling you the whole story.

2. Share your energy with the surroundings

Psychic or no psychic, the brilliant minds are always aware. They’re aware about themselves, they’re aware about the surroundings, and the people around them. You can start practicing awareness and sharing your energy in your own room. Stand in the center and notice every single thing that is in your vicinity. Every nook and corner of the room should be pictured well in your mind. When you’ve completed this task, you can try this outside your home. At the mall, coffee shop, or work, focus on your surroundings and feel yourself completely blended in that environment. Only then you can tap into your mind.

While you’re concentrating on the things around you, don’t just notice them, acknowledge how they make you feel. If you’re connecting with your environment then your environment should connect with you as well. All those energies should be shared and taken into account.

3. Tap into your subconscious

The subconscious mind is the key to all you’re hidden abilities, told by experts and researchers. You can develop a healthy and secure connection with your mind when it is half asleep. The brain often stores all that information from our daily encounters so that we only have to process the main and important things. We have the ability to access those stored pieces of information and use them to develop a sense of awareness.

Some people say that dreams are a connection between different dimensions and realms. It’s quite fascinating how a whole different world and aspect is seen in your dreams. They are mostly the projections of things that affect us deeply that the brain plays them over and over again. Focusing on these intense emotions could be a way to enhance your abilities related to clairvoyance.

Books and Crystals to Learn More About Psychic Abilities

The knowledge related to psychic abilities is vast. Here are some books and crystal information to help you on your way to this intriguing aspect. They’re fun to read and not always have to be taken into a serious account.

Psychic abilities by Crystal Stones

Here is a fun and interesting read for those mind lovers. This book helps the reader to reach the depths of their minds and hearts to increase their knowledge about their own body. Amazing reviews from people prove that this one helps in at least some kind of way. No one can guarantee that you’ll have superpowers after reading it, the main goal is to help you reconnect with yourself.


Amethyst, Bloodstone, Citrine, and Moonstone

These four crystals are designed to awaken your sense of intuition and improve your psychic thinking. The description card accompanying these stones will guide you through this journey. Mediums and Psychics rely on the natural powers of these stones to guide them through their intuitions and help them make better decisions and give better advice.

The Magic Is In You Psychic Intuition Tumbled Crystal Healing Set with Pouch & Description Card - Amethyst, Bloodstone, Citrine, and Moonstone

The Signs by Carolyne Faulkner

The author in this book guides the readers to develop a rough understanding of the universe. Even though stars are not proven definitively accurate regarding psychic abilities and clairvoyance, they are still a very interesting topic to read about and how people believe they can be a pathway to lead us to our destiny.

The Signs: Decode the Stars, Reframe Your Life by Carolyne Faulkner, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble®

Magic Crystal Ball

Bring this helpful crystal ball to your home or your office so you can have your decisions made easily and without much hassle. The magic crystal ball comes with a miniature 3” wand that you have to wave over in order to unlock its abilities.

Magic Crystal Ball: See the Future!

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The key is to keep an open mind, which includes not believe everything in the first instance and also, not getting carried away with all the information you get, and the stories you hear from the people. Lots of hoaxes are also a part of fields like this. It’s always better to consult a professional and seek knowledge regarding everything that you aim to follow in the future. Other than that, le the psychic in you awaken.