Angel 101: Learn How to Connect With Your Angel in 5 Steps

Find your guardian angels and learn how to connect with them

By Aey
Angel 101: Learn How to Connect With Your Angel in 5 Steps

What is a guardian angel?

We all have heard of angels and have been fascinated by them. Whether it’s work of fiction, history books or some of our favorite shows, guardian angels are often featured in these works making them a point of intrigue for us all.

So What Is A Guardian Angel?

A guardian angel can be defined as an angel who is designated to protect a particular person. In historical texts, guardian angels have made their mark as well. Ancient Judaism had a strong belief in guardian angels and angels often occurred protecting people of different nations from atrocities of rival nations etc. In the fifth century, Christianity also developed a theory on angels and even went a step ahead and created a hierarchy of angels. Since then, many refinements have been made to the theory of angels. However, a popular one that exists is that there are 12 archangels and that we are born under the wing of one of the archangels who is also our guardian angel.

On the basis of this belief, people have come up with ways to find out the name of your guardian angel. All you have to do is visit one of the sites that calculate the name of your guardian angel. The website will ask you some simple questions your birthdate, your gender, your first name and your country of origin. It will then generate the results and you can find out the name of your guardian angel. Usually, each zodiac sign has its own guardian angel and you can read about your archangel on one of these sites. You will get a detailed report on your guardian angel as well as your own personalized report.

5 Steps To Connect With Your Angels

Here are some ways which can help you to be more in tune with yourself and your surroundings and thereby find your guardian angel.

1. Go in nature

If you live in a bustling city and you are trying to connect with your angel then you might want to rethink your approach. Angels are peace-loving creatures and trying to find them in the hustle and bustle of the city might not be the best of ideas. So take a break and go on a nature retreat. Connect to the calm, beautiful surroundings of your nature before you call out your angel and try to connect with him.

2. Meditate

Having a clear mind free of worry and negative thoughts is necessary if you want a deep and meaningful connection with your guardian angel. You want to clear the negative space around you and in your mind before connecting with a holy creation. Therefore, it is best that you practice meditation as it will help you open your mind and your spiritual vision in order to connect with your angel.

3. Have faith

One of the cardinal rules in connecting with your guardian angels is that you have the faith and the belief that they exist, that they are trying to contact you, that they are there to protect you and that you are trying to seek them and ask them for spiritual help. If you have faith in your guardian angel and in yourself then it will be much easier for you to connect with him.

4. Open yourself to Love

Angels are loving creatures and they love those who love. Opening yourself to love is a great way to get the attention of your guardian angel and to connect with him. Opening yourself to love means that you open yourself to love for others, love for yourself, love in the present and the love within. This will open you up for a connection with your angel.

5. Express Gratitude

Being grateful for your blessings and the present moment will help you get in tune with your soul and help you view the present and your surroundings in a more spiritual light. This, in turn, can help you connect with your guardian angel and open you up to the spiritual realm.

7 Indicators That Your Guardian Angel has Paid You a Visit!

1. Dreams

People who have a guardian angel or are visited by one often start having dreams about angels. Since dreams are considered a window into the soul and the spiritual realm, therefore, there is a high chance that you are being visited by your guardian angel. You may see a light or a figure with feathers but their presence in your dream will make you feel calm and reassured. You might even receive a message from your guardian angel that might protect you from unforeseen harm.

2. Feathers

Many people start finding feathers around when they are contacted by their guardian angel. While you may at first think that they are just feathers from your pillow or some bird outdoors but if you keep coming across white feathers it might be because your guardian angel is near you. Especially if you notice feathers around you after you have had a bad day or after an upsetting episode then it is likely that your guardian angel visited you to make the problem go away.

3. Numbers

Numbers are part of our lives and numerology plays an important part in our lives. Certain numbers can signify the presence of an angel. If you keep seeing numbers like 11:11 or 333 repeatedly while doing chores at the supermarket while working, reading or otherwise then that is also a sign that a guardian angel is around you. So play close attention to numbers in your everyday life as they can hint at angels and help you connect to them.

4. Change in Temperature

If you feel a sudden rush of cold in your room or around you on a hot summer day or if the temperature rises suddenly while it’s snowing and freezing outside then you might have been visited by your guardian angel. If the temperature change is a one-off then the likelihood of it being an angel is low unless you actively were trying to contact your angel. Therefore, pay close attention to frequent temperature changes around you and when they occur as it might be a sign of a guardian angel.

5. Smell

If you notice a sweet smell or a pleasant smell around you then it is likely that your guardian angel is around or near you. Many guardian angels make their presence known by different smells. This might be an indication that your guardian angel is trying to connect with you or trying to send you a message. You may notice a smell of flowers, or yummy food or a perfume or a fragrance that your deceased relative used to wear.

6. Babies might see things

Many people believe that babies can see angels. They can see things that a normal human cannot. This is why you may often find your baby smile randomly at the roof or you may notice him smiling in his sleep because he is being visited by a guardian angel. If you notice your baby relax and looking or smiling at a certain spot then know that your guardian angel is near.
Pets are also the same. Animals can see things that we cannot because their senses are much more refined and acute than ours. If you see your cat or dog stop and just stare at a particular spot in the room then it is probably your guardian angel that they are seeing.

7. Clouds

If you notice angel shaped clouds in the sky then it is a sign from your guardian angel that he is around and looking over you. You might even see other symbols associated with angels in the sky such as a harp-shaped cloud or you might see pleasant symbols associated with you. If that is the case then you need to explore the idea that your guardian angel is trying to send a message or connect with you.

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Angels often roam the world and their divinity makes their presence a source of calm and comfort in our lives. We all have guardian angels that try to protect us from harm but very few are lucky enough to spot their presence and connect with them. However, with a little bit of attention and a few simple steps to open yourself to spirituality you can also connect with your guardian angel and reform your life.