Mirror Soul Connection: 17 Signs You Have Found Your Mirror

Who is the mirror of your soul and have you find the one?

By Fred S.
Mirror Soul Connection: 17 Signs You Have Found Your Mirror

What is a Mirror Soul Connection

One’s “mirror soul connection” is perceived to be the other half of their soul. It reflects the true image of the person you really are, and naturally embodies your perfect match in every aspect. Not only does this special person mirror your likes, dislikes, traits, but also your fears and insecurities.

All your strategies, long-term plans, and back-ups fly out the window, as you’re ready to risk it all for this one person. You no longer have to chase happiness, because all of it is embodied in the moments you spend with your mirror soul. They make you whole, in every sense.

What are the signs of a mirror soul connection?

So, how can you know if a person you’re interested in isn’t your mirror soul? You might feel feelings of desire and attraction intensely for them, but how can one know if that’s not just mere lust?

You’ll have to rely on gut feelings alone, and they often tell the truth when it comes to spiritual matters. When it comes to the signs of one’s true mirror soul, your eyes’ vision isn’t as relevant as your soul’s.

Here are some key signs to look for;

1. You see them again and again

Once destiny brings them to meet you, they’ll somehow keep coincidentally popping up in front of you in different scenarios. You see him at the most unexpected places; in a new restaurant, the mall, or the market.

Whenever you lock eyes with them, there’s a unique vibe to that moment, a special attraction of your energies. If you’ve felt that mutual zing with someone who keeps crossing your path, they might just be your mirror soul.

2. They might literally be your ‘dream girl/boy’

By ‘literally’, I mean you might see their face in one or more of your dreams before you even really meet them. No, this rare occurrence doesn’t only happen in the movies. People can have dreams of their soulmates before even meeting them, and their face seems wildly familiar to them when they finally meet. If you’ve experienced a vivid déjà vu with them, that’s a sign!

3. It’s true love, but might not go as smoothly

Often, the two mirror souls fall into a runner/chaser dynamic after meeting each other a couple of times. It’s common for one person to recognize destiny’s signals earlier than their mirror, which can sometimes intimidate or even freak the other person out. No matter what though, if they’re your mirror soul, it’s meant to work out well in the end.

4. You have no choice but to give in

Upon recognizing that you’re clearly meant to be with this person, you find yourself forced to let down the walls you’ve built around your heart. You might be hurt from past relationships, you might have vowed to not fall in love, but something tells you this is the one – fate wills it so. You almost have no other option besides surrendering to your gut feeling, and once you do it, it’ll be the most liberating feeling in the world.

5. You complete each other

Your mirror soul is the other half of your soul, and you’re meant to make each other whole. You’ve simply never felt this way with anyone else in the entire world – and that’s clear.

6. You two are the same, but poles apart

The two of your represent the Yin and Yang perfectly, being the same, but yet ever so different from each other. It’s as if you’ve had the same experience or parenting, or lived the same life in different places. You share the same hobbies, interests, and even needs and wants. But where one person takes a firm position, the other submits, and vice versa.

7. You can’t stop overthinking about everything

Your consciousness naturally elevates when you finally come across your mirror soul. All of a sudden, the repetitive days have loads of excitement to them, and you’re more mindful throughout the day. You feel extremely loved from their side, and that’s always strange to experience. This leads you to question and overthink their behavior and your own – it’s only natural.

8. You feel ‘woke’

The heightened level of consciousness propels you to feel more empowered, wiser, and more aware. You experience a way of thinking that you’ve never possessed before, seeing the universe with an all-new perspective.

You catch yourself thinking deeply about topics that haven’t even mattered to you before. Somehow, this one person has shaken up and changed everything for the better – they might be the one.

9. You’ll be super energized

The more you think about them, the longer you stay with them, the higher your energy level is. They make you feel like you can win at every battle of life, and all you need is them by your side. You’ll even experience sleepless nights, turning left to right thinking about them – you’re just not tired enough to fall asleep.

10. You get to know yourself better

As you get to know them, you’ll introduce yourself to deeper details about yourself too. You discover new talents, and more things that you’re good at when you’re associated with this person. If you’ve noticed this, it could be because the person is a mirror of your soul, and learning more about them means diving deeper into yourself.

11. You evolve, but don’t change

While you see drastic changes in your life and within yourself after their entry into your life, you become an elevated version of your own self. Unlike a toxic relationship, it’s not the partner who changes you according to their will, but it’s a natural cause-effect of becoming more conscious. The connection with one’s mirror soul means having a person who completely understands you, relates to you, and helps you grow – while simultaneously doing the same for them.

12. It’s all super mature and awfully childish at the same time

Everything about this relationship is more mature than anything you’ve experienced in the past. You respect each other’s space, free time, and talk things through with honesty. At the same time, the mutual playfulness you share goofing around with each other, brings flashbacks of teenage love.

13. They’re all you care about

A true mirror soul has the potential to completely hijack your priority list once you start talking to them. They mean the world to you, and they’re both, your strength and your weakness. They’re the first thought in the morning and the last one at night!  

14. You have feelings for them that are seemingly irrational

Often, a mirror soul connection makes you want to go all-in on that one person. To think how much you’re willing to give up for them, having known them for such a short amount of time, is highly irrational – but feels right.  You can’t describe it, and merely the word ‘love’ doesn’t do justice to it. If that’s the case, you might have found your mirror soul.

15. The two of you have the world to yourself

The problems of the world, even the ones that could impact you, are suddenly irrelevant. You two are lost in a paradise of your own, like Aladdin and Jasmine on a magic carpet ride. You’ve got inside jokes that no one else understands, and laugh at things at which no one else does. You could spend an eternity with just your eyes locked with each other – and that’s the definition of a mirror soul connection.

16. You’ve talked for days, but it feels like you’ve known them for years

This is one of the most straightforward signs of finding your destined other half. Even though it’s hardly been a month of talking to each other, the level of frankness, comfort and closeness you’ve achieved is uncanny. It’s almost as if your souls secretly met with each other all your life!

17. Your story feels like a fairytale

Being younger, we’d all hear majestic stories about two people who instantly fall in love, and experience all sorts of dreamy feelings for each other. Their love is stronger than any villain in their way, and it’s all meant to work out in the end. If you look at your relationship and feel the same way, you might have found your mirror soul!

Lessons to Learn from Your Mirror Soul

With this person, you’ll get to experience the relationship who we all unconsciously long for. As humans, we inertly seek it at all times, even when we’re boasting about how much we love being single.

Such a relationship effortlessly allows the two lovers to honor, respect, love, and care for each other. They teach you a lesson on what a relationship can be, and why you should never settle for any less. They give what they’d like to receive, and that mutually fulfills each person’s wants as they mirror each other.

The mirroring between these two soulmates is mutual, and they inspire one another to conquer their insecurities and fears together. No one can relate to you better than your mirror soul, and the same goes for them too. Once you experience this in real life, you’ll feel invincible, as if nothing can stop you anymore.

Your mirror soul learns to grow from you, and shows you the path to do the same. With each other’s company and trust, you’re bound to change your lives for the better!

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Many of us haven’t found our mirror soul, but don’t fret, the journey and search goes on. You too have one special someone who’s destined for you – but have yet to cross paths with them. Don’t worry, when they arrive, you’ll know it’s them.

Such a connection transcends the physical realm and finds its home through an unshakable spiritual bond. If you’re one of the lucky ones to have found the one meant for you, value the relationship you have and secure it with lifelong vows – that’s bound to happen sooner or later with your soulmate. All the best!