How A Spiritual Adviser Can Help You Align Your Life

The role of a spiritual advisor explained and what to look out

By Fred S.
How A Spiritual Adviser Can Help You Align Your Life

A spiritual advisor is a person who helps their clients to develop a bond with God and find a spiritual connection with their own selves. This is a person whose main goal is to make sure whoever comes to them is able to maintain a healthy and consistent relationship with their spiritual side. It’s not a coach who focuses on one part of your identity and provides guidance in those areas, instead of spiritual advisors are people who take care of all spiritual aspects of your life. You shouldn’t expect them to be psychics, instead, they’re just well-versed in their faith, and can help a person enhance theirs through guidance. 

When looking for a spiritual guide, you don’t only have to look for a clergy person, but instead, even a layperson can help you come closer to God, and your spiritual side.  It could be both male and female, the only qualities that you must make sure of, should be well informed in faith and prayer, so that they have the ability to encourage you.  

What does a spiritual advisor do?

By now it is understandable that a spiritual advisor is someone that becomes responsible for guiding you to your spiritual side. A spiritual advisor is someone who is someone that is steadfast in their own prayers and faith and therefore actively participates in helping others find their way to the faith and the spiritual awakenings people require.  

They are committed to their religion and faith; the purity of their commitment is what makes them encouraging to their clients. A spiritual advisor needs to be well-read about the religion that they are helping you with, and his clarity in religious and spiritual concepts should be sufficient to answer all the questions stuck in your mind.  

Spiritual advisors help you make decisions in the light of religion and God, but their assistance isn’t only limited to religious decisions, it could also cover general decisions as well – pertaining to the negative and positive aspects of your social circle, job, or family. They ensure that the steps you take in life are on the pathway of exploring your spirituality, inspiring positivity within you.  

Benefits of getting spiritual advice

1. It's medicine for your spiritual ailments

Spiritual advice really helps soothe the soul just as much as any kind of medicine will soothe physical pain. We tend to underestimate spiritual misalignments as they’re not as apparent as physical sicknesses, or even psychological disorders, but the impact it has on your life may be just as big. Make sure you see a spiritual advisor if you find yourself lost for meaning, or can’t seem to find a peaceful spiritual direction.  

2. Heals your inner self if you truly believe in it

When you get spiritual advice about the things that trouble you, it helps you heal from the inside, embrace it and believe in it. It’s one of the mysteries of spiritual enlightenment, you’ve got to believe in it for it to work the best.  

3. Reassures you

Spiritual advice reminds you that you are not an incomplete person, you are healthy and complete; all you need to do is to nurse yourself back to full health and repair the damage that has been caused to your soul and inner peace. It tells you what type of energy you need to maintain around you, which also includes the changes your life may need in terms of your social circle, your job, or even your daily routine.  

A person who has an emotional wound may also be performance driven. Perhaps they felt like no matter what they did, they could never please a parent or authority figure, and later on in life, that rejection wound causes the person to be a performer to the point where they are never satisfied and burned out by their efforts.

4. Defines new limits of peace and contentment

It helps you achieve the peace of mind you didn’t know existed before, along with growth in ways that did not seem possible earlier. It reminds you that you’re so lost in the world outside, you forget there’s a whole universe within you too, waiting to be explored.   

5. Strengthens your connection with the Divine

It helps people in believing that there is a bigger power at play that will assist them through the ups and downs on the journey of completing their goals. It helps them have the courage and the motivation to move closer to God and their faith, while also focusing on their goals in life. Having faith in a higher, all-encompassing power, promotes self-confidence too. It tells you it’s all part of a plan, and you’re never alone, and that’s a super-empowering assurance to have.  

Believe or not to believe?

Whether to believe in the scripture and your spiritual advisor would solely be a decision you’d make on your own. However, there have been various accounts where people have continuously given credit to spiritual awakening for their success and internal healing for the soul. It’s advisable that a person remains well-informed, and takes their time before they make any kind of decision in this regard.  

You could go through scriptures, and attend a few spiritual counseling groups to see whether or not it is something that you want to pursue. A person’s decision also sometimes depends on the counselor. It would be easier to follow the advice if you are coordinating with an advisor that you are comfortable with. However, if you do not feel that this is something that you should pursue, then no one can force you to do it. You need to be well informed and have the liberty to make your own decision about your own spirituality.  

Where to find a spiritual advice

1. Reading spiritual blogs

Some people often find comfort and inspiration through the words and experiences of others. In this technologically driven world, you could always use the internet as a source where you could look for spiritual advice. There are many spiritual blogs online that talk about the journey of enlightenment experienced by different kinds of people that might help you. Some blogs even help you through the process step by step; they have programs where you can go hand in hand with the writer while looking for spirituality.  

2. Participate in spiritual support groups

Everyone knows that there are many support groups for all aspects of life, such is the case for people pursuing spiritual awakening. There is strength in numbers, and therefore when you’re surrounded with people that are going through the same struggles as you, it becomes easier and more efficient when put into work. When people assist each other in finding their way to God and their faith, staying encouraged and motivated to complete the journey is easier. 

3. Find Spiritual Advice Through Apps


‎Headspace: Meditation & Sleep
Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

Headspace is an app for both Android and iOS, which helps you practice mindfulness. The app has a very elaborate, detailed, and simple ten-step program for its users, along with options to subscribe for added features. These paid features include meditation, web classes, and a buddy-assisted program that helps motivate you throughout your spiritual journey. 

Hay House Radio

‎Hay House Radio on the App Store
Hay House Radio - Apps on Google Play

Getting yourself into an atmosphere filled with conversations of experts about the goal you're pursuing can work wonders for your progress. Thankfully, you don't have to leave the comfort of your home to place yourself in such environments anymore, it can all be done through a phone, an application, and some earphones. 

Hay House Radio offers this, being the world's leading online radio podcast that discusses empowerment, affirmations, spiritual awakening, and guided meditation sessions. You'd be listening to some of the best personalities in the market when it comes to spirituality and enlightenment. It's totally free to log in the to app and explore 24/7, and you can watch any one of the recent episodes of the live shows without any cost, as the first one is offered as a free trial.   


This app enables you to make your spiritual journey as effortless as it can be, by listening to your favourite speakers anywhere, anytime. Their archives have thousands and thousands of previously aired lectures, which you'd gain access to with membership. It's super easy to browse through other spiritual speakers to find out the one you feel the strongest connection with! Try it out, it might just change your life. 


‎3-Minute Retreat
3 Minute Retreat

The most important parts of getting spiritual guidance are being able to provide your mind and health with peace and healing. This application helps you acquire that mental and spiritual tranquility by making sure that your mind isn’t preoccupied with too much. This is done through meditation, prayers, verse recitation and discussions. This is a three-minute exercise, followed by two thought-provoking questions for reflection and closing notes. It doesn’t take too much of your time, but makes sure that it gives you an engaging experience!  

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A spiritual advisor is someone that devotes himself to helping other people find their spiritual way into the daily workings of their life. However not everyone is ready to receive spiritual help, and that is for them to decide.

For people that are ready to spend time in spirituality-promoting activities, they need to look for the most suitable and effective ways to invest their energy. This includes spiritual blogs that you can feel a connection with; relating to other peoples’ experiences and journeys, or going through applications that offer a well-planned spiritual schedule for you paired with features that could enhance your entire experience.