Twin Flame Telepathy: How To Connect Without Words.

Is he or she your twin flame? Do you connect telepathically?

By Aey
Twin Flame Telepathy: How To Connect Without Words.

What is a twin flame?

We all have heard the concept of soulmates, and have most likely spent some time thinking about where they are and how do they look like. Sometimes discussed in the terms of mirror soul or soul connection, twin flames are the other half of your soul. This is an even deeper connection that one may have with their soulmate. So, although soulmate connections are very significant and interesting, an encounter with a twin flame is on an entirely different level. Twin flames are not always related to you romantically, but they mostly are. A twin flame can be your mentor, friend, partner, or even a student.

What is twin flame telepathy?

Twin flame telepathy enables twin flames to hear each other's thoughts by means other than the known senses. This allows them to converse mentally. This happens when you and your twin connect energetically and both of you are connected to the source. Twin flame telepathy isn’t something that is developed because you have psychic abilities. It can develop randomly at any given moment, though for many it happens during intense emotional conversations or interaction in real life or dreams. When it happens, it’s almost as if your souls are connected to your higher consciousness.

9 Signs to know that you have twin flame telepathy with each other

1. You feel a very powerful connection with them

When you connect with your twin flame, you feel as if you're in another realm. Nothing in this world bothers you and you feel light and free as a feather. You feel as if you’ve walked into a lighter vibration with them in which nothing can harm you in any way. This is an amazing way to stay in touch with each other regardless of the physical distance between you two. Finally, the both of you feel perfectly connected and aligned with the source energy when you are with your twin flame.

2. You have experienced intense dreams or visions of them appearing in your life

At some point in your life, you have suddenly felt a feeling of good waves wash over you for no apparent reason. You hear a song play on the radio and you feel a weirdly deep connection to it. Many things in your life which made no sense before seem to be much clearer now and your twin flame experiences the same things with you. Those times that they have appeared in your dreams, or you have thought about them they are likely thinking about you too. Mostly this is happening on the soul level where both of you have a much deeper connection, and where there is always love between you two.

3. You understand complex and hidden parts of each other

You have such a deep connection with your twin flame that you can see everything they are beneath the surface. You can see the true face of your twin flame and you know how they are beneath all the stuff that they show to the world. Your twin flame knows the same about you and they can also see you for who you are, beneath the surface. This can be uncomfortable and confronting, but it can also be deeply validating and liberating. As you understand the complex parts of each other, you will be able to connect with your twin flame on a much deeper level.

4. Though you and your partner share the same soul, you have different personalities

You and your twin flame understand each other on such a deep level on which no other person can. But on the surface, you two are opposites. You have differences in your personality and attitude. Just because you understand each other does not mean you are one person. Both of you will have different thoughts, opinions, and a different mindset.  But in the end, both of you complement each other’s differences, making you the perfect team. So, don’t worry if you are completely different on the outside, both of you still have a very deep connection with each other.

5. You have an extremely telepathic connection, and thus can tell when something is wrong

Both of you have a very deep and profound connection with each other and thus both of you can tell very easily when something is missing or going wrong. You can tell when your twin flame is sad or happy. You can also tell when they are trying to distance themselves from you psychically or emotionally.  You experience the same emotions and illnesses, thus making you two perfect for each other. When they experience pain, you experience it too, and vice versa. Twin flame relationships are the most powerful relationships on Earth, and both people have to feel mentally and emotionally ready to handle such a meaningful connection with the other person.

6. It is very likely that the first time you met, you were both in relationships

These types of relationships are the most overwhelming relationships. So it is very much possible that the two of you had shielded yourself from each other or tried to find an escape because you did not want to show vulnerability, or you were already in a relationship when you met your twin flame. It is also likely that years passed before you two met again but now both of you have grown emotionally and are ready to take on this path together.

7. Despite all the difficulties, the two of you continue to grow together

Just because you two have twin flame telepathy, does not mean that life has somehow become easier for you two. Life is still hard but because you two are together now you continue to evolve and grow and make each other better people. Both of you have learned how to connect to a deeper source and as your souls are connected, so are your minds. This leads to the two of you continue striving to make each other and yourself better.

8. You feel safe and authentic around each other

You feel authentic and at home when you are with your twin flame. You do not need to act differently when they are around. You feel a comfortable connection with them and because their thoughts are transmitted to you, you know what type of a mood they are in and vice versa. Thus you feel safe around them.

9. You feel a strong pull towards them

Most of the time, you feel a natural and strong physical pull towards them. This feeling may be platonic or romantic. Nonetheless, the both of you can communicate and understand each other on a higher level. You want to be closer to each other and when you do, both of you feel connected to a higher source.

How to work on your twin flame telepathy skills

Twin flame telepathy happens to be on an energetic plane and to develop a deeper connection with each other, you need to clear out your energy channels and block out any negative thoughts spiraling in your mind. Managing your energy will help you have a deeper telepathic connection with your twin flame. As with any skill, the more you practice, the easier it gets.

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Communicating without words can be a weird and overwhelming experience for many people. It may take you a long time to get the hang of it, but when you finally learn how to telepathically communicate with your twin flame, it will all be worth it. As both of you take on this journey together, things will get easier. Having this type of relationship is a powerful experience so you have to be fully prepared. So if you are lucky enough to have found your twin flame, make sure to enjoy this experience fully.